The Dems just won big in state elections

Here’s the gist

  • KY Dem governor wins…
  • OH abortion rights wins…
  • VA Dems keep Senate, win House…

Let me show you something, this is a map of the KY governors race.

See all that red?

So here’s the deal…

The GOP lost as they cannot convert and are they not trying to convert folks in the big cities. Hey, reds control all the rural stuff, but there’s not enough votes there to counter the liberal city brainwashing that goes on. Until the reds do something about that, we’ll continue to lose “conservative” races.

So you’re going to lose, and lose some more, until you’re tired of losing.

We’ll lose some more by not harvesting ballots. It’s not illegal in many states, it’s a strategy, and if you’re not going to use it, you’re going to lose.

There’s something else you should know, in order to win elections, you need to obtain the vote of the Independent.

If you don’t, you’ll lose and lose some more.

Don’t be surprised by that.

You also need to work with the kids, you need to have outreach programs to train and educate them. In school, they’re only learning to be left, so, you’ll get this on election day.

It’s not shocking, it’s not surprising.

The institutions in our major cities teach gay is okay and abortion is “healthcare.”

We’ll let me tell you something honey. There’s never been a woman alive on the planet that spontaneously got pregnant. Nope, not-a-one. Women have been known to get cancer, women have been known to get tumors and other ails, but not pregnant, not all by their lonesome…

So then, abortion is not “healthcare,” it’s murder under another name.

Until you engrain common sense into the next generation, we’ll lose elections, and lose some more.

This is why I say many of the candidates who claim to be Republicans, are Rino’s. Even when they hold the house and senate, they don’t get anything done. You have to give it to the libs’s, they are organized as a group and have good strategy to win.