Judas didn’t recognize Jesus

I think it is interesting that according to the gospel of John
John 18: 6 apparently even Judas didn’t recognize him.
When Jesus said, 'I am he, they went backward and fell to ground. why did they all fall back to the ground? 18:7 !8:8 reading closely Jesus didn’t ask them to let his disciples go their way, it was a command and they obeyed it. If you have never noticed that, read it closely. it is much different than the account of Matthew, Mark and Luke.

I haven’t studied much about that but its odd how those 3 are very diff from john

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Jesus had already told them once, 'that I am he. Did Judas not recognize him? had he transformed into his spiritual body? is that why they near fainted and fell back in fear to the ground? I heard an old radio preacher bring that up one day. I couldn’t wait to get home and read it for myself.
all of the books of John are my favorites.

They are different. John doesn’t mention the kiss from Judas either. Maybe he already did before Christ spoke?
Seems to me He spoke at this time with such authority to show them that He had the control, not them. I looked up the event of the transfiguration with Moses and Elijah, but nothing is stated there of the same physical reaction.

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When Jesus met Saul on the road to Damascus along with his soldiers, when suddenly there shined a light round about him from heaven, and he fell to the earth. When Jesus spoke to him saying his name Saul. Saul. Why persecutest thou me? And Saul said, ‘who art thou, Lord? The men with Saul heard voices but did not see Jesus. Saul was described as a big powerful man over 6’ in height. feared by all. Yet, in the presence of Jesus he fell to the ground trembling and astonished. most important is that he perceived he was in the presence of the Lord and surrendered to him completely, and asked Jesus, what would you have me do? I’m sure it was the brightness of the light shined about him that blinded him, burnt his eyes.

Yes, I have read that account. The physical difference was that Christ was in heaven at the time, not on earth.
We see through the Old Testament when angels stood before man, there was something visually different with them that the men knew they were heavenly beings.

Where do you find the physical size of Paul?

I’ve read accounts in different books that Paul was an unusually large man for the time. over six feet, and muscular build. When I visited the civil war war memorial at Visksburg Miss.I was surprised that the average shoe size at that time for men was a size six. Average wt. was 157 pounds. small people. that was only 160 yrs or so ago.

My grandson would have been a giant back then. 6’ '7" 295 size 14 shoe. that’s not uncommon now days

I did some research regarding Paul’s physical appearance. from what I gather nobody knows for sure. from folklore accounts he was described as a short man, broad shouldered ,bald headed and bowlegged. [that was disappointing] but fact is there are no verified records of his physical appearance. Either way, I stand corrected.

That is what I found too. Some said tall, others said short.

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