Discussion About Sourdough Bread

Well, I wasn’t gonna reply until I digested it all a bit, but your last comment is making me respond now. YAY for sourdough! I’ve been baking sourdough consistently for over 2 yrs now. Good ole cast iron dutch oven is what I use. And the family doesn’t want any other kind of bread now. I’m fine with that!!


Hey Kay,
Not to get off topic, (there’s likely a section for off topic discussions here) but just to reply to your sourdough comment, I’m a relative newbie to SD baking. Just got my starter bubbling good after about a week. Made some biscuits with the discard yesterday that turned out great.

Today is the first full bread load… wish me luck! LOL Nah, I’m not worried, it’ll be fine, but I’m sure I’ll learn more as I go etc.

Reason I’m baking it now is the health benefits. I’m asthmatic and I put myself on a anti-inflammatory diet which did more than all the corticosteriods and inhalers have over the last 10 years. My bread has been Dave’s killer similar to Ezekiel bread, but not only is sourdough better due to bioavailability of the nutrients but it cost me less than a dollar a loaf instead of $5+ for Dave’s or Ezekiel.

If you want to share your tips for baking SD, I’ll look for them in the general discussions or where ever they would be appropriate here. :slight_smile:

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One more quick off topic comment! LOL The biggest tip is don’t listen to all the people that over complicate it!! The “Bake with Jack” video’s are the best at keeping it simple. And yes, the health benefits alone are worth it.


Thank you @brandon for moving this over to a separate topic!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sweat_smile:


Thanks Brandon,

Well Kay, I guess I’ll elaborate on my first bread loaf. I see what you mean on the over complicating opinions online. I’ve read a ton and much of it differs from one cook to another.

I’m going with the King Authur sites simple recipe for my first loaf. My starter seems real healthy so I’m going with their quick method. (90 minute rise w/ additional 1 tsp yeast to 1/2 cup of starter in 2 1/2 cup all purpose - mine is half WW half unbleached)

Anyway, it at least tripled in the 90 minutes. Going to press out and fold into a loaf for my parchment lined sandwich pan, then rest is 15 minutes

. I’ll post a picture when done. As per their suggestion I’m likely misting with water and dusting with flour prior to baking.

I’m using my air fryer oven which is my go to these days. Doesn’t heat up the house.

Opps, can’t read my own writing. I was supposed to let it rise another hour covered in the loaf pan. Well it’s baking now LOL almost done in fact, so pics coming soon.


OK, soooo after all is said and done I do wish I’d of remembered the last hour of rise.
Many SD recipes call for many hours of rising, but this was King Arthur’s quick SD.

Anyway, just had a couple slices w/ supper and was very good.

Gonna pick up some real maple syrup (anti-inflammatory) and make some french toast with some of this. Free range eggs of course… :slight_smile:

If anyone is interested, a separate thread on healthy anti-inflammatory diets is right down my alley, and could be of benefit to many I’m sure.

Sourdough King Arthur’s quick recipe with half whole wheat - half unbleached all purpose flour.

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Yoohoo! It’s looking good. I haven’t a clue on how to bake in an instant pot! But that’s what I like about sourdough - there are so many ways and methods to make it. You do you! And don’t let others tell you your doing it wrong! Man…I was in some sourdough FB groups and some of those bakers are a bit testy!

Whenever I talk sourdough to people I’m blown away with how complicated they make things. I held off on doing it for SO LONG just because of that! Finally I just did it.

I ordered sourdough starter and was too anxious, so I started my own with flour and water. In the meantime, that starter I ordered came. Of course their directions for re-hydrating it was crazy too. But…when all was said and done, my flour and water starter out performed the purchased starter.

Once you get the hang of it, it will become routine. Mine is quite simple: Night before I pull the starter from the fridge and feed it. Next day I make the dough (total of 6 hrs) and then place formed dough in the Bannetons and place in fridge for overnight ferment. The next day I bake a loaf. (I make dough for 2 loaves at a time and then I bake the other a day or two later.

Happy Baking!!


Yeah same here with all I’ve read. I did my started here at home too, now it’s time for the first night in the fridge. It seems healthy so I’m not to worry. From what I understand is worse case scenario is you have to feed it a couple extra days when you pull it out to bake in a week.

I’m sure in time it’ll be old hat. I’ve got ideas of all kinds of recipes I can bake w/ the sourdough I couldn’t before on my anti-inflammatory diet.

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I only feed when I’m going to bake. I have left my starter in the fridge for over a week without baking and had no problems. Ive never had to remake the starter. Enjoy and let me know how it turns out tomorrow!


Yes for sourdough :raised_hands: my family enjoys all the sourdough baked goods I’ve been making. I must have missed this thread!

“Farmhouse on Boone” is a very easy, simple blog/youtube on all things sourdough! Like Kay said, don’t over complicate :smiling_face:

Also, if you keep your starter in the fridge-, feed it 4-12 hours before using… to ensure it’s active, bubbly. Some recipes like bread need that very active bubbly starter, some recipes like pancakes don’t.
I enjoy the process and the extra fermenting time for more easily digestible grains especially for gluten sensitivities etc.
if you keep starter on the counter, you will have to feed it more often (it gets hungry!!!) and then obviously use daily or so you don’t have tons of starter.

Good Luck!!!


I need to share my latest discovery and I don’t know why I never thought of this…I learned you can use SD for thickening things like sauces, gravies and soup. ALSO I know longer make rue for cheese sauce…again, SD to the rescue! It makes a tasty mac and cheese.

I tried my first SD pie crust last month and it turned out perfect. I’m picky with pie crust and I’m surprised I strayed from my go to recipe, but the health benefits of SD gave me the push. I’m glad I did! I used the Daily Sourdough’s recipe. She has a great chocolate chip cookie recipe also. Oh…and her cream cheese filled pumpkin muffins are good too.

Your bread looks beautiful!


When trying to think of ways to use discard I thought to try it with batter dipped fish, turned out great.

If I remember, I just added an egg, milk and flour to SD discard to get the consistency I was looking for and turned out better than Long John Silvers… :slight_smile: