Want to rent a pod, now you can in the “sharing economy”

We have entered a new world.

People are actually excited to rent a dorm room and sleep in a pod. We’ve talked about it in the past, but folks, I just can’t get over it.

It’s called the “sharing economy…”

Our membership housing offers you flexible, single rate, network wide housing across the most expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

As our community grows, so do your options to travel and live remote.

Join our housing network, and never feel stuck in one home, with one set of roommates, under an annual lease. - https://www.podshare.com

That’s right!

It’s like being back in college or the Navy. People are actually paying for it, and love it. Hey, it’s almost 2030, you’ll own nothing and be happy. See it’s true!

Unfortunately, society has groomed the younger generation for this. You can thank social media (brainwashing) and so on. Last night we watched The Rifleman, during a commercial, they advertised people coming home from work, and looking at their tablet, and smiling.

No friends, no family, just a screen, life’s good huh?

I dont know.It looks like an ant colony to me.

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$1000 per month for a pod. Why not just go to prison and get the full Monty?


You know…as we all continue to watch the demise of this generation, sometimes you just have to sit back and laugh at it all. Well…honestly, I sit back and laugh at it quite a bit! What a bunch of idiots…yes…IDIOTS!


Did you see the important “Tattoos” section in their website,

A testament to our community are the 19 individuals that are so filled with wanderlust and sharing that they stamped their experiences on their bodies for life.

The icon symbolises a “home’ that is shared by the chevrons of its roof and taken anywhere in the suitcase of its frame."

Yea, they have money for tattoos.

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We’ll see how long that lasts. $280.00 a day?

I meant to say 280.00 per week.