This is why you don’t listen to the nuts and quacks!

The nuts and quacks are attention seekers, and they also want the coin in your pocket. I remember telling our audience Stew Peters, the COVID nutjob was a fraud. I remember getting pushback from some readers.

With time, all things come to light. The liars and cheats always get revealed.

It turns out, his “Died Suddenly” documentary is fraudulent. Surprise, surprise!

2019 Pulmonary Embolectomy

The “Died Suddenly” documentary video is on the right, which purportedly shows a blood clot caused by the ol death jab! However, as the video on the left shows, Dr. Erik Beyer is performing a pulmonary embolectomy from back in 2019. Yeah, pre-COVID, pre-vaccine.

Peters and friends stole the footage and claimed it was COVID related. FRAUD!

Then we have…

2015 Nose-less Baby

Then we have the nose-less baby! In the doomer video on the right, it’s claimed the death jab caused deformations in babies. In reality, that baby the con man showed you is from 2015! Once again, Peters and friends stole content and claimed it was COVID related. Sick!

I am sure the web’s super sleuths will continue to uncover more. Once someone lies to you, they have discredited themselves, along with the cause they supposedly support. This is why more people don’t take vaccine harm seriously. Because you have idiots out there playing like they know something, when they are really out there to deceive people for money and fame.


have not listened much to stew peters or anyone else for that fact. may listen to some, but they are usually doctors.

We used to listen to Stew Peters but the more we researched the more false claims he reported. The saddest thing about this…it discredits all the true injuries that are happening with the vaccines. Once again…confusion is entered in by the powers that be.

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