War postponed due to bad weather

Folks, the BS continues to flow…

The invasion was initially planned for the weekend but was delayed for several days due to cloud cover that “would have made it harder for Israeli pilots and drone operators to provide ground forces with air cover,” the officers said. - Israel's operation in Gaza Strip, planned for weekend, is postponed – NYT

Here’s the weather in Israel according to weather.com.

What cloud cover for several days?

Since when are wars paused for weather? This isn’t a football game.

You’re being lied to again.

Oh and Israel just turned back on the water in southern Gaza. Had they not done that, we’d be looking at tens of thousands of dead Palestinians.

The world is watching, there’s no justification for mass civilian deaths. The British have called for Israeli restraint and China has said Israel has already gone too far.

Meanwhile, Senator Chuck Schumer, a Jew, said,

"I’ll lead the effort in the U.S. Senate to provide Israel with the support required to defend itself from this monstrous attack.”

We give Israel $4 billion a year, I think that’s about $4 billion too much.

How much more does Israel need?

Here’s the problem with non Christians in office…

Jews have a duty to protect their homeland, so Schumer’s decisions, right or wrong are biased from the start.

Does that help America?


Meanwhile, a second U.S. aircraft carrier is headed to Israel’s coast. This thing has the potential to turn into a real storm. All over a nation without any real resources, a nation called Israel that’s the size of New Jersey.

And now…

The Hamas Torture Manual presented by Israel’s President.

There’s probably such a thing, but folks, why are you being shown this?

To justify actions.

To keep the American people and all people on the side of Israel. That’s why you show people evidences like this. To promote a desired response from the media being shown to the individual. True or false, this is propaganda.

Since we’re now starting to point at books… Does anyone want me to pull some more passages from the Talmud?

Oh, I have a lot more to share.

Spot on. Any time they provide us “news” we have to ask ourselves what benefit are they getting by providing us this info. And I think its a good reminder to pull more info out of the talmud playbook. Neither side is innocent.