🚨 IMPORTANT NOTICE: It’s been 6 months, what do you think about the forum?

The forum has now turned 6 months old!

When I initially made the announcement and launched it, I planned to give it a year to see how it goes. It costs time and money to run, so I want to make sure it’s living up to everyone’s expectations.

So with that thought in mind, I figured at the halfway mark it’s a good time to check in with everyone, and see what your thoughts are on this place?

  • What am I doing right, and what am I doing wrong?
  • What can I do to improve and help drive some more engagement here?
  • Less politics and/or should it be removed from the “latest” section?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


I like the current events (news), and I think policy (governing horn) info is valuable. I would imagine this is the most time consuming. Thankyou


I can imagine how much time this takes to manage. I love the forum but have to admit I haven’t been on as much which is due to life getting busy.

I believe that your posts and others input really does good, especially in the times that we are in. It keeps people aware of what is going on in the world and communicated by Christians. Can’t really find that anywhere else. This site provides a way for Christians to broaden the thoughts and faith - to me, that is extremely important.

As for the time it takes you, have you thought about asking for help by someone you trust? I do believe you are providing a wonderful service to many people - and you probably don’t even know how far your reach truly is. You know…I believe a little bird wrote an article about that “ripple effect”. :wink:

I’ll continue to think about this and add more later. God bless and thank you again for all you do!!


I think you did an excellent job here.

I like the way you nip conspiracies and doom and gloom in the bud.

Keep the current events and politics .


Doing great ! Worth the time spent ! I know the flesh is weak / doesn’t matter ( thanks for your diligence ) … We have the Eternity Thanks be to Chist our Passover . Its all In , we have to sacrifice ourselves daily as we all know this as well . Its very difficult to find like minded Brethren this day / time and age .
Keep up the good Fight . We Can Rejoice Togather as we read the articles .
And Especially when we hear these words Spoken " Behold l make all things New . "


As it has been said, there are very few people who you can talk to these days and call them brethren. This is the place to learn and grow. Where else would someone ask a question?

The political section needs to stay. The church and state need to be united. The state following the true church.

The current events help us to know where we are. Unless people tune into other media sources instead of the liberal nonsense, they would have no clue what is really going on. There are some sources out there and this site really helps. This shows how blinded people really are.

More public participation would be nice but that is up to the viewers. We all have things worth sharing.

Excellent job Brandon.


You are doing a great service, which is needed at the times we are living and it is very much appreciated.

However, the last question:

Everything we do these days have become so political. So to remove politics from the teachings/discussions would be hard to work around.


Thanks for the responses folks, but honestly, I was really hoping to get some more input here. To me, by the lack of responses, it seems like the consensus is readers feel it’s a give or take on the forum, either way.

All I can say is, hey, we tried! :grin:

I’ll keep monitoring the forum until August, but realistically, I don’t know if it will be open after August. I sure had a lot of people asking about a forum and comments prior to opening it, but it seems once we open it up, silence falls upon the land. I did say in our forum announcement,

This too, is our last shot at comments and a forum. So if you have even the slightest interest, sign up , and let’s make this a successful endeavor for so many of you who want to fellowship with other Christians. This is your opportunity to make it happen.

If the forum does get closed up, comments are not coming back.

Thank you!


Taking things for granted can end up being a sad thing. Just like the Cadbury Eggs. When they’re gone, they’re gone.


I really like the forum, but to be honest with the busyness of each day I forget to check. Is there a way to have it notify me when there is an update, or perhaps I just need to have a shortcut on my screen?
I do feel it is a tremendous resource for us but if it isn’t feasible to keep open I would understand.
Either way, you are appreciated sir!


Any new topic should come to your email inbox. Even the responses of topics that you are a part of.


Great thought Ken, thanks for bringing it up.

You can tweak the email notifications to your liking.

Click your icon on the top right corner, then click the silhouette of the man, and “Preferences.”

Then click “Emails” on the left hand side and you’ll get the screen you see in the second screenshot. You’ll notice, that “Activity Summary” drop down menu has numerous intervals to suite your liking.


I was playing around in there a while back and I think I screwed something up. Ever since, I always have to come back and turn my notifications back on. They keep getting paused. I have allowed notifications in my browser as well.

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I really would hate to see this community end, but if that’s what happens, I understand. I don’t know if there is a monetary cost to this platform, but if there is I bet many would be willing to donate or gift to help out.

One thing I would miss the most is the friendships I’ve made on here. I love reading others’ thoughts on the issues. FB and the ilk are pretty much a cesspool. As much as cannot believe I’m going to write this, but we could always put a FB group together mainly to post Brandon’s blogs and to keep in contact with one another. On second thought…that probably wouldn’t be a good idea…they monitor too much. Maybe and email group? A little more cumbersome, but at least we can still communicate. Okay…I’m just rattling off things off the top of my head…I guess we will see what August brings.

Much love to all! God bless!!


Ok cool thank you. I will make this change.

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Thank you. I will make the change that Brandon explained.

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I didn’t know there was a forum. I’m sorry. Now that I know, I will definitely start following it. Maybe make more references to it, and publish that it is here. I saw it on today’s email, and am visiting it for the first time today.


Glad you found it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome aboard Karen!


Karen, welcome and thanks for joining us! :tada:

I really appreciate this note, you’re actually the second person to tell me this now. I’m slacking on my duties! :smile: I initially made an announcement back in August, some folks might have missed it. You’re right though, I’ll make some more references to it in a post for those that did miss it.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, the forum fills in for comments. On all new articles you will see a “Comment” link just under the title of the article.

As an FYI for everyone, you can find the forum from the main site like this:

On desktop:

On mobile: