Poll: If the Israel-Hamas war escalates, should the U.S. go to war for Israel?

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NO! we already give them tons of money and they own all of our government in more ways than one. now they will expect us to send our troops to be killed and for what??? because Israel says so, God’s chosen people? yes they are, but not the zionist jews. this is eventually engulf the whole world, if we are not careful.

Everything ever done in the Middle East has been a complete failure. Weapons of mass destruction?
Genesis 16:12 shows what mindset these people have. Like father, like son. If the so called jews were not there, they would be fighting amongst themselves.

No money should be going overseas to anyone. We have our own problems here at home. We should not be paying usury; we should be collecting tribute.

Where is the “HELL NO” choice?

Having our ships off the coast makes you think about the U.S.S. Liberty incident.
No one talks about that fiasco.

I say no money for Israel PERIOD!!

No money to anyone.
America First.

We are being invaded at our borders.
Our tax dollars are funding our demise.

Gonna take a deep breath and go fishing. :innocent:

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taking a deep breath and to go fishing! good idea!

Isn’t it funny how Trump’s motto was “America First”…yet he was sending billions across the globe. Both sides do it bc they are on the same team.

Just to clarify not a Trump fan here.

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No! Most wars are fake and set up for the end times set up of the antichrist and trib. Most stuff that is deception is all set up for that. No thanks. Wasted time in iraq and Afghanistan

not a Trump fan either, was at one time, not anymore.

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I know that. :grin: I just found it funny when I read your comment “America First”. As you probably remember…I WAS a Trump fan. :roll_eyes:

Just a little FYI here - I’m trying to play catch up after being out of town (railfanning - yes, that’s chasing trains - specifically short lines in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) I tried to keep up when I was gone, but didn’t do a very good job especially because I was on a stupid phone. Back on the PC now which makes my life easier.

And THANK YOU @brandon for keeping me up to date while I was gone. The time you spend on preparing these articles is appreciated more than you know!!

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Agree. I can spot the propaganda.

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Yes, and when he was running, he said not one dollar would go overseas until they prove they are worthy of it. :rofl: :crazy_face: :poop:

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No. For one, I really don’t know from a historical reason. Past to present why they should be even an Ally to America? They are NOT even true people of Israel! They are Ashkenazi. Descendants of the Kenite, Hittite, Moabite tribes. And the Sons of Cain list goes on. They are Anti-Christian in most part. And their book of the Talmud is NOT of our God anymore than the Muslim Arab peoples Quran! Evil and violence from either side is shameful! But as Brandon has stated, and anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear from a biblical standard. Should know how much Israel has gotten away with! Not to mention their hypocrisy! Much of Israel was occupied by unfair immigration political tactics. By
none other than holcaust survivor victims! Who now today as in the past! Live as Natzi’s themselves taking lives, land and property from Palestinians like genocide! So! In conclusion! Both sides have deep rooted shady, to say the least history! And if the world knew the truth of it all!! We would stay out of it to the extent of war! And only help from a more diplomatic means! Otherwise, this could become a much more apocalyptic event!
Pray all! God is in control, but we can make these days of sorrow better, or miserable! Take your stand in the Full Armor Of God! Ephesians 6!
First and foremost!

II Chronicles 7:14
King James Version

14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
In my humble opinion this would take a lot of prayer!:grin: there is very few in the world that even know the truth of what should be prayed about that is the truth! Satan has done a pretty good job with lies and confusion! For he is the father of it! Let him have NO more!

God Bless! :pray::point_up_2::index_pointing_at_the_viewer::facepunch::grin:

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And just to add a bit more to the topic, if I may…:grin: If one were to ask?? Well if the so called Jews of Israel are NOT true Israelites, or God’s Chosen! Then who is pray tell!!!

It is quite historically documented that the Israelites migrated in the distant past over the Caucasus Mtns. into many nations. (Hence, Caucasians). Scottish, Irish, Great Britain, many places of Europe. And eventually into America, Australia and Canada! As God had said! Like the sands of the sea! Their are the 12 Tribes of Israel! And ever blessed had we been since! Boy has that ever changed! We don’t even know in large who the heck we are anymore! (Old Testament times in the Exodus etc. repeat itself once again). We have corrupted our nation to it’s fullest for abandoning our Father and allowing everything evil imagined to absorb our culture, government, education and Christian churches! Repent! And fight to bring what is yet salvageable back to this nation for righteous sake. Back toward the One Nation Under God and Yeshuah our Lord and Savior that it once was! Stay strong in the Word. The 4 winds are about to blow!:pray::point_up_2::index_pointing_at_the_viewer::facepunch::innocent:

In His Word…God Bless!

I read this thread yesterday and thought about it all night. I am so torn on this issue. Every emotional thread in my soul says Israel is holy to me because it is the birthplace of our Lord and should be protected. On the other hand my logical side questions whether we have the moral right to become involved in this war. Yes the country of Israel was created by displacing Palestinians but this is not a unique occurrence. Almost every country that exists today (and one may argue in all of history) was built after conquering and displacing, eliminating and/or ruling over the previously indigenous population. That incudes us in the good old USA and the people who occupied Palestine before the Israelis. History has shown that the spoils belong to the victors. Is this right??? Only God the father can truly answer this questions as it is way above my intellectual grade. I do beleive that ALL people should have the right to live their lives in dignity and freedom. I try very hard (and believe me it is a real struggle at times) to always love my neighbors as i love myself. I truly wish for peace but am not hopeful mankind can stop killing each other for pieces of dirt. I pray for the right answer but have not recieved a reply as of this writing. I can tell you without reservation that there is no excuse that anyone can argue, in my opinion, for what occured in Israel and Israel’s expected response. What would the USA do if all the Mexican cartels joined forces and attacted the states on Mexicans border and slaughtered and tortured men, women and children? After all they were displaced of this land. Makes my head and heart hurt just to watch what is going on in the world.


I guess you could say that, but the big problem is that who is the victor? Where would Israel be if another country didn’t fight the battle for them monetarily, plus using someone else’s weapons? Would we go elsewhere for help to fight off the cartel?

If Israel wants to stand on the principle that Christ is not God, following their own doctrine, then let them pray to the God from the book of Moses and see if He comes to their aid as He did for the 12 tribes, which they claim to be.

What if the Lord wants them out of the area or doesn’t care if they are there and we are standing in the way of His plan? Not saying He does but what if?

Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union till the union was dissolved. Many of the Russian people living in Ukraine didn’t want that and were being treated horribly after the separation. They asked Russia to help. Who are we to stand in the way of “the victor getting the spoils”?

All we do is stick our nose in where it doesn’t belong for the narrative we want. It is time we stop trying to run the world. When other nations do as we do, we cry foul.

In the Old Testament days, whenever the leaders of the 12 tribes got involved with someone else’s war, it usually didn’t end well for Israel of Judah.

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If i knew answers to any of the questions you bring up, i would not be in such an internal tug of war. What if God wants the US to aid Israel. What if he wants Israel to fall and for us to keep clear. Do any of us have the answers? I wish we had prophets like we had in the old testament that could tell us what God’s will is. I pray, and sincerely ask everyone else who reads these words to pray, for God to reveal his will to us. That direction I will not question and follow steadfastly.

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I do see all your points. It is one big mess and I believe we make things worse. I tend to side with those who want to follow God’s laws and principles. All the rest we should let them fight it out themselves.

When our weapons are used against someone else and the innocent are harmed, I feel shame on us.

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