US ‘can afford two wars’ says Treasury Sec.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen was asked if the U.S. could afford to provide military assistance to Israel and Ukraine.

She said,

“The answer is absolutely. America can certainly afford to stand with Israel and to support Israel’s military needs and we also can and must support Ukraine in its struggle against Russia,” Yellen said, adding that the U.S. economy is doing “extremely well.”

These people are crazy.

For the record, Yellen is a Jew, she has allegiance to the Jewish homeland. That’s what Zionism is all about my friends. That’s what bothers me about Biden’s staff, it’s 32% Jewish. It promotes a very big bias toward Israel, whether we should support them or not.

Bias is never good.

As for finances, the U.S. is in record debt and that debt is now being borrowed at higher interest rates. We all know what that means, it means borrowing will cost the U.S. even more. We have a disaster of epic proportions on our hands.

Everyone’s gung ho to save Ukraine and Israel, but no one cares about our southern border or our own homeless population.

The world is spiraling out of control.

yea, they think that we can afford this? i have never heard so much crap that we get from these people. lets start pulling money from their pockets, seeing that it is our money that they have robbed from the us populations over the years. they are rich beyond belief. now they are saying that hamas is in the united states and their will be attacks , well duh… who would of thought that? i will close this now before i really go off the deep end!

Yellen is an escapee from a criminally insane mental facility.

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Is she eating the mushrooms again?

It is statements like those that make me glad to be what the higher learned would call uneducated.

At least in a closet with the lights turned off, I can find my own ass, they certainly can’t.

Yes, and now we are the leaches that want “part” of our social security paid back!

yes they call it an entitlement , but it is not!!! we as US citizens have worked our whole lives and trusted our government to invest our money, to be paid back for our retirement! well i guess we can kiss all that goodbye, to all the illegals they have let into this country.

We as a people have put way too much trust in our government. No wonder so many elderly used to stash money in their pockets of their hidden away wardrobes, not to mention the good ole “under the mattress” savings. They were pretty smart!!