What Does The Talmud Say About Jesus?

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The Jewish Talmud says many unsavory things about our Lord Jesus Christ. Some of them are in plain sight, and some of them are concealed.


Excellent work there Brandon. Thanks for putting that together. God bless!


Yep, I looked it up for myself. Jesus told them to their faces what they were. Nobody hates the truth more than liars. Jesus threatened their wealth and power with the truth. That is why he was put to death. And that is why they paid the soldiers guarding Christ’s tomb in gold. to say Jesus’s disciples came in the night and stole his body away while they slept. And that they would protect them from trouble from their boss man for sleeping on the job. No way that they could let it be known that Jesus in fact ‘did’ rise on the third day as he said he would. Mathew 41: 15 So they took the money and did what they were told, and this saying [lie] is commonly reported among the Jews to this day. Praise our precious Lord.
Lord of Lords, King of Kings amen.


Unsavory? you are a gentleman, aren’t you. ‘His bones should be ground to dust’

And that payoff scheme has been going on ever since! Very relevant today as well…

ok…and they too have “converts” (or conversions), and that has nothing to do with flesh lineage, either. Still, a religion that (of which there are numerous) that do not accept Christ. So, either way, we know, most people cannot “know” their lineage anyway… so liars have produced a false religion based upon DNA, and our Lord counters that all over the place.

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That’s awesome. I perceive that you know well the 'difference between kaka and wild honey.
You have a gift of sharing many wisdoms with few words. I’ve always admired that. Brandon is gifted that way.
So true that our generation followed the acceptable standards and wisdom without question. Obedience! I think I was pretty young when I began to dare question the established authority and wisdoms. With respect mind you. I began to stand firm on the parts I knew were right and reject the elements that I ‘felt in my heart’ were wrong. I had no higher learning and now, I wonder If I found my way easier because of it. Less distractions maybe.
I do agree that the lack of it prevents me from being able to express or explain the things that I know and have experienced, as you do so well. Thank you.

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Thanks bro Brandon and thanks to our heavenly Father for enlightenment. Surely time has come (John 8:32) to have the hidden truth.


You know some of the Arab world calls Israel, “The Little Satan” and America “The Great Satan”. :face_with_monocle:

I was wondering how many other people knew that as well. :smile:

This “article” is anti-Christ (that is, against Christ), filled with lies and half-truths. You are no more “believers” than the Jews you falsely accuse.

It should come as no surprise that the Jews reject Jesus. That is, after all, what they wanted when they said “His blood be on us and our children!” However…as Paul and the other apostles…all Jews, by the way…wrote many words talking about the reality of what it meant to be a Jew as it relates to Jesus (a Jew) (Romans 11:11-31.)

And, you demand “kindness” and “improving the conversation” and “criticize ideas, not people”, and yet publish anti-Jewish trash like this?

The Jews, who openly reject Jesus, are in a better position than you, who claim to be spiritual Jews (Romans 2:28-29), but are of your father, the Devil. As a result, He will spit you out (Rev 3:16)

Anyone who condemns the Jews is, himself, under condemnation (Romans 3:1-2, 3:9)

Shame on you. Come OUT of your darkness and blindness.

God does not bless those who curse Israel, as Brandon has done here.

You ‘sound’ pretty upset Fred Stevens.
You are using the words Jew and Israel.
Satan is the great counterfeiter and liar.
Could you please explain yourself more?

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Welcome aboard Fred!

We surely hope you stick around. :smiley:

Brandon is posting a new study today on “God’s Chosen People”.
I think you’ll enjoy it.

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