Who is this dude wearing a skirt?

I love this, literally made me laugh out loud!


Hello Ashlee,
I told my friend I prayed for Joe Biden once out of love for our Father. He asked me why would I pray for a satan loving S.O.B.? Joe claims to be Catholic Christian, but he supports LGBTQ, abortion, drugs, etc. I had to agree with my friend, and now pray Joe be rewarded for his righteous deeds, LOL.
If people willingly disobey our Father’s laws and chose the ways of the world, and then that is on them. Now if they do this out of ignorance for not knowing YHVH’s laws, and then we have to believe they will be taught in the millenium by Christ. Jesus came to save sinners, and we as the body of Christ must try to do the same. So when given the chance we share the good news, but when people reject that message, and then we kick their dust off of our shoes and move on. I pray for sinners, that they would wake up and repent, but in the end our Father’s will be done. He knows each of us, so he knows who is who, and will keep the bad ones out of heaven. Amen

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very possibly your future president Brandon. No! that is not a joke.

Brandon, I think we have gone off of the rail on this ‘hate’ thing.
I wouldn’t coddle a thief/liar [same thing] no more than I would hug a rattlesnake. Foolishness to ignore common sense. The leaders of our country started doing that and look where we are now just 30 years later.

Days of Noah. Babylon. The world. CULTure. Satan.