Biden’s staff is not very inclusive

Just days ago, the Biden regime put together the, “The U.S. National Strategy To Counter Antisemitism”.

The Biden White House was kind enough to feature a photo of all their Jewish staff members.

I counted 155 people in that photo.

According to the White House’s annual report on personnel, there were 474 staff members in the Biden White House, as of July 1, 2022. - Biden White House staff - Ballotpedia

So let’s do some simply math…

155 * 474 = .32 * 100 = 32%

So 32% of the Biden White House staff are Jews…

Hmm, just how many Jews are there in the United States?

…approximately 5.8 million adults (2.4% of all U.S. adults) as Jewish. - The size of the U.S. Jewish population | Pew Research Center

So Biden’s White House staff is 30% over represented by Jews. I thought these guys were all about diversity and inclusion? This was always the problem with immigration, once you let too many in or too many into one area. The culture changes.

Honestly, if these Jews believe in the Talmud, they’re going to push that ideology. Go back into the Bible and read how many times the Jews persecuted Christians, but we’re going to give a voice that’s 1600% larger than their demographic?


Psstt… If they’re Ashkenazi Jews, then they are not Semite’s to begin with.


Been reading up on the Talmud, I’ve learned a lot from you concerning Jews, Jewish, and Jew
history and doctrine. The differences. Interesting.

Uhhh, don’t you know you are a raging anti Semite for pointing this out?

How many of them have dual citizenship?

Well it’s not like they are the majority in the media or anything like that.

Oh no, now I am a raging anti Semite.

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I’d say the media is certainly over represented by Jews.

Of course, now that you pointed it out, per the latest government directive

I’ll have to shut you down, including this server.

Powering off…

Well it’s not like they are over represented in banking and finances.
Uh, the fed for example.
Or those behind the signing of the act in 1913.


So that shows a lot… but narrow that down and you see the actual power horses…sec of state, chief of staff, AG, and homeland security…all working on what comes out of biden’s mouth. In my book, that means being run by anti-christs…and it shows.