Why have Republicans faired so poorly in this election?

While votes are still being counted, it’s pretty obvious, there is no red wave. Moreover, it’s looking like the Senate stays blue while the house is still up for grabs.

I’d love to hear some of the reasons for such a poor performance… Considering inflation, debt, illegal immigration, crime, and never-ending wars. You would expect a swing, and typically, the President’s party loses power during the mid-terms.

So, what happened in your opinion?

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Some will stay with cheating. We are already hearing this. Some say it is because the GOP ran on the same old same old. The new generations don’ t want the same old. The terms Democrat and Republican don’t mean what they used to either. Liberalism and conservative have changed too. Who really picks our leaders?

I feel the scales have shifted to the other side. With each generation walking further and further away from God, morals, common sense etc., don’t play a part in elections anymore. At least not to the extent of making a difference.

When viewing the public, we have to ask ourselves how we got here. The world is crazy. Responsibility is going away. The masses are told they are victims. If your performance is below average and you are told you are a winner, then fail in the real world, who are you going to blame? The system, it is treating you unfairly.

Godly principles work. People refuse to use them. People have turned privileges into rights.


Deception and theft…this comes from a country who have turned their backs on God. I hold no illusions, things are going to get worse to usher in the Anti-Christ, who will show up peaceably and prosperously to deceive most of the people.

“Those who do not study history are DOOMED to repeat it.”

II Timothy 2:15
Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.


Brandon, this is tough one. I think, based on some of the exit pole surveys i have heard (whether it be accurate data or not could be debated), two primary factors seems to dominate.
1, Threats to democracy. While most rationale thinking human beings i think would agree that this is a crock, i belive a lot of people bought into tgis lie. There is not a Republican conspiracy to overthrow our system of goverment. First of all, the United States form of goverment is not a pure form of democracy, it is a federal representive democracy. If anything is a threat to our form of goverment it is not conservative ideas, it is the liberal ideas being pushed today and the abandonment of God’s laws of which where the ideals the founding fathers tried to base our form of goverment on. While i think both sides of the isle have lost focus on and/or distrted God’s laws, the liberal agenda has taken it to new heights.
2. The abortion issue (or as it is spun today,a woman’s right to choose). I just don’t get how a woman’s right to kill a child is OK. What about the child’s right to live? Who was this person that was not given a chance at life any what contribution could they have contributed to humanity. If it is OK for society to kill a living human being in the womb because it is inconvenient to the mother, should it be OK to kill a child of any age when they become a burden on your life style?

Sorry for the soap box rant but I just don’t get the lack of values, respect and common sense in the world today. Regardless of your religious beliefs we are all in this world together.

P.S. My mother always told me “complaining about something without suggestions and/or a plan on how to fix anything is just bitching” ( sorry for the language but i am quoting her). All we heard the Republicans do was point out all the things that are wrong, well most of them anyway, but very little to nothing about what they were going to do to fix it.


Something that makes me scratch my head. 75% of the people say they are not happy with the road the nation is on. Yet in the midterm, only one incumbent lost. (This is what was reported)

Are the majority of the unhappy centered around the abortion issue? Rights?

If you look at California, the high taxes, cost of living, the general shape of society, how would Pelosi be in office this long? It is almost like people love misery.


Oh, there was probably a fair amount of cheating. Always is, but now with mail in etc it’s open season for ones so inclined. Think that’s just the new norm.

I also think Donald Trump has become a liability with swing voters and moderate Republicans. As they say, he’s so yesterday. Plus the turmoil he brings has just gotten old, especially with a young rising super star like Desantis in the spot light.

Also, who ever heard of Republicans taking money from close election campaigns and putting it on two Republicans competing with each other like Mitch Mcconnel’s superpac did in Alaska instead of leaving it in a couple of close races between Rep & Dem?

If Trump runs in '24 and Desantis doesn’t, it will be a blood bath IMO.

Will be interesting for sure. I’d personally like to see Trump do the honorable thing and come out and say he’s going to support the best conservative candidate, but I’d also like to win the lottery… LOL

At this point nothing would surprise me, well almost nothing…


I agree. I think Trump is starting to hurt the party with the blame game. The independents are tired of hearing it as well as others. A couple of years ago, Desantis had his picture on Trump’s bus when it was in Florida. If they worked together, it could maybe have been a good team for the party but then something happened, and it was taken off.

I learned something this time around. I never heard of rank voting which is done in several states which is ludicrous. Alaska being one of them.

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I have to agree with this article on ballots (see link at bottom)
The Democrats win by ballots and not by votes, and this makes good sence why are borders are wide open. A lot of illegals can get licenses now, and when they do, well they become a registered voter. Of course most of the illegals will never vote, but guess what? Their ballots will get mailed out and come back filled in for the democratic canidates. This has been a success since the 2018 midterm elections, and proved good again in 2020, and still working in 2022. The 2000 Mules documentry shows how these ballots are turned back in.


You’re sort of talking about ballot harvesting, but what you explained is illegal.

In some states ballot harvesting is illegal, in others, it’s not. However, ballot harvesting is not filling out someone else’s blank ballot.

Ballot harvesting is collecting completed and sealed ballots and dropping them off for the individual. This ensures the votes are cast and counted. Many people get lazy. Sad.

Since we all know which districts are red and blue. The Dems knock doors in blue districts to ensure those ballots are collected and counted. Great strategy that the republicans should be using.

Another strategy, if I were crooked and a Dem. I’d go ballot harvesting in the red districts, but then I’d make sure all those ballots ended up in a landfill.

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I think it is testament to the change in American culture as we move further away from tradition and the common bond of faith in God. what was wrong is now right, what was ugly is now cool, what was bitter is now sweet, what was once unseemly is now in style and swiftly turning into a free for all. Hooray for me and to hell with you seems to be the order of the day.

You say, 'all of the turmoil Trump brings. I never liked Donald Trump from the first time I saw him many years ago. He is arrogant, pushy, a boaster, bullyish, and all things conducive to a ruthless business man. But! I have to say that he did not ‘bring’ the turmoil. He waded off into it knowingly.
Granted he underestimated just how corrupt the hill had become. His being elected was the equivalent of swatting a huge wasp nest with a stick. With few allies many powerful enemies he was able to get more ‘good’ things done in record time than any other president in my lifetime.
He openly mocked stupid people and their ideas to their faces.
Say what you will, but Donald Trump restarted Americas engine and rekindled the American spirit.
How soon we forget and how easily we are led.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree Trump did what most just talk about. He had this country hitting on all cylinders for the first time since Reagan. He’s as you say an arrogant egotistical New York business man who has enjoyed the fanfare of millions for the last 40+ years. He doesn’t take no for an answer.

The thing is, he does actually know what works in economics and I believe has the countries best interest at heart. Whether that’s more the fact he can’t stand to fail or be labeled a loser who knows. Likely a part of both.

My problem with him now is it’s become personal. He must beat the Democrats and the Swamp personally. But the fact is a younger and more acceptable candidate like Desantis would garner the votes of the moderates and independents I think are likely to stay home or vote present for him this time.

Oh, sure he’s likely to win the primary, and who know’s what will play into the next election. 18 months is a lifetime in politics, so we shall see.

I do think there’s no doubt he would put this country back on the right track again, I’m just not sure he has a chance of winning given the lengths his opposition on both sides will go (cheat etc) to defeat him.

I get that, we are like minded concerning 2024 'will he win? can he win? Or will he spoil the election like Perot did in 92 handing Clinton the election. I have those same concerns. I listened Rush for over thirty years everyday and grew to trust and admire him. When heard him become emotional on air just days before the 2020 election concerning Trumps love for this country and his patriotism, and pleading with republicans to vote for him that carried a lot of weight with me. Like you, I’m behind him, but I don’t want to saddle a dead horse. Thx