Who wants to live in an ADU?

What’s an “ADU”?

I’m glad you asked!

The Atlantic had a glowing piece on this. You’re supposed to be excited to live in someone’s backyard like a dog. Hey, it’s the new California way!

Looks like NYC will need to incorporate this as well…
(NOT agreeing with what they are doing, shipping all the illegals throughout the nation, just the first thought that came to my head.

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I guess i am a little slow at this. what is the purpose of all this???

Well Gwen…

Let’s say you live in California (Oregon, ie: some lib town), in suburbia. Let’s say you have a $2000 mortgage in a nice area. Well, if you slap together a shack in your backyard, you can rent it out! Yes, another family can come live in the shack you built in your backyard, for say, $800 a month, whatever the market rate is.

As a homeowner, you can bank some more coins. As a renter, people not as financial astute as you can live in the nice neighborhoods for a fraction of the cost! I’m quite sure, this would never cause riff raff to enter great neighborhoods. California would have thought about that, so no worries there! :smile::+1:t3::upside_down_face:

So the homeowner benefits and it provides cheaper housing for all.

Act now! Big Momma’s waiting…

well, who are they being built for? illegals, homeless?? seems like a good idea, but…we know how good ideas go very bad sometimes??

Homeowners build them at their own expense, to rent out to lower income people. There’s a major affordability crisis in California when it comes to housing. So this is an idea several liberal states are doing to make it more affordable.

I think apartments, duplexes, fourplexes, and cheaper homes are a better idea. Not having people live in someone else’s backyard in a shed. That’s a bit humiliating to me.

It’s like we are going in reverse. We were just looking at the ol cabins in Cades Cove admiring how people needed so little back then. It looks like we are going back. People living in backyards, “tiny homes”, etc. I’d rather live in one of those ol cabins than a shed.

But that’s just me!

When you get down to it, we are looking at a catastrophe created by government. All these years of printing trillions of dollars has inflated assets (ie: houses, etc) beyond recognition. These things are no longer affordable for the common man. Yet, you’ll have many saying the economy has been great until recent! It shows how little most of us really know about a healthy economy.

Yes, then add in all the illegal immigrants, and we have more people that need cheap housing.

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there was a story yesterday about a young lady, who built a shed in her back yard for her autistic brother, for $15,000. they live in Hawaii . i guess he was living in one of those assisted living places and was very unhappy. so her and her boyfriend moved to Hawaii and built this house for him. now that is the kind of story of a ADU that is heart warming.