WSJ blows the whistle on COVID vaccines

WSJ: “Those who received three more doses were 3.4 times as likely to get infected as the unvaccinated, while those who received two were only 2.6 times as likely.”

We already knew this, but now it’s becoming mainstream. This ties into another post we had.

Millions were shamed into taking the vaccine. Millions of jobs were threatened over these “safe and effective” vaccines. Now, the truth is beginning to come to light. More and more people are learning, these are not safe and effective. If you’re still getting boosted, I highly recommend you stop until you ensure you have read the medical journals citing the health risk, including heart attack.


Yup i put in religious exemptions at both my jobs. The government already ruined my body enough! A healthy lifestyle is the way to go, but most people want the easy way out.


Here it comes. Death is on the way. At the start of this, many doctors said it will take 2 to 3 years to start seeing deaths. Let last nights football player be a good starting point for anyone who thinks that all those soccer players overseas dropping dead where just accidents. I have NOT heard one pundit on any news channel or sports channel be allowed to even mention it might be the vax that caused the football player last night. So many sheep are going to be angry when they realize they are a ticking death bomb.


They are not going to admit to anything, even thou doctors and professionals have come forward with documented truth. people will have to do their own research, which most people don’t do. if you really think about it, if they really did tell the truth, it would send a shock wave through the whole world and who actually know what would happen, but it would not be a pretty end game so to speak. there is a whole history behind vaccines and it goes back many many years. i just viewed a documentary on vaccines and eugenics , i thought i knew a lot, but after viewing the video, it opened my eyes really wide.

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What was the documentary?

its called Shots: eugenics to pandemics. it is 2 hrs and 26 mins. long. i viewed it in sections. you can watch it for free on tubitv.

I’ll Def watch it. I’ve seen died suddenly and the documenties about fauci. I’m all about learning the truth and being a watchman so I’m not deceived!

thanks, I’ll see if I can find it.

Another informative but sad video to watch is called ‘Fetal Demise, Exponential Rise’. It can be found on the Stew Peters Show on Rumble.
Not only are they trying to kill adults . . but they’re going after babies like they always do!

RobinC, welcome to the forum, thanks for joining us!

You may not know, but Stew Peters is a major conspiracy theorist (fraud). In fact, I recently pointed out how portions of his “Died Suddenly” are an absolute lie. Folks, don’t plug Peter’s here. Please see the House Rules.

P.S. We’re 8 billion strong now, a new record. :+1:t3:

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Well Brandon, we’ll have to agree to disagree at least on some aspects of what you’ve saying. While I don’t know that everything being reported on the Stew Peters Show is 100% accurate, the particular show that I referenced brought out a lot of the identical things I’m seeing in my practice as an obstetrical RN. I wouldn’t bash the whole show based upon a few inconsistencies. Stew Peters does a wide variety of interviews with many different professionals and I maintain that there is accurate information to be gleaned. Just like anything else, you have to use discernment.

Morning Robin, I have to ask. Did you even take a look at the link I left?

The guy spliced in video and images from things that occurred years prior to COVID, but said it was from the vaccine.

Now why would someone do that? Why would someone purposely lie? To build their audience, fame, and no doubt, their bank account. My opinion and philosophy, Christians shouldn’t take their information from men who purposely lie to those they claim to help. Doing so is not using discernment, but walking into a trap.


All i can say from experience is the gov has put over 50 shots in me and i have health issues i feel i would not have if i didn’t get them :man_shrugging:. Whatever the gov says I’m gonna do opposite. Just preparing for the tribulation :sunglasses:

Totally get it Jeffrey, and I’m sorry to hear about that. I have had friends with similar stories. Also permanent damage from things they were exposed to during their service.

I’ve never been a fan of vaccines and we don’t take them. However, it doesn’t mean everything vaccine is the devil either. Case in point, is what I shared above. Unfortunately, many things get exaggerated, lied, and stretched for self-gain. Some people prey on the fears we already have for their benefit. We live in a sad world brother!

Yea bro i agree with you bad people on both sides. I work with a guy very far to the Right, he’s so in fear everyday with stuff that is controls his life in a bad way. I Def research both sides of stuff and look all over. I’m glad you showed me the stuff on that documentary. I like the truth no matter what it is. I try to study as much Bible and current events as i can so im not deceived. I am a prepper but i don’t let it dictate my life. I still do stuff and have fun but deep down i know stuff is coming. But is it 5 years? 50 years? 150 years? Not sure. I just keep living :sunglasses:

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Watched the documentary. I knew the industrialists were cutthroat but had no idea they bought into the media as well.
You can see how the global order has been forming for over 100 years. I know we live in the best nation in the world, by God’s doing, but our government stinks in the way they use the people for guinea pigs. You can’t trust them or hardly anyone that consults with them.


Thankfully, vaccine concerns keep catching more steam…

If you visit the Tweet, there is a video from Rasmussen Reports.