God Is Not The Author Of Confusion

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God is not the author of confusion, that comes from the world. These days, we are overwhelmed by confusion which masquerades itself as peace and clarity.

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And the greatest tragedy are the children. The confusion they are suffering is beyond comprehension for adults never mind these poor little ones. Its okay to be this or that or it…only to become unstable and porentially suicidal later on in years. Its evil! God Bless you Brandon!


I looked up fables. Very interesting. Strongs concordance reads #3454 / same as 3453. A tale, fiction, myth. 3453 reads from the base of 3466. To initiate. To teach, instruct. 3466 reads to shut the mouth, a secret or mystery thro the idea of silence imposed by initiation into religious rites. How befitting of our times. How evil. I know several friends of Shepherds Chapel personally who share and read and even believe alot of this social media crap. Also news and on and on. Our own brethren are being deceived by such nonsense. Be careful what you watch and listen to. Stick to Gods word. Not any other mans. If you do check fact to Truth. Love to all