This Is What Scares Most People, What Do You Think?

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The world has always been a crazy place, but it feels different these days. Doesn’t it? I mean, in the past, we’ve always complained about politics. We’ve always complained about taxes, and how much things cost. We always complained about immigration, and of course, a loss of freedom… However, those issues have escalated dramatically! In…


Well Brandon i think you pretty much nailed it for the most part. Just to expand a bit:

  1. i am very concerned at the lack of compashion and respect we have for each other and with the fact it is just gettinf worse with time.
  2. I am concered about the lack of personal responsibility and accountability many peole exhibit these days. Every bad thing that hsppens to someone is always someone and/or something else’s fault. It cant be my personal actions.

I think these couple of points dovetale back into the decline of TRUE Christianity that you so wisely pounted out.


Civil war? Probably between the have and have nots.Or whats left of the haves.

This also a good article on abortion.


Hi Bran, I think the way is getting rough, inflation is unbearable. But things go at a slow pace. There will be a moment in the futurewhen things will go at a faster pace. The satanic system is in full fledge. Immigrants get in an get the check, Europe is overthrown, leftist satanic government ar allowing the collapse of the system. Lgqtbixyz are growing strong by the day. When I see the younger generations it’s like they don’t know their sex inclination. They want women dressed like men and viceversa. In the schools they teach how to have sex at 9 years old.
Satan is devouring, as a roaring lion, but much more than in the past I feel. He is destroying family unit, destroying teenage, child, everyone who is not under The Father limbs as The Great Fir Tree…
Well, this is what I feel.


i think the immigration is purposed to attack/reduce “religion”, the belief system (horn), in the nation(s) in order to more easily control a population that has no identity…not Christian, not this or that belief of a social structure. the 4 horns (power/elements) are minimum requirements to have a grouping of humans…(city, family, county, state, country, etc.).

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Typically, it only takes one generation to ruin a nation. We see this all through the Old Testament. When the righteous leaders died along with the elders, the next generation fell terribly.

This is where we have been going as a nation. As Stephen stated, there is no accountability for anything anymore. Each generation is doubling down on getting worse.

Lying is considered normal. The word Quality now means good enough or less. Workmanship has gone away. Going to work is now a choice instead of a duty to family and country. Laziness is considered an honor rather than looked down upon. Manual labor is thought to be a Spanish preacher.

When the above is lost, you can’t have ethics or morals. All bad behavior is now justifiable even by the church. Our nation has crossed a line, monetarily and morally, that we will never go back. It’s too late. Prophecy moves on. The work Christian means nothing anymore.


And if you complain about any of these things they’ll call you entitled.


p.s. CORRECTION. The good our nation has done by the hand of our Almighty God our Creator. He gets all the credit and we should acknowledge this. Eh?

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Interestingly enough, I view these surveys as “marketing results”. This is how they determine how their marketing campaigns are going. This is exactly how marketing works. It’s exactly how we used to do it when I was in the magazine publishing world.
Like my husband said to me YEARS ago - marketing is the downfall of America. Didn’t quite agree with him back then, but now I know he was exactly right!

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i think there are lots of things that scare us from time to time. the one now is all this hub bub at the colleges. they waited too long and now we don’t know what is going to happen. everyone is just spitting hate, from both sides, no side is better. its all war and hate and killing at this point, there will never be peace the rate we are going until Jesus comes.

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When you were in the marketing game, back then, was it all focused on deception as it is now or was it different?

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Think of it this way. What do they teach you in marketing classes? They tell you you need to reach prospective customer’s emotional connection. The marketing tests are based on such minute details as well. Font type, color, specific words, etc. Now think about how magazines market. They send you a magazine issue with an envelope that says invoice enclosed. Guess what, the recipient thinks they ordered it and you get more orders. If you really want more orders, you order a list of people that are older. Yep, taking advantage of seniors. In my eyes, all marketing is deceptive. If you have a good product, you sell it based on it’s merits. You don’t need to run all these “marketing tests”. By the way, publishers make good money just on selling your information to mailing list companies. Now mind you, this was in the 90’s up to 2006. Can you imagine how deceptive marketing has grown?

I could go on a lot more on this, but I’ll give it rest. :slight_smile: Oops, one more thing. The mailing list companies we used were Experian and Equifax…yep, the same companies that you can get your free credit reports. They have SO MUCH OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION! And you order lists based on the criteria you want. Sad.

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You forgot to mention, new and improved. :smile:

ahh yes, and this is a little ‘secret’ that doctors don’t want you to know about.
‘you’ll never have knee pain again with this little secret’ :rofl:

this commentary reminded me of the scene in the movie ‘Butch cassidy and the Sundance kid’ when they have a relentless possie bearing down hard on them when they find themselves cornered on the edge of a gorge high above the river below and have only two choises, be caught by the possie that will likely shoot them or jump. Butch said, let’s jump, Cassidy said 'I aint gonna jump! Why Butch asked why not? Cassidy said, 'because I can’t swim! Butch burst into to laughter and Cassidy ask’s what are you laughing about? Butch replied, because the fall is going to kill us!

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