The total tribulation time

I always struggled connecting the dots with the time frame. Not so much when the 2 witnesses get here, but the total tribulation time.

Here are some of my thoughts: :face_with_monocle:

We know Christ shortened the tribulation.

I would also assume we would agree that the trumps take place during the tribulation and are actions that take some actual time. Especially the 3 which are woe trumps.

If the trumps are encompassed in the tribulation, how long does the first 4 take?

We know the 1st woe is 5 months long and is initiated with the 5th trump.

We are told specifically that at the end of the 5th and 6th trump that the 1st and 2nd woe are over making them independent of each other.

How long did the 2nd woe take? When thinking about the length of time for the tribulation, to me, it appears that if the 1st woe is 5 months, then the total time has to be longer than 5 months.

In thinking about the shortening, when was it done?

We know from Daniel it is 7 years long total. Christ tells us that He shortened it in the gospels. John’s version has the same time frame as Daniel. Why would Christ have John write the long version if He already shortened it?

Could He have shortened it before Daniel was written? If not, and it was after Daniel, but before John, why duplicate the time knowing it is not valid anymore and how do we fit the other trumps into the 5 months?
Also, if the vials are after the trumps, this would take time also. Or do they run concurrently with some of the trumps. We know they do not start to be poured till the mark of the beast is on man and the image is set up. Vial #1.

Not stating it either way, just saying my dots don’t form a straight line. :thinking:

I recommend you read,

Some questions.

Those sealed in chapter 7, the 144, is that a literal number?

The 5-month tormenting of those not sealed of God, chapter 9, are they believers (church remnant) but not of the 144 or all nonbelievers?

We know Satan comes after the church; the scorpions cannot kill (physically or spiritually) but torment, (pain, toil, vex) is the church included in this?

If they are all nonbelievers, why torment them when they have signed on to the mark of the beast?

One observation, in the 6ht seal, 6:12-14, this is post tribulation at Christs return. Matthew 24:29, Mark 13:24-25 and Luke 21:11,26. “Immediately after the tribulation of those days”


This may help; I have a couple of resources I use when I get confused :laughing: Of course, we know REV 11:3 says 1260 days and is marked by half and second half being the Great Tribulation REV 13:5. Total Seven/7 years. Of course, seven is “completion, perfection, rest” for God.

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Hope this helps :+1::grin: