Why do men make everything so complicated?

No offense or disrespect intended toward anyone. Why do men make everything so complicated? All different beliefs, doctrines, denominations, groups , committees, practices are devised by men, Not God. They are devices of manipulation created by men to serve their worldly desires. To elevate themselves above others by climbing atop the backs and standing on the shoulders of humble men as they build their haughty empires wearing long robes and high hats and living in high chambers of marble and deep rugs. And they boast, look at me! behold my greatness, I am your master. I know the secrets, I have the key. while pitiful fools kneel and worship him in awe of his worldly gain. and they kiss the filthy hand of their exploiter, their tormentor, a liar. And they worship him. This has been going on since the beginning of men. It is still going on today. How many Gods are there now? How do they get away with such great evil and injustice? Cant the people see? NO they cant, or they wont. Even today after thousands of years of bondage, so many people still look to man for salvation that does not exist except for a select few and then it is only brief. The truth is, that there is only one God and he is the creator and ruler of the universe, the alpha and the omega. the first and the last and he is almighty. John 3:16 he is ours and we are his. and we do not have to be a member of any religion or be approved by any authority or follow any group to get to him.
you don’t need a permit, a license or permission from anyone. All we have to do is call out to him, and believe in him and trust him and our eyes will open, and we will see for ourselves and the holy spirit will come into our hearts and cleanse us of all ugliness and sin and guide us and show us the way. There is no other way. Give it up! and come home.


Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.

Mar 7:21 For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders,
Mar 7:22 Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness:
Mar 7:23 All these evil things come from within, and defile the man.

As each generation goes by, people want less and less responsibility for themselves. They have truly become sheep. Modern tech has made us lazy, more informed but stupid. Manipulation has become almost inevitable to most. It is easier to just go along than make a stand and do what is right. Gaslighting works.

As a young person, we were taught to respect our superiors, those well-educated and the like. What your pastor said was gospel. You didn’t question it since he was the learned man of the cloth. Along with your teachers. Today, education is a signet of wisdom, but it is not.
As some grew older, they questioned. Most don’t. It is too much work to research. Those are the ones looked down on. They rock the boat. Christ rocked the boat.

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I am so thankful that @brandon split this topic. Over the last couple years Pat and I have been discussing this very topic. Man has corrupted every single thing in this world. To list it all would take forever, but I’m going to mention a few.

LAW - Just think of the way man has corrupted law. I’m not just talking about the laws they make up, but how they are written. They write in a fashion that makes it almost impossible for an average person to understand. That’s why they insist you need to hire a lawyer. Even buying or selling a house, if you don’t have a “realtor” you will need a lawyer.

MEDICINE - Look at the way they complicate things in that field. This one really gets my goat as I’ve been studying herbs. They find a plant (that they cannot patent) that heals. They take one constituent out of the plant (so they can patent it) and claim it healing powers. Sometimes they try to make their own FAKE part of the plant also. Then, for some reason :roll_eyes:, it causes other issues in the body. OH YAY, now we can sell ANOTHER drug to take care of that. Now…you take that original WHOLE PLANT and (another eye roll) you don’t get those other symptoms and it actually heals. GOD GIVEN plants! Not to mention, they also write in ways to make it difficult to understand, just like lawyers.

CONVENIENCE is what “man” really took advantage of. Look at food. In the past, people basically went to the little general store to buy staples. Sugar, flours, etc. NOW since they make all these “convenience” foods, making things from scratch is becoming a lost art. Heck, when all of that started (30-40’s) people that baked their own bread were considered POOR…when in actuality, they were SMART! And now they can control everything you eat. DAH! Wake up people!!

Oh…I heard someone bring up gym memberships the other day. If you were to tell someone back in the 40’s that you had a “gym” membership they would have laughed at you! Why do you need a gym to exercise? Oh…that’s right…they created jobs that make you sit on your butt all day. I could go on forever with that one, but I will stop now. :slight_smile:

But just sit back and think about all the things in this world - if you can name ONE thing that hasn’t been corrupted in some way, shape or form, let me know. I still can’t come up with one.

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Kay, you are exactly right.

The law is the law of precedence.
The tax codes are open to interpretation.
Doctors “practice medicine”. Finding a good one can be hard and then it is test after test so they can’t get sued.
Today, home cooked means, open cardboard box, push 90 seconds and complain it takes too long.
I had a gym membership all through high school. It was called the family farm.

The whole system is set up to be a pain in the rear. Red tape, rules and regulations that don’t mean anything. Since the day of the computer, it seems to be twice the paper, more headaches and newer fire walls for protection.

Most places you can’t do anything to your home, legally, without a permit, inspections etc. More cost. Some of the codes are ludicrous.

Just look at all the warning stickers on a ladder and see how stupid we are.

THAT’s the workout EVERYONE should be doing - even if it’s it just a small garden.

I’ll never forget listening to a doctor from way back. He was the town doctor and he had a young man come to him and told him we wanted to be a doctor. So, the doctor told him to go outside and find one single plant that didn’t have healing properties. The young man returned and said he couldn’t find one. That day the young man became a doctor. That’s all it took. God has given us every single thing we need to keep us healthy. I haven’t seen a doctor in many many years and don’t ever plan on seeing one. I can see going in for broken bones or emergencies…but that’s it. None of this “yearly checkup” crap.

As for permits - we were supposed to get a permit just to change out our water heater. Well…we didn’t. :wink: We want to build an out building and we are debating if we just do it without a permit…haven’t decided that one yet…

People are so hell bent on having everything done FOR them - over the generations we have lost that ability. I genuinely believe the verse Rev 18:4 says it all.

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The problem is that it is tied to insurance and the sale of your home.

If someone does something in your home, other than yourself, and it turns out bad, if the permits were not pulled etc., they can deny the claim.

If you ever go to sell your home, the buyers realtor wants to see the permits pulled for all the things done and will contact the county to see if they were. If not, the can of worms is opened. I am sure state to state vary.

It is stated, it is for the homeowner’s protection against bad contractors, but it is really about money. If the contractor does bad work, with or without a permit, the county should still be able to go after them. Why suffer the innocent ones.

Thanks for the info. We are aware of all of that. We actually bought this house without a permit being pulled on one of the additions…ya, I know - shouldn’t have done that. BUT we didn’t really care. We didn’t use a realtor (but of course had to get a lawyer…) and we knew the people that we bought the house from. If we ever sell, we will deal with it then. But like I said, for the out building we still don’t know what we will do.

It’s easier to ask forgiveness than permission. :rofl:

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If I had a penny for every time I have said that I would be rich!! :wink:
Edited to change that to maybe a quarter instead of a penny…

Kay, 'so you’re saying that the soothe sayer’s take the long way around the house to tell you the
corn bread is burning? And that information will be found on sec: 4 part 3 three in liability disclaimer doc’s s next to signature validity exclusions ? :rofl:

Snowman, nice to know that I’m not alone. I am and always have been prone to doing what I want, and my way on my property. I watched an off grid video last weekend where a young couple built a very small cabin on 50 acres off of a dirt road outside any city limits where there is no code enforcement other than state and county codes that are not directed at dwellings. The young couple obviously over educated and in their late twenties early thirties with the ‘save the planet’ ‘make a small foot print’ ‘connect with nature’ mindset.
They built their very small cabin. They used all recycled materials of course. It was about 150 sq. ft. everything was wonderful…until one of their friends asked the question. 'did yall make sure with the city, state and B.L.M to make sure you are allowed to have this cabin? So you don’t get into trouble? So they became worried and began to seek the blessings in writing of every agency they could find. None of them objected and said you will probably be fine, we really don’t know any reason why you cant build a tiny cabin on 50 acres out in BFE. They were still worried that they may be in violation of something, so they kept calling and asking and researching until they finally a year later, a man drove up out front in a government car.
walked around with his note pad, hmm, hmm, hmm. then he said, this cabin can not be lived in. I was about to blow a gasket listening to them. It wasn’t a sad story, It was a ‘STUPID’ story. Had they went about their business and not asked, not a sole would have questioned or cared. An unfrequented cabin in the woods would have returned to nature in a few years anyway. they only had a couple of grand in it. Who cares? Any time common sense is not utilized regardless of the task disaster looms.

Speaking of stupid laws, In North Carolina, you can open carry a gun. You don’t need a permit, license whatever.

If you want to conceal that very same gun, you need a background check, fingerprinted, pay all the fees involved, take a class, learn all the rules of the state, go to a shooting range and show you can handle the gun by hitting the broad side of a barn.

Apparently, when you conceal a gun, you become cross-eyed, and your record becomes dirty.

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