I Sold It All To Live In An RV

You’re welcome buddy, thanks so much for reading.

If I get some time, I could definitely put something like that together. If anyone has some questions feel free to ask as well. As for pictures, here’s my other baby.

This was Yosemite National Park in the snow. Check out the snowman in front of the truck. It was taller than me! There’s even a baby snowman on the table.

This was heading up to Alaska through the Canadian Rockies. We were beat that day.

There’s our F-350 in Joshua Tree National Park.


Killer truck there dude.

I like the WEB tag up front also. :+1:


Brandon you can honestly say, “We’re living the dream.” God Bless you all, that is a dream of mine.

Although I thought of this movie when thinking about selling it all for an RV. :grin:


Welcome aboard! Glad you are here.


Donna, I can promise you, that one never happened! :smile:

When we brought our RV home, our neighbor/friend showed us the ropes. He’s a pro. The boys were there with me to learn, they are the RV crew. They do it all.

So our friend says,

When you dump the holding tanks, you make sure that sewage line is connected tight. And I mean it! You see that black valve right there?

“Yeah,” we said…

He goes,

“When you pull it, it’s coming!”

Ohh man, we died laughing! When you pull those valves, “it” comes, and it comes fast! So it’s too late to fix anything at that point. I can still see him telling us that from four years ago. The image is burned into my mind. It’s serious stuff! So we never made the sewer mistake like they did in the move. haha

Ohh, but we did have one mishap… (@Cozar pay close attention)

We just finished getting hooked up there in Montana. All the sudden, I hear this blood curdling scream from my daughter in the bathroom! I seriously thought she was dying. I run up the stairs and said what’s wrong honey!

Then I saw…

She’s standing there, shaking, with her hands in the air, wet, from head to toe…

Facing the toilet

I said,

“What happened!!!..”

She said,

“I flushed the toilet.”

She’s crying, she’s a mess, and it clicks.

One of my crew members accidentally connected the freshwater to the black tank inlet. For those not RV savy, that means the freshwater pressurized the black tank. Big no no… So when little Natalie flushed the toilet. Let’s just say she got blasted with 55psi of black tank water!

Do I need to explain what’s in the black tank?.. :nauseated_face: Cause I will! Ohh I will!

I won’t kid ya, I may have lost my cool there. It’s pretty funny now, but it wasn’t funny then! :upside_down_face::grin:


Oh my word!! Poor Natalie!!! I truly do not want to imagine the thoughts going through all of your heads at that moment!! Lesson learned the hard way I guess. UGH - I need to get that vision out of my head…


You can count on it, buddy. We’ll talk.


Nothing like spending time with family. Memories that you and your wife/kids will cherish forever.


welcome to the community!


Bless you Melissa the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows us his handiwork

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I grew up living in a travel trailer, as we moved every year. The traveling part was wonderful, and I long for those gypsy days. I also remember being jealous of friends with a house, and having roots in their community as a kid.
Now in my older years, and I beleive the Father got me to where I needed to be. Your story is great, and I pray the Father settles you where you are needed. YHVH bless you and your family.


Amazing story that resonates with my leap of faith over 45 years ago. My husband and I, then in our mid-20s, chucked the rat race and moved to the back woods. We raised 3 children who now appreciate every “inconvenience” - years of no electricity, growing our own food, walking 2 miles to the school bus, daily chores with cows, etc. While they eventually integrated into society as “city mice/country mice”, their eyes are wide open to what is real and of lasting value. Blessings on your family and your work. East Tennessee is a fabulous place to live!


Welcome to the forum Nancy!

It sounds like you have an amazing story yourself. I imagine the kids had quite the experience and just imagine the things they learned.


God’s plan continues for His amazing stories in my life: 9 months ago I became a “political refugee” from Canada. The government control of the social, cultural, educational, economic, religious, medical, and family, etc situations there are only believable when put into the context of your newsletters. Beyond all doubt, Canada has become a ‘test ground’ for full blown and evil totalitarian takeover; it’s only a matter of God’s timing. I pray for your continued Holy Spirit inspiration and that the USA population will wake up to what is happening. Is the average person even aware the US is still under “emergency orders”, which at any moment could lock them down again - or do worse harm - for whatever reason the government decides to dictate?

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I assume you used wood for heat. What did you use for lights? The availability of water?

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Good morning. Yes, wood for heat and still have that. We got electricity after 7 years of using propane for lights and a small generator to run the well pump to fill the gravity-feed water tank. Pipes ran through the wood stove to heat the water, but quick, cool showers were common, as well as using an outhouse! Living “back to the land” requires an enormous amount of planning, youthful energy, personal discipline and resourcefulness. The experiences certainly brought me to a much closer relationship with God and His Word. I needed to rely more on thanksgiving and prayer.


There are so many health benefits to cold showers! It really is a cool subject to research. Have to admit - I prefer the lukewarm to cold at the end of the shower instead of all cold!


Brandon, what a beautiful experience and cannot believe I just read this now. God bless you and your family.


Great real life story to read. I can appreciate the leap of faith it took to embark on your adventure. My daughter, son in law and 4 grandkids have done the same. The pictures they have shared and posted are beautiful and inspiring. May your life continue to be led of God.


Thought about doing that at one time or living on a boat, but life didn’t allow me to do any of that. How cool for you. You are blessed to have this experience.