Share that moment when someone made you feel older!

It was almost five years ago. :confused:

I was playing basketball on a camping trip with my kids, and a few others joined in. One was a really nice 18-year-old kid. He also gave me a really nice compliment, but with it came an unintentional dig.

He said something to the effect of,

Man, you got that nice old-school shot! All the old-school ballers have that style and technique, but none of the newer guys though.

I knew what he was talking about, but I’m thinking ohh man! This young guy thinks I’m an old fart! :flushed: I’ve just been complimented while being told I’m over the hill.

I’ll never forget that one.


Several years ago, I was sitting at a counter wife my wife.

A young adult girl walked in and took the seat next to me. Being polite, we both acknowledged each other and said hi.

She then says, “you look like my dad.” “I said really.” Then she says, “yea, you both have mustache’s and look like that old guy Tom Selleck.” :thinking:

I said, "so you think I look like Tom Selleck?'. :grinning:

She said, “no, just the old guy mustache.” :sob:

Bet you can’t guess the first thing I did when I got home?

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I felt “old” by association…
Brandon and I had a curbside pick up at a club store. I’m sitting in the truck while Brandon gets out to help the young man load our groceries. I can hear their conversation loud and clear.

The “boy” said to Brandon, wow… you’ve been a club member longer than I’ve been alive!!! I laughed out loud! I’m thinking to myself… wow… I’m on the same account! This kid…

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The cashier at the super market gives me the “senior discount” without asking for my id or age. I don’t qualify for it by a few years.

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At least you’re beating inflation! :grin:

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This could be that they were being helpful in a slick way and not cause they thought you were a senior… you don’t gotta feel old with this one if you don’t want to.

Last week went in store to grab water and let the clerk know I would be back shortly and I will be sending my daughter in to grab some snacks while I wait outside so she can practice making purchases alone. So I walk to school to pick up my mini me, send her in the store… She does a good job… and she is laughing, comes out store tells me, "he(cashier) asked ,“if my grandmother was outside?”
I was like what? My daughter laughs even more at my facial.

A couple weeks before that a fifth grader talking to my fifth grader and me, I couldn’t hear certain words cause of the traffic and crossing the street at time of his intro about a guy he was talking about, so he eventually says, “Snoop”, then says, “Your Mom probably doesn’t know him”, he then says something that I cant hear and I’m like, “Hey, are you talking about Snoop Dog?”,… He was amazed!

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I was at a radio shack a few years back and a a young guy about 18 behind the counter picked up a Beatle cd and asked his coworker who left it up there. the coworker said that he didn’t know and told him to trash it if he wanted too. I commented that, 'that was a great album. He shrugged and proceeded to throw it in the trash, Whoa, hey id like to have it if you are going to trash it and he tossed it on the counter and said help yourself. I asked him if he had ever listened to the Beatles. He replied that he didn’t know who they were, I found that hard to believe and asked have you ever heard of them? he said I think I have heard that name before, but I’ve never listened to them or know anything about them. Wow, I felt like I was in the twilight zone.

He definitely heard the beatles just didn’t realize it was in a lot of kids content as he was growing up.

I felt it hard to believe, if so he would have had to been in a coma from 3 yrs old to age 17.
I imagined he was making fun of me. Can you imagine even a 10 year old today never hearing of say Elvis Presley I doubt it.

Now the kids were probably throwing some shade to have a “cool moment”, but these kids are coming across everything, just a matter if they are hearing a remix of some kind or if they even like the song. The platforms out there are so vast. Any movie or show will at very least have the soundtrack or main theme song or other, out there. Here is one example of a non animated movie that this kid could have seen or heard about just a couple of years ago.

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Jack Malik is a struggling singer-songwriter in an English seaside town whose dreams of fame are rapidly fading, despite the fierce devotion and support of his childhood best friend, Ellie. After a freak bus accident during a mysterious global blackout, Jack wakes up to discover that The Beatles have never existed. Performing songs by the greatest band in history to a world that has never heard them, Jack becomes on overnight sensation with a little help from his agent.

Release date: June 28, 2019 (USA)

Director: Danny Boyle

Box office: 154.6 million USD

Nominations: Japan Academy Prize for Outstanding Foreign Language Film, MORE

Art directors: Christopher Wyatt, Lorna Houlihan

Casting directors: Gail Stevens, Courtney Sheinin

So the long link above is in regards to Beatles Music. You will see the description of movie as you scroll.

Not to be a pain, but there are music companies that make/made “kid friendly mixes”, like Kidz Bop, with Beatles music, and many other artists.

Beatles Music top 14 songs for kids is:
“I Wanna Hold Your Hand”
“All You Need Is Love”
“Hello Goodbye”
“8 Days A Week”
“Octopus Garden”
“Penny Lane”
“Dr. Robert”
“Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”
“Here Comes The Sun”
“A Hard Day’s Night”
“Don’t Let Me Down”

Beatles music is heard in many animated movies, here are a few examples,
Minions (2015) “Revolution”
Sing (2016) “Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight”
Boss Baby (2017) “Blackbird”
Cat In The Hat (2013) “Getting Better”
Happy Feet (2006) “Golden Slumbers”

Beatles music can be heard in many non-animated movies, here are a few examples,
Yesterday (2019) many songs
Jojo Rabbit (2019) " I Want To Hold Your Hand"
The Social Network (2010) “Baby, You’re A Rich Man”
Love Actually (2003) “All You Need Is Love”
Parent Trap (1998) “Here Comes The Sun”
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) “Beatles, Twist n Shout”

Beatles music can be discovered in many T.V. shows, here are a few examples,
Mad Men (2007-2015) “Tomorrow Never Knows”
Arrested Development (2003-2019) “The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill”
Scrubs (2001-2010) “8 Days A Week”
Friends (1994-2004) “Here There and Everywhere”

There are many more examples that are available to show how just the Beatles alone have been used in many mainstream entertainment, that has branched off into other forms of “creative content”, that can spark interest one way or another. Like vines, shorts, tik toks, that may include lip syncing, dances,challenges, music platforms, podcast, video games, sports…etc.

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For sure they are a household word. I did get a free Beatle CD. It did make me think of how I fell deep into the country music culture at an early age until I was about thirty. Then came the bubble gum country that I didn’t care for. Willie, Waylon and Hank Jr. era was pretty much over. I started drifting into Rock again. I heard a song one day that I really liked, running against the wind Bob Seager. I thought it was a new song and asked my oldest brother if He had heard that new song. He looked at me odd and said , Kev 'that song is 20 yrs old. I missed out on Seager, Skinnard, Van Morrison, Pryne the Eagles and all of those. So it is possible.
I was truly country when it wasn’t cool. While my older brothers were smoking weed and listening to the stones, I was drinking beer and listening to Charlie Pride and Earnest Tubb. Two different cultures for sure.


It’s good that you had less negative programming in the beginning stages of your young life. My Mom enjoyed Bob Seager and I know she went to one of his concerts when I was young. I too ended up liking some Bob Seager, “Turn The Page” was one of my favorites. I really liked Creedence Clearwater Revival, cause of her too. Some of the artists you mentioned also I had enjoyed at times.

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HA! I’m with you on the bubble gum country. BLECH! I’ve always loved REAL country and still love folk. I did go through a stage of rock music also. BUT…never liked Bob Seeger or Bruce Springsteen.


Don’t know how I originally missed this post. I’ll never forget when my favorite songs were being played on the oldies station! I thought I had the wrong station on.

Another time was when I had taken my young (at the time) son to a local swimming hole. He has probably 3 or 4 yrs old?? Anyway, a little boy came up to me and asked if I was my sons grandma. :stuck_out_tongue: One of the “perks” of being an older mom!!


I liked the as well!!


It was the times, the drug culture stormed America, Viet Nam war was escalating, rebellion and hippie culture was in full swing , Woodstock. And us four boys were caught right in the middle. Pot, LSD was everywhere. That was actually the turning point in American culture.
Rebellion against the norm, wild times. I marred at 16 to a good girl, sure that’s why I’m still alive. By the way our 51st. anniversary today!

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Man I can only imagine.
Happy 51st Anniversary !!!

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Happy 51st Anniversary Kevin - CONGRATULATIONS!! Sorry I missed your post yesterday!!