Who Controls The World?

Full article at: Who Controls The World? | World Events and the Bible

Long ago the definition of wealth changed. This consolidated wealth into the hands of a few who manipulate us through education to change our world.

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I’ve found that most young people have no idea that they are living on 50% or less than what they earn. That 25 to 30% of their earnings are taxed before they get their check. the 70% you are allowed to keep will be taxed on avg 9 cents on every dollar you spend. If you are buying a home you will be taxed annually for that property. if you have a car you must pay a tax for the required license plate annually. 50% of the cost of gasoline per gallon is another tax that YOU pay. Oh, you want a boat do you? you will need a tag and registration for the boat. if it is an out board motor you will need a tag and registration for that too. Some states require a tag and registration for the trailer also. Gonna stay all night at a ‘public’ campsite?
that will be on avg a 14.00 per night camp fee [tax] when all of the math is done, your 800.00 paycheck is reduced to less than 50%. In answer to your question, 'why can’t I get ahead?


Im not a smart person but i do understand how fast the end is coming about, especially since Covid. We all have our understanding of these events only because we are not of this world and Our Heavenly Father has granted us with eyes to see and ears to hear. We all can agree that it is coming to an abrupt end. The exact details we dont know and our opinions may differ a little here and there. It all boils down to no matter exactly how it goes down, we will be prepared and we each have a different role in the consummation of this flesh age. Im not smarter than my smart phone and cant figure out how to paste and copy to answer the questions but ill try to figure it out. Love to all my brothers and sisters in Christ.


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The world has certainly become a very strange and bizarre place the last three years, and I thought it was crazy before! I’d gladly take 2019 back any day. :smile:

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Amen sister Tammy, I perceive that you are smarter than you might think.


Brother, you have got to find yourself a new tax guy and move out of CA or NY. :smile:

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Thanks everyone for being so kind and patient. What a wonderful time to live to be part of Gods finishing work.


Thank you Brandon for providing such a well written article! And it all boils down to “convenience” once again. We, as a people, got into this mess because we want “convenience”. And the last paragraph is key!! Trust in God and keep Him involved with ALL you do.

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Let’s add a couple more.

Paying all that tuition so they can indoctrinate you to their beliefs! We have a private elementary school near us that charges about the same tuition as a college.

Inheritance money or property - how many times has that same money been taxed!

And I had another big one, but now I forgot! :upside_down_face:

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Smart by what definition? You have the most important “smartness” - it’s called WISDOM. You are obviously wise to the worldly things that surround us each and every day.

I agree wholeheartedly with that statement!