Does God Have A Physical Body?

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Scriptures states, mankind was created to look just like God. Despite Him appearing in various forms, God has a physical body that resembles our own.

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I think of God as this big glowing being; that we die b/c we as humans can’t sustain the light or His righteousness…at least not yet. In heaven, we will. He’s so bright there is no sun in Heaven.
Plus, God made His son Jesus look like us, or more like, us like Him​:innocent: I don’t know, but I’m sure we’ll all be overwhelmed, and I know I am going to be SO HAPPY to finish the race and my name in the Book of Life! Now I wonder, will we remember how we thought as Children in this world?:laughing: One day, one day​:sunglasses:

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I agree He has to have a form of a body as the angels did. We are to worship in spirit and truth, not a form of the previous.
Anytime man likes something, they make an image or idol out of it. Tattoos are an example of the image that is liked.
I think more in the line of we can’t see His face for the reasons in the study. After we are in our new bodies, I think the brightness will be a normality.