Who is this dude wearing a skirt?

Okay… Who is this dude, and why does he show up on our Pinterest feed? I’m kind of doubting he is Irish…

I suppose Nike is trying to tell us, guys should wear skirts. Sorry, I ain’t buying…


Grooming…all about grooming! Did you see the article from Epoch Times?

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - Ex-Transgender Teen Recounts ‘Horrifying’ Experience of Transition, Surgery

I didn’t read it, but just read the headline. It’s sick sad what’s happening all around us - but as I remind myself often - God stills sits on the throne and He always will!


I use bug spray to keep away Epoch Times, but that’s a sad story. Unfortunately, as time goes on, we’ll hear more and more about those type of things. :pensive:

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Funny you say that - I was just saying to my husband that Epoch Times seems to be “off” lately. I subscribed to it back when we were taken in by the “Trump craze”. I thank God for opening our eyes to that whole mess.

:grin: I hear you. The craze just got crazier. Apparently, we’re supposed to hold a new election now.

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Our earth will soon be restored to it’s original beauty and then we’ll realize at the end of the day, the way we loved people was the only thing that mattered.


:rofl: Yes! I saw that headline as well. I seriously don’t know if I want to laugh or cry when I read the headlines. It’s all so ridiculous. I honestly think that if people would turn off the news and TV shows for just a month, maybe two, it would be so obvious to them when they turned it back on.

I’ll just continue to pray for people to open their eyes and plant seeds where I can. God is in control!


You’ve mentioned it a few times, but you are spot on about tuning out. We never watch television. I recall the few times I’ve seen it, in some public setting for a few minutes. I’ll think…

People really watch that? People are really buying into that propaganda?

Whatever it happens to be. The way the news is spoken and uttered. The words they use, the scenarios. It’s like someone pitches the perfect pitch to be knocked out of propaganda park. Don’t even get me started on the commercials and so on.

When you tune in, you become a part of the programming and don’t even realize it. No one will understand what I’m saying unless they have tuned out for months/years and then later tune in. That’s the only time they’ll really understand.


I believe loving our Heavenly Father is of most importance. And by loving Him, we follow His laws the best we can. I don’t believe God would want us to love a person that is blaspheming Him.


Then that isn’t unconditional love…therefore there’s no love at all.

He died knowing what we would do. That is why he was very specific to tell them to treat their neighbors as themselves. If you can know that your intentions (your heart) is in the right place, regardless of the wrong you’ve done, how is it so difficult to extend that same grace to those around you??

You do realize that God hated Esau.

“Jacob I loved, but Esau I hated.” (Romans 9:11-13)

Though I still pray for those that have not accepted Jesus Christ as our Savior, for their eyes to opened, all according to God’s will. So maybe it is better described as “love less”. I also make sure not to accuse people or “judge” them because that is to be left up to the one and only True Judge, God Himself.


It’s true, God does hate. In fact, there are seven things specifically that God hates and He wants us to hate evil. I mean, does anyone really love Satan, even a little? I don’t, I hate him.

Psa 97:10 Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.

On another note, Scripture does tell us to judge, just not how we might think. It may seem complicated, but I tried to iron this out in the work below.

Joh 7:24 Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment.


Good point! I must say, I DO judge. I think what was on my mind at the time of writing the above is that I don’t label people, although I actually do when I KNOW they are doing wrong, but like your blog post said, I don’t condemn them to hell.

It’s kind of like when I explain to someone about forgiveness - even if the person did them wrong. You never know if that person will repent honestly to God. This is especially true for a family member of mine that was abused. Since then, her abuser has died. I’m trying to explain to her that forgiveness is not saying what they did was okay. And we cannot assume the abuser is going to go to hell - because we don’t know if this person repented prior to dying. (And now it looks like I kind of went off topic! LOL)


You laid that out perfect. :+1:t3:

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we are not going to get 100% full truth from any one news site. It’s on us to decide what’s relevant and we should be looking through the scripture lens. I have found many good articles on epoch, esp the health ones. Of course, the world banned Mercola, for example, and yet, epoch has some of his articles. Of course, not everything Mercola believes (he thinks krill oil is okay for example…well, its not clean per father’s food laws)…anyway, there is other good info. I do not think we live in a true matrix like some seem to think…sure…we know some might as well live in a matrix…but we are to watch.


I used force fields and nuclear missiles on that one. :smile: Keep smiling!

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Replying to Brandon:
OH MY!!! I’ve been using Mercola products and his recommendations for well over a decade. He has always been my go to when researching products. I trust his ingredients bc of his thorough testing. I remember when my son was little and still using the Children’s multi-vitamin. All of a sudden, they were out of stock for a long time. I finally got in contact with them and the issue was on of the ingredients they got in did not meet their standard. It took almost a year before they were back in stock. So, even though he lost money on the sales of that supplement, he didn’t want to compromise the quality. And, if you don’t want to purchase his brand, he tells you what to look for when researching what to buy. And way back in probably 2001, Snopes called him a quack. Then I knew he was good! LOL But, as with anyone, always use spiritual discernment.

That is the KEY to finding good information. If anything, you can read something and then dig further if needed. But I automatically skip mainstream news shows - they are just to fake - not just what they are saying, but the people themselves!

yes, its mostly the info (facts) I’m after. with those, I can usually find the ingredient I want at a better price and without fillers. so, I have my own capsules (100% grassfed beef geletin, not the “vege” cap. for example. But, I can hear “opinion” and personally “suppositions” or “conclusions” and I can come up with that stuff on my own—using God’s Word lens.

or take “boswellia”…or white willow…both can be gotten in single ingredient.

wait a minute…is that bait comment? tee hee.

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