There's Not Much Hope Left For America

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Every headline I read these days makes me cringe or puke. That’s probably not the imagery you want this early in the morning, but it certainly relays the message. Why it was less than 10 days ago, and the rats representing our government passed the $858B dollar National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The bill includes…


It’s interesting to know that even the Ukrainian people do not trust nor like Zelenskyy. My boss and his wife got a phone call from a man that worked for them 20 years ago. He is a Ukrainian, who is married and has a wife and three children. The oldest is a son, who is abroad in college and told not to come back to Ukraine for fear he will be conscripted into this war. His wife and two daughters, ages 7 and 12, he wanted out and asked my boss and his wife if they would take them in, and they did.

The wife is a lovely woman, and wanted to work at our market to help fray some of the cost of my bosses expenses. She is a good worker and I befriended her. In our conversations she has expressed to me that she does not trust Zelenskyy and is angry at him for splitting up their family. She also thinks Putin is crazy. I pray for them everyday.

It brings in a different perspective when you talk to people who are actually in the middle of this terrible travesty that has befallen them.


You have to know that this is all a very conscience and deliberate plan to bring this country and the rest of the world to its knees. Our leaders (and i use the term VERY loosely) are not this stupid. Nobody is. I loathe where society is headed today but am not surprised as this is all foretold. What is realty scary is it can and will get a lot worse. It is just very sad and hard to watch.


I agree, and I don’t think most people have a clue what they are doing. It has to get much worse before they will wake up.

Part of the 1.7 trillion bill is for security. But not for us. 410 million goes to Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and Oman for enhanced border security.
The money for our border can only be used for documentation and processing of the infiltrators into our country, not to beef up the prevention.
Our country is the biblical camp. We should stick to our own and if you don’t assimilate with us, then you stay out.

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I’ma just waitin for the Ram and the Goat to take the stage.


Hi Brandon. Though you may be correct that people are being ripped off as in the time of Caesar, where Christ had to respond by explaining to his disciples, showing the coin of Caesar… but I think in this circumstance, it’s no time to whine. Your article doesn’t mention yearly aid to the state of Israelie or financial aid to Russia in 2022.

:point_right:Trump approves largest-ever aid package to Israel $38 billion* in military assistance over the next decade

US Foreign Aid by Country 2022 - Russia got US aid or US Obligations :point_right:$159.42 Mn. Disbursements​:point_right:$159.33 Mn.

:point_right:U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel: History & Overview

Here is my view. Why are people on the right side of the aisle all of the sudden complaining, it’s because of :point_right:on YouTube: Germany, Russia, and Ukraine: How Does This Conflict End? " Kremlin talking​:speaking_head:points" (ret.) General Ben Hodges

:dagger:Genesis 49

8 “Judah (tribe of Judah​:de:Germans and Gad​:ukraine:Ukrainians; he dwelleth as a lion=Judah - DEUTERONOMY 33:20), thou art he whom thy brethren shall praise: (delight in your courage,…) thy hand shall be in the neck of thine enemies; :point_right:(feet-bear/Esau/Edom/Gog/prince-Rosh=RF​:ru:); thy father’s children (the rest of the Israel tribes, God’s children, nations) shall bow down before thee (respect. :point_right:Bow to Jesus Christ, The King, God/YHVH).

9 Judah is a lion’s whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion; :point_right:who shall rouse him up?:point_left:

10 The scepter​:point_right:(rod, power; God/Christ) shall not depart from Judah (:de::crossed_swords::ukraine:), nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be
Oct 21, 2022 :point_right:YouTube: Shepherd’s Chapel Pastor Dennis Murray; Lion​:latin_cross:Judah​:point_left::crown::point_right:The King is coming! in-depth Bible study

Why did you signup on our forum just to come and be hostile?

I really don’t get it, then it clicked, you referenced the church I had to blow the whistle on. You perfectly displayed some of my points and observations, along with that of others.

For the record, the article you are commenting on focuses on America and the war in Ukraine, not Israel. We have shared with our readers the large amount of financial aid the U.S. gives Israel. We don’t need to do it in every article though. As for the rest of your post, it’s pretty confusing to read. Sorry about that.

Merry Christmas.


At times like this I honestly feel we have already collapsed in some senses.
The vultures are just picking away at what is left.
Not a doomer , I just feel that way at times.

I had to come back an do this edit.

I am having a fantastic day and wish everyone the same.


When the system collapses, the digital currency will be established. Then we lose all our privileges.


I feel the same… I just look over at Brandon and tell him, its already doom, America is gone. I just want a cabin out in the middle of no where so I can grow a garden and ride my quad. I’ll be watching and keeping in tune with WEB … :grin: Merry Christmas Cozar and say hi to Tennessee!

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Tennessee :cat2: says hey back at yer gang.

and and they just voted themselves a hefty pay raise, i mean they must be living paycheck to paycheck would not want them to starve now, would we. RAND paul did the night before christmas, parody, regarding the 1.7 trillion dollars, believe it is on twitter.

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You know, the “people” never see the receipts of all the things they are supposedly doing with all the money from all these bills. They’re doing whatever the corporations that actually run the world want them to do with this money. It’s really a joke to think that any appropriations are actually what they say they are.

When we look at these spending bills, we need to realize that they are benefiting the corporations our leaders support. It has nothing to do with the people, besides the fact that they are using the money to take away our rights and to gain more knowledge on how to manipulate the people. We have know clue as to where that money is actually going or being used for.

For decades they have manipulated the people to become more dependent on the government and corporations that provide food, clothing and our other necessities for living…all in the name of “progress”. People don’t place value in the foods they eat. They expect it to be made for them and they haven’t a clue what is in it! Same goes for “medications”. It’s all about money…money and control.

Well…there you have it. Merry Christmas Eve! One thing to note here - it’s all good. We know where the truth is and that is in our Lord. Although satan has control in this world age, God has the ultimate control. And that my friends is the real blessing that we have!


Hot topic. I have to say, when I read your article --I see the exact same thing and understand your frustration. America has already sold-out decades ago. This “money” over the decades has been part of the sell out and to make ourselves part of a level playing field. They throw so much corruption money in or pay off (pork ear marks), then tell us it’s good b/c they slung some to Israel. I was awakened two years ago --I see it so clearly now. Decades and decades, since I’ve been born. Besides, who can argue God’s hand? He clearly turned a page in our lifetime --we are living in epic times. We’re so close to it by living in it, it’s almost hard to step back and see whole picture. This war we are in now of God vs Satin (as always), satin is going global (as written), and our war today is Nation vs Global (this is our time now).
This is how I choose to live these crazy Noah epic times --get your popcorn, put your Jesus jacket on and watch God on the move…or if you will, God to allow satan his time --they are short. God is waiting for others to wake up or come to Him …we have to be patient. Plus, I know He is sifting his churches and people. Plus, I don’t believe us Gentiles get it so easy either. I don’t think we’ve seen anything yet.
So much easier said than done --I feel all is surreal now or I’m in the Twilight Zone, but then I step back a remember, God chose me to be here for such a time and place --hand picked!:sunglasses::latin_cross:
We’re in this together my fellow Brothers and Sisters. Stay strong, stay encouraged --hear your Master’s voice👑

I can’t stand satan so much I spell him satin​:laughing::woman_facepalming:


No Brandon, there’s not much hope for America; in fact, I’d say we’re already under His judgement.
However, there’s hope for us! That’s why we’re here together at this time…us believers --to stand in the heavenly gap. I served my country, America for 27 years, faithfully (there was a time and place) --I now am (totally) called to serve or be Christ’s warrior (Sailor in my case :blush:). This is way harder, but my home isn’t here; in the end, more rewarding. I am so free!!
Romans 6:18
Colossians 3:11

One day we’ll celebrate and praise together! Always darkest b/f the dawn :crown:

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Gaw lee bill! you must be a real fart smeller, 'I mean a right smart feller. Just kidd’in don’t get your bag in a bind.

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Believe me, I’ve survived way worse and way worse jokes than that. God’s taught me a lot about people and this world. Thanks for your input Kevin :+1::sunglasses:

amen! when we no longer can laugh or cut up lightheartedly
with no malice intended, well, I guess I’ll be outta here I hope.