The Gay Thing...

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Brandon: I don’t agree with your take on the homosexual issue. Some people, Christians included, are just gay. The amount of slander, junk Bible opinions and bigoted pulpiteering needs to come to an end. LONG overdue.


Remember sodom and Gomorrah

From the article i enjoy the hardest preachers i can find. The music i listen to calls out sin non stop, all sin.

As one of my fav Christian singers Bryson Gray says if it aint talking scripture turn it off!


Waiting on K love to play this song :man_shrugging:

Can’t support priDEMONth

They got 6 colors in thier rainbow
GOD has 7 ! Kinda clear to see. Pride is an abomination to God


You know i get it. I have had gay friend’s in the past that were funny, intelligent and just plain nice folk. My feeing was ( and i stress the word “was”) that i didn’t have to condone the behavior but it was not my place to criticize or shun the person. That was before i really started reading scripture cover to cover and you are right, there is absolutly no ambigularity in scripture about homosexuality. It is strictly condemned so strongly that God commanded that they be summarily put to death. Wow, pretty harsh. I would never treat any homosexual poorly as i try never to treat anyone poorly. If that is the lifestyle they choose, it is their God given right to choice. However I will not pretend that it is OK and if asked , i will make my belief known and why. As you said, it is not MY decision to make. The Father has spoken and was very, very clear.


I don’t rock with demon month!! But my birthday is June 6 lol

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“are just gay”…that is the base lie. No, having or participating in sex is a CHOICE…who you have it with, what you have it with, and so forth (except in rape). Choice…plain and simple. God has never and will never condemn or make a sin of that that is naturally occurring (such as color of skin, color of eyes, or what organ you have). This is all a “duh” for the dullards.


and the “what”, i mean for those with “preference” for animals or dead corpses. there are actual nouns for those preferences as well.


Please post the verses where scripture commands homosexuals be put to death.

I understand what op is trying to say. All my life I have watched the “religions” of man cherry pick their preference of sins. OP’s abhorrence of preference within religions is both justified and true. He isnt denying the Word, merely the use of the Word to single out sin with prejudice.

As Brandon stated, the Word does clarify God’s aversion to sin. It also very clearly states the 2 commandments on which all the Law and Prophets hang(Matthew 22:36–40). Throughout the New Testament, regardless translation, we find Jesus showing love to “sinners”. From his interaction with a prostitute about to be stoned to his interaction witth a tthief as he died on a cross. Yes, he told the prostitute to go and sin no more. He did not tell her if she went and ever sinned again she would spend eternity in hell.

For some reason religion, as op stated, takes great pleasure singling out sins they deem worthy of their condemnation. Let a known gay or pedophile show up in a church service and sit next to an adulter, divorcee, a liar, or a thief and watch the bias. Op is 100% right.

I have sinned. I am not any more worthy Jesus sacrifice than any other sinner. I and others like me are the reason Jesus gave the greatest gift of love one has to offer. I am not worthy to judge another. Condemnation is for the Lord. I am obligated under the law as confirmed by the Word to love God and love my neighbor as myself(John 14:15).

This has been the single greatest challenge I have ever undertaken. Were I to judge myself in regards, in spite my efforts, I would have to deem myself worthy God’s judgement. Same as any other sinner. For this I am thankful. This is the realization that humbles me in the presence of God’s grace. Something I can assuredly say with 100% conviction, I am undeserving and am only able to abide in thru His love.

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Will give them over to a reprobate mind…Romans 1:28


The problem is i havent seen any pastor’s saying hey that guy has a porn addiction just let him be and follow Jesus hes justified that’s how he was born. But they say that for the alphabet ppl and put them in rolls in the church saying they can live in sin and be prideful about it. I don’t know any Christian that cheated on thier wife and was prideful about it , they know they messed up. But the alphabet ppl are prideful about sin and want you to agree with them.
Pslam 5:5
Ezekiel 3:18-19


God said no. That’s that.



Great point! All [in flesh] have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.
Two kinds of Liars, one that admits it and is ashamed and turns away from it.
And one that denies it, justifies it. and pursues it.
And so it is, with all shame.
The words 'Gay [homosexuality] and ‘Pride’ are no more synonymous than the words ‘Cancer’ and ‘Fun’.

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One of the big problems with our society is that things are judged by what others do and not what God says.

When you stand before Him and try to play the card, “all the rest did it”, you just might hear, “Haven’t you read”?

Many are led astray by the actions of others, especially the so-called Christian crowd. Acknowledging our sin is the key, not justifying it. Being in a crowd or majority doesn’t always protect you.


Leviticas 20:13. for one. While this is old testament law and i do not believe is applicable atter Christ established the new covenant, it shows just how much God detests this behavior.

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To my knowledge, it doesn’t say specifically that the gay and alphabet lifestyle people will be put to death. There are lists of the sins and the type of people that commit them. All of the sins and all of the people.

It does say specifically that those people on those lists will not inherit eternal life. (without repentance and a change and will not to do them) Hence, the lake of fire, blotted out, to be no more, everlasting death, however you want to state it.

The Lord doesn’t have to explain what the word “is” means or put 50 stickers on a 2-foot ladder, so He doesn’t get sued by slick Willys when the people fall off and point the blame elsewhere.


Its still my belief that the first sin began in the garden of Eden. 8th day creation. Here Satan wholly seduced Eve. Though its not written, its likely he also wholly seduced Adam.
Seduction is the sin. That was Satans M.O. in the first earth age. He convinced 1/3 of Gods children to worship him instead of Our Creator, Our Father, YHVH. This, when our spiritual being could actually see Our Heavenly Father. Satan was an Archangel, because he earned that title, before pride caused his downfall, which will happen to any one of us who also think we are " creators " of life. Seduction… be wiser than the serpent!

The gay thing! If God said it, ITS’ GUARANTEED❣Take it up with HIM, You will one of these days… Ggod have mrercy on us…


Just remember Sodom and Gomorrah. And Ecclesiastes 1:9
The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

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