I Think The World's Loony Tunes, But What Do You Think?

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This Friday, I want to do something a little bit different… How different? Well, I’m not going to tell you about the state of the world today. I’m not even going to share my thoughts and concerns with you. Instead, I’m going to turn the tables on this fine Friday morning. That’s right… Today, I’m…


Happy Friday everyone!

  1. What are your biggest concerns or thoughts on the state of the world? That most people don’t care about the truth and would rather live a lie than hear the truth and be set free.

  2. What are your family and friends biggest concerns or thoughts? My biggest concern is all the fake food! I try to warn people about it but I get weird looks like I’m crazy or people just say “I’m gonna die anyway” lol
    I’m also concerned for those who don’t know God and live their lives in fear.

  3. What are you dealing with on a daily?
    Rejection from friends and family about the truth of Gods word. People speak negatively about me and I’m called a “know it all” which is far from the truth but I have to constantly keep my thoughts positive and move on with life.

  1. What are your biggest concerns or thoughts on the state of the world? In general the lack of overal human mortality, the continuing degradation of personal responsibility for our actions and their outcomes, our continuing inability to learn respect for all life (both our fellow humans and our animals) and our abandonment of God and his laws.

  2. What are your family and friends biggest concerns or thoughts? The same.

  3. What are you dealing with on a daily? My wife has early onset dementia and everything i mentioned in item 1. makes all the negativity surrounding the world’s continuing moral decay even harder on her trying to cope with this horrable disease.


Praying for you and your wife. It is a horrible disease :heart:


We are amazed at the flood of lies coming from every direction, and the number of Christians who are in a slumber. Trust no man.


I have to collect my wheelbarrow of stuff and post later.

The tea leaves via the Book of Revelations, the release of the first wind corresponding with the first rider of the apocalypse, the sea will be roaring and roaring it is. Too big a change worldwide now compared to the past 50 years. The first rider continues to ride as the 2nd rider (the Red Horse) is released. These angels have been prepared for this event for eons. We are about to receive what we deserve…discipline and punishment.

Hi Folks

  1. Biggest concern is that most people I know, and my kids are pretty ignorant of our situation how large and entangled, incorporated the beast system is, I can understand when the tribulation starts why the time is shortened. The four hidden dynasties have encompass, almost everything. I find myself becoming too wrapped up in all that is negative, it’s hard to keep my mind from being snared by the world.

  2. My friends and family are beautiful salt of the Earth people going about life in normal worldly fashion, their biggest concerns are how to get ahead, get more, get better, trade up. It’s interesting to watch as I was doing the very same. I wish I could talk with them and help them understand that their probably on the wrong path. but at a certain point there’s a lot of subjects, they will avoid in My presents, I really can’t judge them because I was doing just as they are, and we all know the old saying, if not for the grace of God there go I. I have resigned myself just to be there for them so I can stay in all their lives and not be alienated and just plant seeds and eventually when they ask, I can at least guide. I wish hope and pray that my family and friends would see through the veil of deception coming at us from all angles, Lord knows it’s not easy and we’re in enemy territory .

3 My daily triumphs, as I like to call them, keeping my mind clear from the deception around us. Six years ago I was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, I am predisposed because I have both pair of APOE 4 Genes, it doesn’t mean you have to get it but way more likely. The six types of Alzheimer’s, I have type one which is inflammation, (most common)but it’s caused by type2 and type 3 those are glucose toxicity and nutrient hormonal deficiency. The long and short of it is, I had to learn the proper human diet. I had to properly exercise. I had to learn how to supplement properly, and most of all, self-discipline, to make this way of life permanent. The journey has been eye-opening. My biggest challenge has always been myself, but I am almost back to normal whatever normal is.


Well my husband keeps saying, “we’re doomed”. Our world is in chaos. The wokeness, ungodly, unrighteousness, immoral have taken over. And we don’t believe a change in presidency will make things better.

Since we live in the middle of a big city, it is probably worse here. I mean I gave up my volunteer job at the botanical garden as they wanted us to help in the gay parade - what does that have to do with gardens?? Also they put my husband on the diversity committee at work - as he wouldn’t do their pronoun agenda -hahaha.

Currently, we are keeping options open on where to move for retirement. Would love to live in a community with like minded people. We rented a house this past summer for a month in a small village in Tuscany. If it wasn’t for our family, we could easily move there or another country nearby. I mean if you’re going to live in a socialist country, might as well live somewhere you like!


Prayers sent for your wife.


I think the world is going just as God and Jesus predicted it will. These things must come to pass. So I will continue to try to be a good and diligent watchman. I will continue to study; continue to try to set a good example; continue to trust in God and seek his advise and guidance in all things. My wife and I have health issues too. God is with us and continues to bless us!!! I will pray for us all !


You can beat it
dr. Dale Bredesen, the end of Alzheimer’s


Bless you and thank you.


Thank you and God bless you.

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Thank you. I will explore.

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Great idea there Brandon!

  1. What are your biggest concerns or thoughts on the state of the world?
    I have a couple that I will bring up. The major one is that people don’t know how to take care of themselves. We are all dependent on others for living in this world, which is exactly the way Jesus told us it would be. Our goal over the last few yrs has been to remove as much dependency as possible. We are finding ways not to feed the system per se. This includes buying single ingredient foods that are not processed. Preparing herbal remedies to help us when we are sick.

My other big concern is how people don’t even realize what idols are and how they continually are programming people. Everything from movies, to the news, to shopping, to healthcare…every single thing. Slowly over time they have taught people that they need to buy “something” to help them or to satisfy them.

  1. What are your family and friends biggest concerns or thoughts?

Pretty much the same as the way I used to think. We need to get someone in office to help this country. Some of my friends and family have reached the same conclusion as us, but not many. The other big concern is how are the younger generations going to be able to live in this world with no morals and God being ignored.
I have to say, I do get concerned about that, but I also know that God takes care of His own…the ones that live according to His commandments. I put my trust in Him. It truly is hard sometimes, but we all know how it’s going down…it’s all written. We need to shine our Christian light and pray for more people to see what this world is really about.

  1. What are you dealing with on a daily?

I find it so sad to see all these people running around blindly and not giving an ounce of energy to God. It also bothers me to see all these people up in arms about inflation, yet they go out and spend money on useless things. It actually makes me sad to see someone driving a new car…all I can think of is Why??? Their all junk. Get creative and find a nice vintage vehicle and if need be, a good mechanic. I actually admire people that I see driving down the road in a rusty car…okay, I digressed again. But I guess that is what’s hard for me on a daily basis. I understand that that’s the way it’s supposed to be, but it still boggles my mind.


I had a lot more written than I posted…I deleted over half of it!!

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First, I want to say that any concerns and daily hassles I have are minuscule to those of the brothers and sisters here dealing with the health issues we are praying for.

  1. What are your biggest concerns or thoughts on the state of the world?

The world we live in, and love has fallen into such a low moral and ethical standard, the next generation hardly has a chance. Every year you say, how can it get any lower, and they find a way. The empty feeling you have knowing that your country would sell you out for money all the while seeing their smug faces saying they have our own interest in heart. It is realizing that we truly are Babylon, not the pretty penny people think.

It’s hard not to be angry a great deal of the time but then I realized that it really shows growth. Years ago, still on the rat wheel, I would just say oh well. If we feel this way, angry or heart broken, think how the Lord feels inside when He sees are this nonsense.

  1. What are your family and friends’ biggest concerns or thoughts?

Most are on the rat wheel, picking and supporting political sides, bringing their ammo against the other guy, shaking their head at the world but not really knowing where we are headed.

Many are turned off to the church due to the hypocrisy they have experienced. Sad. Sometimes I don’t think we Christians realize the microscope we are under. We are viewed as having to be right all the time, but Satan only has to be right once for the win.

  1. What are you dealing with on a daily?

Trying to find that mental peace in all this nonsense that we all strive for, especially after my retirement. I think that is the “sweet taste but sour stomach” that is quoted.

Politically, trying to show whomever that both sides are corrupt, there is no better of 2 evils. Also, Israel is not the chosen and nuking Gaza isn’t the best solution.

A great deal of my time, in building our retirement home, is spent teaching the contractor and subs what a tape measure looks like, centered means in the middle of 2 points, not to the one side, faced insulation has that funny looking paper on the one side and plasticware, paper plates and cups, as well as snuff cans, after lunch, go in the trash can, not in the woods.

Serenity now.


YES! That verse enters my mind often. Daily I need to step back and put my trust in God. It’s something that used to really get me worked up, but for the last few years I’ve been able to find peace with everything…most of the time.

And you are so right with Christians being under a microscope. When people feel we are to be right all the time that shows me that they truly don’t understand what a Christian is.

Had to chuckle a bit about teaching your contractor and subs…just look at it as you are providing them with knowledge that will hopefully make them better at their jobs. (if they remember…) I think too many people out there have lost their passion for learning a craft and I think a lot of that has to do with technology.