Here’s My Answer To Donna About False Church Doctrine

False doctrine? Care to elaborate and share.

Thank you.

Admin note: with reference to Shepherd’s Chapel.

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No problem, I get it. :slight_smile:

Have to admit, I’m curious as well. Not sure he will expound on that. But that would make for interesting conversation as well! :wink:

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Hey Donna.

I didn’t want to have this conversation, but I can see it’s going to keep coming up, and I cannot have a church that I disagree with being promoted on this site. What I share, I share as someone who studied with the church for a very long time. In fact, I drove 2,000 miles each way for 10 years to go to Passover. I do not take this subject lightly, but you asked so I will answer.

Before I share, also know, everyone is always going to have disagreement. I always say that, however, there is a difference between Scripture opinions, and outright distorting Scripture to fit ones belief. That is where I have the problem.

I have compiled a rather large list, here are some of the items.

1. Pastor Murray always said, “eth-ha-Adam” in Hebrew is “emphatic for the man Adam,” and it can only refer to “the man Adam.”

  • That’s a lie.

I realized that when I wrote the study about everyone being related to Adam and Eve. In Genesis 1:27, the “word” man is “eth-ha-Adam” in Hebrew. Yet, it refers to the people created on the sixth day, not Adam. Therefore, “eth-ha-Adam” cannot mean “the man Adam.” Pastor Murray knew this, but disregarded it. In this video clip, Pastor Murray even says, “the Companion Bible will disagree with me, that’s okay, that’s okay.”

In so doing, Pastor Murray admitted that he knew “eth-ha-Adam” doesn’t only refer to Adam, but he chose to ignore it, and say it anyway. He did that to manufacture his own doctrine that he used to support his other theories. That is not okay. He tried to build truth on a lie.

2. Pastor Murray always said, “Adam” with respect to Adam in Genesis 2, means “ruddy,” which means “to show blood in the face.”

  • That’s a lie.

“Adam” (Strong’s: H121) doesn’t mean “ruddy.” It means, “Adam, the name of the first man, also of a place in Palestine.”

Quite the contrary, “man” (H120) means “ruddy,” and the root word means, “To show blood in the face.” The word “man” (H120) is used all over the Old Testament and it refers all people, not just Adam. In fact, man (H120) is used right there in Genesis 1:26 with respect to the creation of man on the sixth day. They all weren’t “ruddy,” they were all races.

Pastor Murray once again distorted Scripture and his flock to teach his version of the truth. He did this to prove Adam was the white race, which transcends to the ancient Israelites, and the white race of today. He fabricated a facet of the Bible to spin his own worldview and make it seem Biblically accurate.

3. Pastor Murray taught the kenites killed Jesus and they are the Jews of today.

  • That’s a lie.

I completely debunked that entire theory. I provided all of those details within this study, and those linked at the bottom of it, Who Are The Kenites In The Bible?

Furthermore, it’s impossible to trace the kenites to anyone past the early Old Testament. Attempting to do so is stitching together one’s own doctrine. The Bible said the Israelites killed Jesus, and that it was God’s Plan, (Joh 1:11, Act 3:12-15, 17, 25, 1 Th 2:14-15, Isa 53:4, 10, Act 2:23, Rom 3:25, 8:32).

Lastly, Pastor Murray always provided the meaning of words, but he never told his flock that Jonadab means, “Jehovah largessed” which means “Jehovah generously gifts.” Jonadab was a good man who helped kill all the Baal priests, (2 Ki 10:15-27). Pastor Murray withheld an important truth in order to re-enforce his kenite doctrine.

4. The Shepherd’s Chapel sends their flock a letter that describes the appearance of Jesus (upon request).

  • That’s a lie.

There is not a shred of evidence to support the letter. It’s a carefully crafted tactic to make people believe only the Shepherd’s Chapel has the truth. I debunked that entire letter here, The Description Of Jesus Letter Is A Hoax. Shamefully enough, the person who debunked it was Dr. Edgar J. Goodspeed. A respected scholar who the Shepherd’s Chapel commonly referenced, just not in the case of the description of Jesus letter. This letter was used to support Pastor Murray’s theology concerning Adam.

5. Pastor Murray would show a footprint on television and said “the crew here from Shepherd’s Chapel took this moulding from stone.” He stated it was 10 million years old, and came from New Mexico. The point was, the footprint was an angelic one from the World That Then Was.

  • That’s a lie.

There is no evidence or documentation to authenticate this footprint. Instead, Pastor Murray is referring to the Zapata Footprint (and here) that is said to be in New Mexico, which has never been proven, and also referred to as a hoax. In this audio clip, you can hear Pastor Murray discussing what I explained for yourself.

Pastor Murray used this footprint as proof that man existed before Adam in the World That Then Was. While true, he fabricated reality to fit his Biblical understanding to get people to buy in. That is not okay. You cannot build a house of truth upon a foundation of lies.

6. Pastor Murray said Mammoths died in an “instant freeze” with buttercups in their mouth.

  • That’s a lie.

Pastor Murray repeated a fable from long ago that was disproven. What was actually found in the Mammoth’s mouth, was “pollen of Ranunculus,” pollen of buttercups, not flowers. I explained this, and provided the proof here. This is covered in U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper p. 101 which discusses the “Berezovka Mammoth.”

Pastor Murray repeated this story, and sold it that the Mammoth died in an “instant freeze,” and he ties it to the end of the World That Then Was. In this audio clip, you can listen to Pastor Murray discussing this. He also ties in the animals that died at Ashfall Nebraska 12 million years ago. The picture is painted, these animals all died at the end of the World That Was.

However, the Mammoths died 14,000 - 30,000 years ago. Therefore, the same event did not kill these animals as Pastor Murray alludes to. Moreover, the Bible said the World That Then Was ended in a global flood, (Ps 104:5-30, 2 Pet 3:4-6). Not an instant freeze and not in a volcano.

7. Pastor Murray said NASA found the missing day from Joshua 10:13.

  • That’s a lie.

Pastor Murray claimed he was “fortunate enough to be in a place” where he “personally saw a hand written account from a NASA official.” According to Pastor Murray, the letter explained NASA found the missing day as explained in Joshua 10:13. Pastor Murray goes on to say, a NASA employee stood up in the room when they found a missing day, and said that’s in the Bible. In this audio clip, you can hear Pastor Murray tell the story.

Unfortunately, this is another fable from the past that Pastor Murray pitched to his flock. It comes from the 1974 book “How to Live Like a King’s Kid” by Harold Hill. That link provides the same exact story, a story that never happened, a story Pastor Murray claims he personally saw. He boldly lied to Christians so they would not only believe he had privileged knowledge, but to add veracity to the Biblical story.

8. Pastor Murray said he was the first to properly translate the “Bat Creek Stone” in Loudoun County Tennessee.

  • That’s a lie.

There is not a shred of evidence that indicates Pastor Murray was ever associated with it, or even came in contact with it, much less was the first to translate it. He simply said that to build authority with his flock.

9. Pastor Murray said the Song of Moses concerns the kenites. He goes on to explain, the reference to “their spot is not our spot” speaks of the mark of the kenite and ties them to their father the devil.

  • That’s a lie.

God said, the Song of Moses was a testament against the Israelites and a reminder when they fell away, (Deut 31:19-21). It had nothing to do with “kenites.” Pastor Murray always mentioned when words were misplaced in Scripture, or what their meanings were, except when it went against his theology.

Nearly all scholars know the proper reading of Deuteronomy 32:5 is,

They have corrupted themselves, their spot is not the spot of his children: they are a perverse and crooked generation.

The spot of the Israelites, was not the spot (mark) of their Heavenly Father, but it had become the mark of a people who embraced false gods. Instead of pointing this fact out, Pastor Murray tied it to the kenite doctrine he stitched together to make it more creditable.

10. Pastor Murray said, since Cain was cursed from tilling the ground, this meant the kenites or Jews of today cannot farm, though they can own farms.

  • That’s a lie.

The Bible says children do not inherit their parents sin, (Eze 18:20).

In Genesis 4:12, God said Cain was to be a “fugitive and a vagabond” in the earth. If Pastor Murray was correct, then it would contradict the Bible, and also mean the Jews should be “fugitives and vagabonds” today. He knew that, but withheld these critical details to stitch together more kenite doctrine.

Moreover, in Genesis 3:17-18, God cursed Adam’s ability to till the soil as well. God said, “Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee.” Yet, that’s never mentioned within the church doctrine, as it would conflict with their theology.

Unfortunately, the Shepherd’s Chapel, like some other churches have distorted Scripture to fit their own theology. My concern with the church in question, they knowingly and willingly distorted the Bible to create a unique theology, and they built on it to provide themselves with authority. You cannot build truth on lies, you cannot build authority on lies, eventually, they come to light.

To his credit, Pastor Murray always taught his flock to study for yourself. To check out his work, yet very few ever followed his advice.

I did follow his advice. I found myself disagreeing with him often, but told myself, we will never all agree. The problem arose when I found the church was manufacturing lies to support their doctrine. It shook me to my core. I know firsthand how easy it is to trust people we respect and admire, I’m a victim of that.

While Pastor Murray has passed on, these things are worth bringing to light since the church is still active. I simply cannot allow our site to be used to send unknowing Christians to a church that deceives its own flock.


Thank you so much for your response and I TRULY appreciate it. As I started studying on my own, there were things that I struggled with that Shepherds Chapel taught, but I still appreciate that man for opening my eyes. I still refer to his teachings as I’m studying, but I do so with discernment. (As I do with every man that teaches. :slight_smile: ) It gives me other avenues to pursue as I’m researching.

There are some things that you mentioned above that surprised me and some are the very things that didn’t sit quite right with me. I know some say that a little connivery doesn’t harm if you are trying to get to the truth or to pursue God’s will, but I think that is a fine line. Just like Rebekah tricking Isaac into blessing Jacob instead of Esau. But I get your point @Brandon and I respect you for that.

I guess I feel this all goes back to the Word being the “Living” Word. I believe that as we journey through our life here in the flesh, the Word reveals more and more to each and every one of us that seeks it.

I pray your response doesn’t immediately turn people off from following you…I know there are some that live and breath thru Pastor Arnold Murray’s teachings, when in reality should be living and breathing the teachings of God and what He reveals to us. There was a time that I didn’t trust myself enough to listen to other teachers worrying that I would get confused. I have since gotten to the point where I can discern for myself and for that I thank God!

Thank you again for responding to @Donna .

Edited to add: I will be digging into the areas you pointed out in your response. I will respond in this thread when I get there! (Hopefully sooner than posting pics of my cats…)


I want to thank you Brandon for the things that you brought forth. I also followed the advice and found things very confusing which led to turmoil. One thing I will say is that the chapel taught me how to study.

Sites like this SHOULD be used for teaching, asking questions, etc. without the fear of condemnation etc. Talking through differences of opinion on what a particular scripture means to others. We are all at different stages of learning, have different gifts and maybe have some traditions that need to be shaken out.

For me personally, if anything I ever post here is a little off the mark, I would want someone to tap me on the shoulder and lead or steer me the right direction to help me study through my error. That is what we are here for.

I learned long ago; it is better to hang with a more versed group and learn something than with those who make you look intelligent.


And to add to that - I believe as the world evolves, more truths are shown, bringing more clarification on topics that may have been misunderstood in the past.

I agree! And the most important part of that statement is “…to help me study through my error”. You may not be the one in error and it may be an opportunity to lead the other person to study more.

I will add, this is the time for UNITY within Christians, not division like satan would like!


I agree. We don’t know everything and will be able to discern things as the prophecy gets closer and closer. Paul didn’t know all the answers and he was taken to a place we can only dream of.


Thank you for the response. This is a lot to digest, at the moment. I am recovering from a terrible head cold, so for now, I am going to respond at a later date to what you wrote.

Again Brandon, thank you for your response and candor.


Prayers for a speedy recovery @Donna ! You probably know this, but drink LOTS of water. (Fresh lemon water with a bit of salt is even better). Water is truly the best decongestant! One other tidbit…if your head is REALLY stuffed up - take a spoonful of raw horseradish. Yes, it sucks for the few minutes, but afterwards you feel great!

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This was something that I always had trouble with and didn’t seem to make sense with me. Last weekend I started reading Genesis again and I also came to Gen 3:17-18 and it again made me question what he had said. Then, when I read Gen 3:22 it states “the man has become one of us”, I take that as being like the rest of mankind. Of course, Jesus would still come from Adam’s seed line, but he would have the same stumbling blocks as everyone else does.


I have wondered if you had ever studied under SC. Interesting that you went to Passover so many years. I’m sure you met many other like minded Christians.

I will say that I’d be willing to bet that alot of people that follow you now, did, or do, follow SC. I actually found your web after the passing of Pastor Murray

It was a real eye opener when you put out the study of Kenites.

Both you and Pastor Murray agree on many things. Maybe the most important is to study for yourself!

You would make a great lawyer.


I also followed CS. I did not always buy into every thing that he said. I did purchase a Companion Bible which I found helpful. Glad I found Brandon



Welcome to the group! I also have the Companion Bible from Bullinger. I still appreciate Shepherds Chapel for opening my eyes. In fact, I will still listen to them here and there. But I now prefer to study myself and join in the conversation here. The Smith’s Bible Dictionary is usually by my side as well - easy to use it as a quick reference when I’m reading and forgot which story goes with which person! :joy:


Welcome aboard Barry!

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I do study with SC and have been to many passovers as well. I’m very upset to hear all this. Brandon is very factual and stern here and apparently I need to do some digging. I have been on this site for two years now but havent really done a deep dive as most of what Brandon has said I have agreed with. Pure laziness on my end. I thought Brandon was speeking about SC when he was talking about the loss of his good friend. I too have issues with the “Elect” teaching as many “Elect” have passed on! I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to comprehending what I read. Please pray for me as I start with each topic and do my own study. Angie


I just started doing true individual study about a year ago. The gratification you feel after is probably one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced. I know that sounds over the top, but to have that feeling inside as you discover more (or I should say that God allows you to see) is phenomenal. Just getting a deeper understanding.

And that statement was me a year ago!! In my prayers @Angieleah - I know you got this!


Welcome aboard Angela!

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I am from this area, grew up in Southern Virginia, Tennessee area. I’m Melungeon on my Dad’s side. With SC I have believed they were of the 10 trides that went north.Everything I find online says sub-Saharan Africans. (Dont necessarily believe what I see online, just saying, hard to find anything or anyone telling the truth) Thank you for this , I have seen it years ago. Will listen again with note pad and bible open. Angie :slight_smile:

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