US recovered non-human biological pilots from crashed crafts

So who’s buying this ploy?

I’ve heard of distractions, but this takes the cake right here. He never even said the pilots were non-human, the conversation deviated. Notice how the dude is fixing his lips tight. He is BSing, and he’s not even good at it.

Oh, and in the era of deep fakes and AI, I’d never believe any video or image. I’d have to see something with my own eyes, and even then. If there were such a thing as space aliens, there no harm, they could have wiped us out years ago.

So let me tell you what I told my sis the other day…

I don’t think there’s aliens.

Look, if there were aliens who could come and visit earth. It means there tech and understanding is beyond ours by unimaginable amounts. To travel across the universe is not possible. So they must be able to bend time itself. Let that sink in.

Nevertheless, if they showed up. Then honestly, everyone’s going to lose their faith in God. There’s nothing about aliens in Scripture or other life forms. Only earth and the creation here. So really, it wouldn’t be fair for God to judge anyone if He threw us a curve ball like that.

Everyone would be thinking, maybe God’s not real…

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I totally agree. As we approach the time of the antichrist, I think that this kind of stuff is going to increase. I watch a show on tv called skinwalker ranch. Those guys are finding all kinds of weird things. It is in its 4th season and the last episode all but concluded that there is a portal above the ranch. I just keep God in front and whatever is to be, will be…

God Bless


I say if they have them, then put them on display like they do the dead leaders etc. Let the people walk by the open casket and see for themselves.

Better yet, how about we see the craft at an air show where we can look at it, touch it, and as Dana Carvey - Ross said, pass it through our lower colon.

Talks cheap and a waste of our money.

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I totally agree with you Brandon. But I have to ask…and please excuse my ignorance I’m still learning lol but aren’t the fallen angels coming back to reign with Satan? I never believed in this “alien” talk but after learning our Fathers true word it was my understanding that they would be coming back…help me out here if I’m misunderstanding :heart:


Hey Anitra!

We’re all learning here. I’m with you, per Revelation 12:7-9, wicked angels are coming with the Devil. However, they wouldn’t be “the fallen angels” from Noah’s day. Those boys are bound in chains awaiting judgment, (Jude 1:6).

You may enjoy this study:


I just want to add…never feel ignorant! Like Brandon said - we are ALL learning here. We all like to hear questions, answers, comments and thoughts on subjects from different people. THAT is how we all learn. God bless my friend! :sparkling_heart:


Thanks Kay I appreciate that.


Ahhhhh thanks for the understanding Brandon! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Could it be that the fallen that are bound could be released by the opening of the pit in Rev 9?

The vast number of the locust army seems to be more than what would have logically been here in the time of Noah, but is this a possibility?

If not, then it would seem that many change sides during the war in heaven which is hard to imagine since you would think they would have witnessed the fate of those bound. But then again, the majority of the people side with Satan after the millennium which I still can’t comprehend since they see him in the pit the whole time.


I thought only a third side with Satan after the millennium or are you talking the fallen angels only? (Sorry I can’t dig into this further - I have a busy day ahead and need to get my butt going!)

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I have some more info at that link, but this is what Scripture says,

Jud 1:6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.

Well, to me, that means these dudes are locked and bound until they’re judged. The great day of Judgement, is it the first at Christ’s return or the primary at the end? Regardless, I don’t see them being released, they already had their chance.

Revelation 9 doesn’t speak of the great day of Judgement, but before Jesus returns. So, they cannot be the ones that are released, as they’re not released until “the judgment of the great day.”

So then, these must be a different batch. I mean there must be billions of wicked angels, not just a handful. Millions are coming with Satan, how many more are already bound?


I apologize if I am misunderstanding you here.

Does this apply as far as changing sides?

Joel 2:7

And they shall not break their ranks:

Interesting question however. :+1:

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I see Brandon’s point making those bound now will stay bound.

My thought on this is if they are not bound now, what are they doing. You would think they would have to be doing the good work required of them??

When the war in heaven starts, Rev 12, Michael and Satan fight each other along with both sides of angels. Are these angels on the side of Satan malcontents that finally show their hand or does Father know by their actions now? Sort of a military coup that doesn’t work.

Things I have always wondered about.


I’m gonna keep an open mind on this subject. I don’t think there is any question as to whether or not the earth is being visited frequently by craft that is eons ahead of mans knowledge. there are hundreds of credible testimonies from pilots who have observed them up close. Not wackos but U.S Naval fighter pilots. I have no Idea what they are, and I don’t think anyone else does either.
Are they pilotless? Or being manipulated remotely? Friend or foe? Both maybe.
Is it all a bunch of hogwash? A lot of it, yes. All of it? No.

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I also keep an open mind about this subject. Another possibility that may sound outlandish, but in today’s world maybe not so much. Could the powers that be put these flying objects out there for pilots to see - to push the narrative or test things out? At this point nothing would surprise me.


Brandon, I used to feel the same way ‘if beings from other galaxies are real’ then the bible and God are not real. I do not believe that any longer, in fact I believe even more. We want Jesus to look and be what we have been taught how he looks and the way he is. In the gospel of John when Jesus asked the scribes and soldiers who had come to arrest him 'whom do you seek? When they looked at him they all fell backward to the ground including Judas who knew him well [or thought he did] why? Why would they do that? Was Jesus transformed into his heavenly body? When Jesus met Saul on the road to Damascus and Jesus asked Saul, calling him by name though he had never seen him before. When Saul looked at him, he was blinded by an intense bright lite being emitted from Jesus that was so bright [like the arc from a welder] that it burned his eyes and blinded him. Have you ever had your eyes burned from an arc welder?
All of the things that Jesus did was not magic. Magic comes from darkness. Jesus used knowledge and knowledge is power right? God is all knowing, so naturally he is all powerful. When thinking in those terms I realize how pitifully
ignorant mankind is. So ignorant that they brutally murdered him. Because they knew not. We need to look beyond things that we ‘think’ we know, and pretty quick more than likely.

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That’s deep! And you brought up a good point to make people think out of the box.


Kay, read Ezekiel chapter one ‘vision of creatures’ Talk about food for thought.

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Yes, that is exactly the book I think of when this subject comes up!