Don’t Fear Or Spread Conspiracy

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With the age of the internet, our world is filled with conspiracy. Yet, it’s nothing new. Long ago, God told Isaiah to stick to Him and not the latest rumor.

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Satan is involved in conspiracies and those conspiracies should be exposed.

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The only problem with this is that when there are facts being reported, the media (and the powers that be) will call it a conspiracy when it is not. So the real challenge here is determining what isand what isn’t.

Heck, saying our government helps the people…that is a conspiracy to me! And yes, that would spread fear to those that truly believe the government is helping people.

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Ahh, it’s not hard, just stay away from the doom dot-com sites and use your noggin! :+1:t3::grin:

When I say “conspiracy,” I would hope everyone knows what that means. All the doom and gloom from the doom and glommers. I’ve been hearing it for 20+ years and it’s nearly always BS. Yet, people keep going back for more and spreading it, and Christians yuck it up. I’m embarrassed for my people.

People who live in those conspiracy worlds cause themselves undue fear, panic, and they stop living in many, many cases. I’ve seen it over and over again. It’s truly sad.

Interestingly enough, within the article we’re discussing, and past articles, I’ve outlined the inner thought process of your typical conspiracy theorist, why they believe. Prior to this morning, I had never read a single mental health study on conspiracy theorists. I only did so due to your comment.

It appears all my observations are exactly what the professionals see. Much of my own observations have come through running this website for the past 14 years. So I went ahead and took some clips from various studies and linked them for everyone to read. It’s pretty interesting.

“I know things they don’t know!”: The role of need for uniqueness in belief in conspiracy theories.

“You’ll see that [desire] to be superior,” Manly says. “You have a sense that you’re elevated above other people, that you know something more. It’s the idea of, ‘I’m in the know, and you are not in the know.’”

Understanding Conspiracy Theories

Research suggests that narcissists and people who yearn to feel unique tend to adopt conspiracy theories. She says that seeking information others do not possess helps them feel superior to others.

Looking under the tinfoil hat: Clarifying the personological and psychopathological correlates of conspiracy beliefs

“…conducted a study that tried to better understand individual personality traits associated with conspiracy beliefs. The results, published recently in the Journal of Personality, echoed previous findings that narcissism, poor critical thinking skills, intellectual certainty, reduced inquisitiveness, and anxiety and depression, among other factors.”

Why Education Predicts Decreased Belief in Conspiracy Theories

A person’s education level may play a role in whether they’re more likely to believe a conspiracy theory, according to a 2016 study. It found that lower levels of education correlate to a greater likelihood of believing in conspiracy theories.

Measuring individual differences in generic beliefs in conspiracy theories across cultures

One study found that people who feel psychologically and sociopolitically disempowered are more likely to believe in conspiracy theories.

Ohh, and don’t forget confirmation bias…

A Neural Network Framework for Cognitive Bias

The confirmation bias can also play a role in the development of conspiracy belief. People are naturally inclined to seek out information that confirms their existing beliefs. So when they run across a theory that supports something that they already think is true, they are more likely to believe the information is also true.

Check this out…

Source: Freedom of Mind

It’s why I’m always harping on thinking for yourself, challenging your beliefs, to enjoy life, and try to make some positive changes in the world. Conspiracy never does any of that. It just tells you what to be afraid of and who the enemy is without ever taking any action.

Ugh…I really do have a hard time with psychologists, psychiatrists and the “professionals”. I’ve seen too many of them mess up children and break up marriages. I keep hearing “there are good ones out there”, but I haven’t seen any in my little world. I like to believe that there are good Christian ones out there - and I pray there are!

Speaking of “conspiracy theories” in general is often difficult. There are MANY things that get labeled conspiracy theories just so that if can be covered up and the “powers that be” can continue.

I will bring up just one to use as an example. The chemtrails in the sky. They have been spraying chemicals in our skies for the sole purpose of changing the weather for decades. They labeled this a “conspiracy” so people would not focus on it and claim that anyone that talks about it are wearing tin-foil hats. NOW, they are slowly introducing it to the people as a way to combat climate change…when they have been doing it all along!

Which makes me really think about conspiracy theories as a whole. What exactly is a “conspiracy theory”? Isn’t it the same thing as science? Asking questions and providing a theory and then proving it?

As for the “doom and gloom” and people freaking out about it - that is where they need to put their trust and faith in God. The ones that are trying to prove their point also need to keep God in the equation. Some get so worked up about things that they say outlandish things to scare people and “wake them up”. (Oh…wait…isn’t that our media and our governments as well? See how all of this is soooo similar? )

So I guess it really depends on what the actual conspiracy theory is…or…maybe it doesn’t.


I hope you had an opportunity to read through some of the material. Dismissing it because you don’t trust so and so plays into the whole conspiracy bit, right? There are good health professionals, Christian ones, and there are good Christian lawyers. Some of them read our site, I know because they have contacted me. Some even work in pharma and they are good Christian people. Not evil, but good.

Honestly, just reading the snippets I left, it’s pretty rational, and again, the same sentiment I have shared for years. I’m not a psychologist or doctor, and even I could pick it out. I’ve dealt with thousands and thousands of people through this site. There are patterns and personality types.

As for chemtrails, that’s the rub. Conspiracy tells you they’re an attempt to “depopulate the world.” That conspiracy is untrue. The government has told you for years, it’s weather modification. Since the global population is now 8 billion, it’s obviously for weather modification. Aside from that, “they” have to breathe the same air we do, so… :man_shrugging:t3:

To your point about what is and what is not a conspiracy. It’s defined as, “a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.” The government nudging Twitter to delete users and hide content, that would be a conspiracy that was true. We all knew it.

Saying Clinton is a reptilian is a conspiracy that is not true. Saying COVID-19 vaccines are a mass kill to depopulate the planet is not true. Saying they are unhealthy is absolutely true, as vaccines always have side effects. Many of us knew that beforehand, plus you throw in a record-timing vaccine, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

I can tell you one thing for certain, I’ve never, ever seen a conspiracy help someone. Instead, they are designed to do what I explained in the prior post, and that’s why people dive into them. Aside from all this, God Himself said don’t play into the conspiracy.

Anytime someone offers you secret knowledge of something, that no one knows about, it’s most certainly BS.

That is so good to hear! And from someone I trust :slight_smile: . And yes, I did read through some of it. A lot of that is just common sense. Kind of a shame thinking about all the money they wasted doing these studies though. :wink:

Those are the ones that are trying to get peoples attention. Yes, some do believe that. I don’t necessarily, but they haven’t proved it as “untrue”. As for the population at 8 billion…that doesn’t prove it as untrue. As in most things, it takes a long time to test different chemicals and see the results. I would think it would take a VERY LONG TIME to try and battle God’s creation of weather. Interesting tidbit - so what’s in those newly developed bio-fuels they are using in jets?

Just as an added note - Do I fear what they are doing in our skies - spraying on vegetation and us? Nope. I believe that if you have your full trust in God and you ask Him to guide you, there is nothing to fear.

Sure they do, but I do know there are areas that they do more spraying than others. They need to test these things out, right?

Only God knows what in peoples hearts - we don’t. Think of the Theory of Evolution. That could very well be a conspiracy theory - satan’s way to cause confusion and take God out of the creation of the world.

LOL - I have to agree with you on that.

How do you know that this is not true? This is where it gets tricky! The medical field has been screwing with our health for decades. What is their end goal? We do know that it brings them lots more money having people come in from all the side effects. And please know, that I am not saying everyone in the medical field is evil. Many are doing what they believe in their hearts, that they are saving people. BUT, we do know that medical schools lead students to believe what THEY want them to believe.

Well…I have and I believe you have as well. The vaccines being unsafe was labeled a “conspiracy theory”. People speaking out against it DID help a lot of people decide not to get it.

THIS is where common sense needs to be used. Also, if it’s something that is making you question it…you need to pray about it and ask for God’s help.

Bottom line for me is - I don’t get freaked out about any of these conspiracy theories out there. They are what they are. As for spreading them…it all depends. If it’s something that can help people and save lives - yes, I will speak out.

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Very well stated Kay.


Kay, the global population continues to increase and has never stopped doing so. What does that tell you? All despite conspiracy after conspiracy saying otherwise. If it’s not chemtrails that’ll get us, it’s in the water, the food, and so on. At some point, people have to realize they’ve been had. :wink:

Simple observation.

In 2020, there was a record 7.7B people on the planet. In 2023, there’s a new record, 8B pesky humans on the planet, and growing. All despite COVID, and 71% of the people on earth took “the jab!” :syringe:

Millions and billions of people are not dying. It’s already well established and official, the shots have side effects. I always expected there to be lots of issues, and there has. Yet, people saw a football player collapse on Monday night and they scream, “it’s the shot!” Reasonable people do not come to those conclusions without any evidence.

Has anyone ever heard of Chuck Hughes, there was no COVID shot then.

So here’s the deal Kay, the burden of proof must come from the one denying the presented facts, and the one manufacturing and spreading said conspiracy. They doubt, therefore they need to prove. That’s how logic works.

If you are going to tell me chemtrails are killing us, and COVID vaccines are mass kill, you need to have evidence to support the claim, and there is zero evidence.

I think some of the thinking is due to the elevated number of young athletes falling over since the jab was forced on many of them. The articles I have read show it is unprecedented. This helps formulate the depopulate thinking along with the question, why tamper with natural Covid in the first place.
Doctors in the field have given reports stating that it is indeed the cause, and it has something to do with adrenaline and the jab side effects.

If the powers that be, would be honest, and it will never happen, it would clear up many of the conspiracies that are out there. When we catch most, if not all, lying to the public, it makes you wonder what the end game totally is.

After watching, Eugenics to Pandemics, it talked about, and showed what I would consider documentation, if it can be believed, of our country doing some of the same things Hitler did to eliminate the weak of the herd. (Years ago) One example was giving poor and minority children tainted cow’s milk and many died. Again, if it is true.

The only thing I will say is with the evil people we have in charge, and it gets worse every day, I wouldn’t put anything past our government. They murder our boys on their war playgrounds and for what?

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Have you ever thought about who provides those numbers? Maybe the people that are believing those numbers are the ones being had? I’m not saying they are wrong, but I also will not say they are correct. I haven’t trusted the UN for a very long time. When I hear their numbers, I pretty much take it with a grain of salt. I question everything. And I’m not in despair over it, I’m just using my own eyes to watch what is going on in the world.

As for the football player. It very well could have been from the jab…but guess what…we will never know. Yet, my gut says it’s more likely that it was caused from it, but I wouldn’t be out there shouting it from the roof tops. That’s why God told us to WATCH.

Science sure wouldn’t have gotten very far if that was the case. This is where you depend on God, pray for wisdom and again WATCH.

I have not made either of those claims, but I’m wise enough to question them. Locally we have kids falling over in HS football games with a “medical emergency”, teenagers dying in their sleep with no sign of illness, people that are having seizures and are paralyzed after getting the jab, a rise in single vehicle accidents, etc. Not to mention death of someone we knew personally. BUT…that won’t get national news because “hey…that can lead to conspiracy theories.” The whole “conspiracy theory” narrative is to keep people from talking - they don’t want to get labeled. It’s pathetic.

Whether it’s a mass kill or not, who knows. I do know that the MRNA technology alters our God given DNA. I also know the weather modifications are going against God’s creation of weather.

There’s the rub, right?

Most people just watch these documentaries and suck it up, never fact checking anything. So in there mind, it’s all true. Even if they learn later it’s not, they won’t remember that part. Just like I pointed out in “Died Suddenly.” Since the dude lied about that, you can’t trust any of it.

How can anyone trust a liar?

Remember, this isn’t just Covid stuff, this is conspiracy in general. This is “poison in the air, food, and water.” A different version of it always pops up. Today it’s the jab, tomorrow it’s something else. Yesterday it was were going to run out of food, then it was diesel. It was just last week when we were supposed to be in those plastic coffins.

Kay, with all due respect, everyone is not out to get you. If the numbers weren’t correct or close, wouldn’t you realize that at the movies, restaurants, your neighbors, and so on? Shouldn’t half of the neighborhood be gone?

When people talk about unverifiable conspiracy’s like this, they lose credibility and respect. You need that to share Scripture with people.

I can’t say anything more here.

Exactly my point - the UN lies, the government lies, the medical industry lies. All of my trust is in God. With man, I question it. :slight_smile:

And who told us that?

LOL - I know that! But satan and his ilk are here to deceive. I guess I look at like the parable of the wheat and tares. Satan and his ilk are “planting” tares. I believe this is what we are seeing - plants placed in all kinds of industry and government. People placed in areas to deceive.

Well, that is what this whole conspiracy talk is all about. You label someone a conspiracy theorist to discredit them. And I fell for some of that craziness at the beginning of Trumps term and I’m sure I got discredited by some. So when the time came to speak out on the dangers of the jab, many didn’t listen. THAT is satan’s game! That is the governments game. I do think that some of the “conspiracies” that we have out there stemmed from our own CIA. Do I know that for a fact? No…but I certainly question it!

As for what I share - I continue to post scripture and share your blog posts. That IS my main focus and has been for the last couple years.

I guess the original point i was trying to make in regards to spreading “conspiracy” is the difficulty in knowing what is and what isn’t conspiracy. People are way to quick to label someone a “conspirator” when all they are doing is asking questions or stating facts that go against their narrative. ie: Masks don’t work.

With all of this said and in closing - I LOVE having a place to discuss things like this without personal attacks, just a good discussion. And I thank you @brandon for that! Keep doing what you are doing!! God Bless!!

My dad always said trust but verify. In these cases, we need to do the opposite, verify then trust. I agree, if those giving information are caught in one lie, there will be more, including the church.

There are different phases of the theories.

When watching the documentaries or things of the sort, I file the information away, if it is historical, and wait for further proof. If it is true, the horse already left the stable so what are we going to do? Are the powers that be ever held accountable?

In the Covid situation, the anti-jabbers, were called conspiracy theorists along with other vile nouns.
When gag orders are issued, that is the time that I am alerted the most. We don’t know these doctors and scientists that say it is bad, but given the number of them, you would think it would have some validity. Each side has their charts and graphs but as layman, how are we to know?

Something felt wrong with the whole happenings of it, from where it started, to how they handled it. So, we wait, as we did, and it turns out that it wasn’t a conspiracy. We don’t know what damage this has caused in years to come as some other drugs given historically, that were thought to be safe, and it turns out they weren’t. The danger is how much you personally let it change your life and perspective. You can’t un-jab so you have to ride it out and see. The people on the wrong side of the theory can use it to their advantage.

The next phase is if it was natural. The same doctors who say it was not a good vaccine say it had to be manipulated. As time goes on, it appears that way. But again, what will happen?

Then the next phase is if it was intentionally released? Which takes root in different ways of thinking. And so on. It never ends.

Some have said to me what about all the people who have died, we need to get to the bottom of this. If we do, who will be held accountable, they are still dead and that is why faith is so important.

We know we live in an evil and corrupt world; Christ verified it to us. Why would we expect anything different. Remember these are the beginning of sorrows, it is going to keep getting worse.

Amen sister. to worshipers of the world, negative talk about their rulers ‘their government’ is the equivalent of an agnostic questioning the existence of God. Very offensive.

Mathew 24;24 for there shall arise false Christ’s, and false prophets , and shall show great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect

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I also will watch the documentaries, but ALWAYS with discernment. I do believe that some of the Died Suddenly documentary had truth, but then some false information gets thrown in and we feel that we have to discredit the whole thing. This again reminds me of the Parable of the Wheat and Tares. As for anyone being held accountable - I doubt man will ever be able to do that. We know not to pull up the tares - that’s left for God to sort. We just don’t know the hearts of people - this whole mess is such a convoluted bear scat show - so much deception. Healthcare workers, scientists and more have been deceived and they are trying to help people because they have a good heart - that God given goodness. Satan is not stupid - he knows how to attack and make his plans work - targeting the good hearts of people.

This was truly the hardest thing for me to watch. I have such a soft spot in my heart for the elderly - especially those in nursing homes and care facilities. I frequented them often when dealing with all my dad’s issues. One of my biggest questions in all of this was “Why put all those covid patients into nursing homes?” I have a few possible reasons in my head, but again it’s all a watch and see.

All of this and all the other chaos in the world is truly “practicing faith”!

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I like your points Kay. When we all saw the push for world vaccinations, panic, lockdowns in lockstep, mandates, fear, censorship from those who tried to share concerns over a vax because it was untested and sharing that the side effects causing harm (which is now finally available in the insert on the vax so now it can’t be distributed), and data, reports, whistleblowers, and citizens being labeled conspiracy theories/theorists because they see what is happening isn’t for the good of the people, you have to question what is truly going on. It certainly was nefarious and doesn’t help grow a healthy population, quite the opposite.

The horrific hospital protocols in the beginning of Covid, forced vax or lose your job, destruction of the economy by closing it down, blocking early treatments, preventing people from socializing and living a free life, millions of taxpayer money spent on pushing vaccines, dividing the population, and I could go on and on, and now the final result is normalizing these vaccines for 6 month old babies on up. Yes, millions of lives have been harmed and many killed by all this and it’s not over.

Many people are still rolling up their sleeves as the media keeps pushing this Covid scam to put poison in everyone’s bodies. Yes, other vaccines have caused harm in the past as well, but these I think take the cake, and now the same technology will be used in future vaccines. Sad.

Stepping away from the propaganda and focusing on prayer, the Bible, and trusting in God’s word is the most important. In the end Jesus Christ wins. That we can celebrate!

It could say more, but I will in this there. Thanks

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