I Sold It All To Live In An RV

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It all started back on May 12th 2018. That was the day my life changed, forever. There I am, sitting in our new fifth wheel that’s parked in our yard with my wife. Out the window, there is our home and beautiful property. Nearly in tears, I look to my wife and say, “If this…


This was just wonderful to read, thank you for sharing. When God ask you, did you live the life I gave you? you can say, YES!


Absolutely enjoyed reading this.


awesome story! thank you for sharing. I’d say there are a few readers on here that have thought of doing the same thing but not pulled the trigger!


I just love this story! Trusting Father and living life!! Our country is so beautiful and traveling exposes one to so many cultures and people. I’m curious to see where y’all settle down. As we spend time quarterly in Montana, and having lived decades in eastern Tn, both are equally beautiful in very different ways, including cultures. However, who knows what Father will present. Saying that cuz I always said I would never live in the city we do now. But, here we are and loving it!! We have been to many of the places you mentioned. Love the Lost Sea! Haven’t even considered the Dakotas or that area of our country - always flying over it. Lastly, the title of this story sounds to me like a Tennessee county music song. There ya go. Just add a lyric ab the cat!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!


Thank You for sharing. I am at a point in my life that sounds like you were in. My wife and I have been together since 10th grade. We just celebrated our 23 year anniversary. We decided long ago to forgo children so we could travel the world. We have been to many places thru the years. In August of 2019 we went to Iceland for my 46 birthday. We rented an rv and spent 14 days traveling around the whole Island. That was our 1st rv experience. It was one you drive and it was a manual transmission. We also had to actually remove the toilet tank and find certain places that allowed you to dump it. Then covid hit and we could not take any trips. Then my mother in law had a small stroke and developed severe dementia. She has been living with us for over 2 years now. I lost my job in August after 22 years. I am now my mother in laws full time caretaker. My wife has a wonderful job she likes alot and we have no debt. House, 2 cars are all paid for. Money is really not an issue. The issue is getting cabin fever and feeling like I am watching life pass us by and not having a career anymore. It has really changed my perspective . I have been learning to really give it to God. I feel like this is what he is asking me to do, but as I pray daily for guidance and assurance, I do not get an answer. I have learned that not getting an answer is my answer. I admire you for what you have done. I also think you and this website are in my life because God put you here. I have been following you for a long time and I think you are a really special person. You make me want to be a better person. I always tell my wife that after our time with her mother is done we need to turn our house into an airbnb (We live a block from the beach in Biloxi, MS) and buy an rv and travel. She likes the idea, but it is just an idea at this point. I just sent your story to her to let her know, We are not the only “crazy” people out there. Thank You for being You. You are living a Christian life for sure…


Love this so much!!!

God knows exactly what we need even when we think we have everything figured out! When we moved to our current home, the process went so smoothly. We prayed. We had faith. But naturally, we wondered and worried, how in the world will we afford 2 mortgages. For how long?!

We put the home up for sale, sign in the yard and before the realtor put the listing online, we had a full offer the same day. Less than 24hrs. This was back in 2016. But it just showed us, all the worry, concerns, questioning…. God was in control the whole time.

We have been praying about a similar situation that your family chose! We crave the simplicity, and humbleness of basic living!

Thank you for sharing!


Very inspirational. Thank you so much for sharing!


What an awesome read! That’s so cool you guys did that. I’m sure your kids are living the dream. Thanks for sharing with all of us. Eastern TN is on our short list too, down the road a bit. Perhaps I’ll see you around town :laughing: :call_me_hand: :call_me_hand:


I live in Chattanooga and wish i would have known you were close. I would have loved to have had the opportunity to have shaken your hand, met your family and just “chewed the fat” so to speak. I have tried to talked my wife into living mobile myself. She’s not having it though. Just before I met her I was just about to buy a sailboat in Dana Point, Ca. harbor and live/travel on it. Guess I never got my Boy Scout sense of adventure out of my blood. God bless and protect you and your family always.


I was thinking the other day “I wonder if Brandon has a job besides WEB?”. And then you post this! I agree with everyone else - what a fantastic read! You must have been in awe going from place to place and seeing how differently people responded to the “so-called” pandemic. All while the majority were watching the news and freaking out! Thinking EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD were all masked up and people dying on the streets.

Blessings to you and your family for taking that leap! Gotta tell ya, I don’t think I would like to drive a huge RV…


Brandon that was an excellent share. Thank you for sharing your families back story. Thank you for all your article as well. GOD bless and keep you all happy, healthy, safe and warm. Take good care and I’ll be reading.


Thanks for giving it a read!

Are you giving us a hint there Mr. Todd? :thinking::smile:

It allmmmooossst sounds like you’re still pushing for Tennessee!

Ohh, about the Lost Sea… How was your tour guide? Our guide had the cheesiest jokes I ever heard. We like cheesy jokes, but these were really bad and no one was laughing, except one gal. Then, the guide said,

“…watch your head, this low stalactite I like to call, “the wig snatcher”.

Ohh I think everyone laughed, I about died laughing.

You’re a good man Chris. Not many people can, or will, do what you’re doing.

Your frame of mind sounds similar to ours back then. When you have commitments like that, it really makes it difficult to do what you would like in life. Especially when you look at the hands of time. Just keep praying about it, I said one for you as well. If you need a friend to chat, just reach out.

I love your future plan, you can make it a reality! By the way, I’m pretty humbled by the rest of your post. Stuff like this makes it all worth it. To know that what I do helps other people. It’s fantastic. Thanks Lord! Thanks for your longtime readership Chris!

Everything in your post sounds fantastic! God always provides, God always leads even when we are unsure. He is always there just like Joshua 1:9 says. Keep us in the loop on your situation, would love to hear about it.

Welcome to the forum and thanks for joining us!

In what general region if you can say publicly?

It’s starting to sound like there’s a lot of roots in Tennessee. :thinking: That would have been fantastic Stephen. As for your wife, tell her you can do it on a temporary basis. We have met some couples who only travel during the summer months, then they go back home.

By the way, a sailing adventure sounds awesome. I’d have to take you with us on that one, I can barely spell it.

I won’t kid you. At the RV dealer, I stood back and looked at that thing, and thought to myself. How in the heck are you going to tow that thing? It was intimidating. Then I looked at the man and said, “Ahh, piece of cake!” :+1:t3: Prayer always helps! :smile:


Hi Brandon,
If you ever have time hows bout giving us some pointers on the do’s and don’ts for first time RVer’s.
What you learned from being on the road etc.

That would be awesome.

How about a pic of your truck to tow that beast with.

Thanks for all you do for your online family here. :smiley:


Don’t let Brandon fool ya… he almost had me convinced to keep his “baby,” his tractor. We talked about renting a storage unit for it and disbanded that idea real quick! We didn’t keep anything but a few boxes of sentimental items like baby clothes…etc. We left it with our neighbor in her attic. =)


Washington County, and the surrounding counties. We need to do a lot more research though.

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Right on!

We drove through and around Washington County, and also spent some time up in Bristol. We cruised that whole region actually. It’s a pretty area with the mountains. I called a Realtor when we were there. She mentioned Washington County being a nicer county.

You may appreciate this link Ken. You can dial in by county and sort through all sorts of demographics. If you have any questions about the area, I can trying answering with what we have observed. Just shoot me an email.

curious, where in AK? I “sojourned” Fairbanks for over 25 years. Montana would be better than AK. And I know a few from CA that have bought land in TN over the past 2 years.

We went everywhere. Valdez, Glennallen, Anchorage, Paxon, Sutton, Kenai - Soldotna, and all the way to “The Spit.” We didn’t make it to Fairbanks.


Linda, tell everyone Tennessee is a horrible place. It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s humid, it rains, it snows, it’s probably the worst place on earth. Tell them whatever you need to so they don’t go there! :smile:

Get this, several RV parks we stayed in, we meet people building houses who moved from California. It actually made my heart hurt. Another couple we met, they were considering moving to Johnson City, TN. They even had friends who were scouting that area as well.

I recall our conversation. They proceeded to tell us how great New Zealand was, this was during summer. They had the gal to say they were embarrassed to say they were Americans on their visit there! I about flipped my lid. I wanted to tell them to hitch up and float on over then, but I remembered I was Christian. :smile: