Share that moment when someone made you feel older!

My niece was looking at my arms one day a couple years back and asked why they were krinkly?

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I was lying in bed and raised my arm up and got a shock of a lifetime! WHOA! What the heck is happening to my skin! :rofl: :joy:

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Too bad a line has been draw between the red and the blue. Evie and I immediately change the channel on the radio or the TV when we see or hear a red coat. We just wont do it! no matter how much we liked them in the past.

Okay…I’m lost on this one. Red and blue? Red coat? Sorry - probably too much on my mind right now. :upside_down_face:

frames of mind. we have been separated into the red and the blue. I meant to say the blue coats.
time to go to bed. glad you caught that. I’m red to the bone.

Funny that’s what I was thinking at the beginning of your comment and then you said

That thru me for loop! I know, you’re just trying to keep me on my toes. :wink:

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