Future of the Forum: To Be Or Not To Be?

Six months ago, back in March, I posted a notice about the future of the forum.

It was the half way mark of this experimental forum. Back then, I was checking in to see what you thought about it and how it was going. I wasn’t quite sure if the forum would stay up after August…

Well, here we are, we’re nearing the end of August already, and decision time.

It’s hard to imagine, but this place has already been online for one year. So, I went and looked at the numbers, and we have steadily increased users, posts, and page views since my post back in March. We are beginning to build a little something here thanks to all of you.

So, I say lets continue to build what we started here.

Let’s keep the experiment going.

What do you think?

I’ll say, in this short time, I’ve been able to make connections with some of you through DMs that I never had before. Through some questions and comments, it helped me grow spiritually, and learn new things. For myself alone, this community added value to my life. I hope in some way, it’s added value to yours.

My personal goal is for this community to become a positive influence in your life, in addition to the blog. I want this community to become a spot where Christians can talk about life, uplift one another, learn about the world, see different perspectives, and share a few laughs.

We’re only in the beginning stages, but I think we’re beginning to do just that.


You just made my day! I’m so happy to hear that you will continue on with this community. It’s definitely been a positive impact on my life AND more importantly, my spiritual life.

I love hearing others opinions on topics, even if I don’t agree (at the time). I think we are all here to grow and to think openly on all subjects. You know, the way normal people should be, but seems to be more and more people are closed minded and don’t think for themselves.

Thank you Brandon for all the time you spend working on this site. I appreciate it more than you probably know!!


I check this site multiple times daily to see if new nuggets of gold are there. It really does make you feel like you have a personal connection with like-minded people which is what we, as Christians, need today. It is hard to find them out in the world.

This site has helped me grow too.

Thank You Brandon and all those who participate.


Yes!!! God has definitely led my family to WEB! I enjoy reading others opinions and comments, and connecting with like minded Christians. I feel so much better when I read His Word daily, and using your site to understand today’s events. It has been very helpful. Thank you!!!


This site and this forum are a huge part of my life and daily routine. I now receive daily notifications and I always look forward to that.
When I need prayer or have a question this forum will be my first stop.
Have a Blessed Sunday everyone.


I have certainly enjoyed the forum you have created. I love the Bible studies and the various current event topics. I enjoy reading and thinking about other readers comments and opinions. I will say that I get a failing grade on posting my personal comments, and will make an effort to be more involved. Happy to hear it’s growing!


Great to hear Brandon! I am sooo busy with kids I barely have time. But when I do it grounds me and I thank you! God Bless you!


I find diversity and like-minded Christians here. I read the blogs and often think to myself, can I add something, anything? I talk myself out of making any comments 99% of the time. Why? I don’t know. But, I’m glad you have decided to continue.


Had to laugh at talking yourself out of commenting…I used to do that, but now I may do it too much! Comment away! :slightly_smiling_face:

BTW, I love the name Edna!


My beloved Brother Brandon, since learning of World Events and the Bible, I’ve become increasingly Spiritually aware of how the world works. The Forum you have presented has been a welcome addition.
Every day when I come home from work, 1st thing I do is open to World Events and read the subject matter you put forth. As a result, i learn more and have a better understanding of Gods Word. We need more like you in our country today.
Keep up the good work Brother, and may God Bless all that you do. I


The best way to learn something is start.

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Yes, please lets keep it going! I am an avid reader of the content here. I’ve linked many of the articles to my own website for reference tiny(dot)cc/777YW. I ditched all of social media since 2018. Yet, the need within me to stay in touch with brethren in Christ has grown exponentially. I desire to connect with brothers and sisters in the Lord SO BADLY! I am grateful to The Lord Yeshua, for starting the church. He knew we’d need the brethren more tyan ever as time goes by.