Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

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Halloween is founded on everything God hates. Yet, some will tell us we should celebrate “Christian Halloween”. These are vain words of the world.


It’s so easy to fall into the traditions of men. I participated in many halloween events over the years, but don’t any longer.


It’s unfortunate it took years for me to research this topic. It’s unbelievable, and really eye opening to become aware of what this tradition is based on. And how people just talk it away, or validate their reasons for being apart of it. I don’t feel comfortable celebrating it, or having my kids apart of it. But it’s even crazier how people have questioned us like, “it’s just fun for the kids!….they are Christians so they don’t have to worry!…etc etc”


I agree, I wish I would have researched it sooner. And I was one of them that said, “it’s for the kids”. Makes me cringe.