‘Mein Kampf’ found on Hamas in Gaza

The Israeli’s keep finding all sorts of interesting and incriminating items on dead Hamas fighters.

  1. First, it was the Hamas torture manual.
  2. Then, it was a USB drive with instructions for the production of chemical weapons.
  3. Now they found, an Arabic copy of ‘Mein Kampf,’ Hitler’s book. It’s true, the Israeli President said so. In fact, it wasn’t just found on a Hamas terrorist. The Israeli President said,

… this book was found in northern Gaza, in a children’s living room, that was turned into a military operation base of Hamas, on the body of one of the terrorist.

Man that book looks like it’s brand spakin’ new!

I wonder how they know it was a “children’s living room” and how it became a “military operations base of Hamas.” The Hamas dude even took notes they say. There intel must be quite good, eh?

Looks like they ordered it off Amazon Prime.

Just remember, they found the passports of the box cutter terrorist in the rubble of 911.

Same play book different war.

Wow…children have their own living rooms?! smh

typo? :rofl: They did make a lot of money on that deal! :wink:

Now let’s be fair, a little Zep cleaner can do wonders.