Can you add more emoji reactions instead of just the heart?

We really need a “laugh” emoji option instead of just the “heart”. LOL

I know there is a way to change the heart to something else. That’s default, I almost changed it day 1. I don’t think we can have multiple though. I’ll give it a look.

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Not really necessary…definitely not a priority!

Just moved this over here.

I checked on it, we cannot. The reasoning is the forum software is purposely trying not to mimic any portion of social media. Instead, the idea is for more thought out interactions rather than just quick expression buttons.

It’s a good ask, but I see the reasoning for not having it be an option.

Carry on!


I agree with their reasoning! :smiley:

Kay, here I am groveling at your feet for forgiveness. It turns out, I read old information. The developers of the software we are using recently added an option to add more emoji reactions along with the heart.

Sort of like this.

I can customize which emojis are used. If we want this feature, I’ll have to open the hood, not an issue, but not a flick of a switch.

Kay, what say you? Anyone else have any input? Speak now or forever hold you peace!


Well…again, I could have used a laugh emoji on this comment as well! LOL If you are too busy or you just don’t feel like opening that hood, it really makes no difference to me at all. You have built a wonderful platform here and I appreciate that so much!

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It looks like it could add another fun element to the forum. I think it’s a good idea. If it was simply on/off, we could see how many use it. I may save it for a rainy day project.


I think so—adding some additional thing-of-magiggers, that way, we can have some response (and show it’s been read, even if we don’t want to verbalize something other than “heart”.

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Good point Linda.

I get that. Sometimes you just want to acknowledge something quickly without commenting. Thanks for your two cents.

@Kay, yesterday this subject put me in the doghouse! :smile:

The wife says,

“Hey, I’m trying to give someone a thumbs up, and it says I need to have at least 20 characters. Can you change that?”

I said,

“Sure, but no. We want people to put something in there, not just an emoji. That emoji reaction thing Kay was talking about will provide what you want to do. Maybe we’ll have to get that going. It’s not just a click and done thing, I have to go into code world.”

The wife said,


Pshh! Sometimes, I just can’t catch a break. :upside_down_face:

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And now i need a laugh emoji. :rofl::joy:

But i do get what you mean. We have been programmed by FB and others to just send an emoji and not say anything.

The other thing that I wouldnt like is a mad emoji. If someone is mad about something they should state why.

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Ahh, good point!

Even that can depend on context too. On our Telegram channel, some people just used the mad swearing face. This guy —> :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: The reason? It was the post about the little kid swearing and hitting the two police officers. So I get that.

I know some developers frown on using negative feedback for a few reasons. I can understand why. I know thumbs up/down are defaulted on the “emoji reaction pack”. Not sure if that’s a good idea yet either. Who knows, maybe we can put a few samples together and cast our ballot. :smile:


optons, always good for more options.


@Kay, your wish is my command…

I’m like a genie tonight!

We now have some new emojis for post reactions!

For computer users :desktop_computer:, hover over the heart icon on someone’s post. You will see several different emojis pop up, you can use those instead of the heart icon to interact with someone’s post. Just clicking the heart like normally will automatically use heart.

For phone users :iphone:, just tap the heart icon and select the emoji you want to use to interact with someone’s post.

With that said, I’m all ears to add whatever emojis you folks want. Those are just defaults. Throw me some ideas, or I might accidentally put flowers and butterflies in there. The guys will just looove that! :grin:

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Just jumping on now…we AGAIN were chasing trains all day. But this time closer to home and it was the Union Pacific 1003 Steam Train!

And I’m so happy with the new emoji’s! I bet @Maggie is too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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