Introduce Yourself!

HA!!! Scars…yes, I collect them too! And what an experience you had at 7 yrs of age. Gave me the chills reading it.


Welcome to the community @Freeclear, great intro.

I cracked up about the scars myself. :+1:t3:

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Hello, first time posting, longtime lurking/reading WEB.
I practice dentistry in west Texas, I graduated from Texas Tech University, and attended dental school at Baylor Hospital in Dallas.
WEB has been my go-to site for learning ,and understanding The Word. Hats off to Brandon and his staff for putting together this site.
I’m limited on time today, but will add to my post in the following days, i look forward to engaging with everyone on this board.

God bless us all,


Happy to see you joining in the community!! It’s definitely my go to place with like minded people! God bless!!


Welcome aboard Dr. Mark!

  1. What was your first job? I worked part-time with my parents in a local distribution plant while attending school.

  2. Have you been pleasantly surprised by anything lately? Well, I recently moved to the Netherlands, and I must admit that I am blown away by differences to the United States. They focus on being as healthy as you can here in the Netherlands. Many people ride bikes as their primary transportation. Not as many options for junk food, or you have to spend an expensive amount of money to have it shipped to you. And people are so kind. Perfect strangers will speak as they pass on the street.

  3. What’s something you want to do in the next year that you’ve never done before? I would like to finish reading the bible from cover to cover for the first time. I am close. I think have eight more books to read.

  4. What’s your favorite place you’ve ever visited? Anywhere in the mountains. God’s glory is always beautiful to see!

  5. What’s the best advice you’ve ever heard? Let Go, Let God!
    For me learning I can’t control everything has been the hardest life lesson so far. While I have always believed, I never completely comprehended letting God into my life by sharing decisions until recently. Your life is your decisions. I had to understand that every decision I make is a reflection of who I am and my relationship with God.

  6. Do you collect anything? I do not collect anything, but I am working to acquire books that will help me study the Father’s Word, and learn more about history.

  7. When did you become a Christian? I began working in that direction when I was a young child. Then as a young adult, I went through the ceremony of being saved and baptized in a church. But I realized I messed up and I needed to correct that. Of course, there were a few years in between that realization. Being young and dumb is easy, you don’t always realize playing follow-the-leader can lead you down a bad path. So I began studying for myself around 2009, and feel as though I am more of a Christian now, than I have in the years before.

  8. Got any phobias you’d like to break? None that I am not already working through with the Father’s help.

  9. Got any favorite quotes?“Do something today, that makes tomorrow better” --Matt Carriker
    “Don’t allow anyone to make a second class citizen of a Christian!” Dr. Arnold Murray

  10. What are your hobbies? I enjoy taking a walk in the afternoon when is quite and cool. I enjoy taking pictures of the birds and other wildlife. Being almost spring flowers are beginning to spring up. I’m excited to photograph them when they begin to bloom. God’s beauty.

  11. How long have you been a reader of our site? I discovered this site several years ago. I have been an on and off reader for about five years at least.


Really enjoyed what you shared with us , thank you :hugs: Hope your having a good day/night :heart:

Thank you! I hope you are having a blessed day

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Welcome! My day going good so far thank you. We are getting our winter storm now so hopefully not alot of snow lol

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I miss pastor Murray. I still listen to him from time to time. Welcome Amanda :heart:

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Welcome! Wow the Netherlands!! I don’t want to even leave my own state! :rofl:

And I agree 100%…once you build that personal relationship with Jesus, your life changes! Keeping Him involved with everything you do. All glory be to God! What a gift!