Did You Know, Donald Trump Is The Christ?

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Interesting title eh? I’ll explain. There’s always been a large divide within the Christian ranks. Everyone believes something a little different (or a lot different). Just stop by a church sometime, or browse Christian conversation online, it becomes quite obvious, everyone believes something different. Astounding. I mean, we all read the same Book. Well, not…


I am almost embarrassed you even had to write this article as i STRONGLY agree that the content this book appears (and i only say “appears” because i haven’t personally read the book and never will) to be completely ridiculous.
Look, i think Trump did some good things. I also think he did some bad things, but i think his mouth and ego wrote checks he couldn’t cash and offended a lot of people. My mother always told me (yes i realize i reference my mother allot but as i grow older i realize just how wise she really was) “if you can’t say anything good about someone, just don’t say anything at all”., and Trump never learned that lesson. Trump is nowhere near Christ in speach, acts or example.
I summary, i absolutely agree that this book is total and absolute nonsense.


Brandon, I would buy the book but I already made my pledge to the dude on tv
whose family tries to raise 4.7 million every month.

Their ministry, I mean show is like watching the HSN.

I know we aren’t suppose to mention names but he is one heck of a piano player like his just passed cousin Jerry Lee. oooopps I was bad.

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Father must sit and shake His head at what is going on down here. Paula White and the rest of them that surrounded Trump in the WH are all in the New Apostolic Reformation movement which is very very deceptive. …The main distinction of the New Apostolic Reformation is in the use and exaltation of those who supposedly receive new revelations from God. These “new apostles and prophets” supposedly have a fresh authority from God that they believe is Biblical. Those in the New Apostolic Reformation overemphasize spiritual warfare as well as have an inaccurate view that Christians are to establish dominion over society.

According to Acts chapter 2 to be a apostle you had to of witnessed the resurrected Christ which we know these people have not done. Learn all you can about this movement people this is one big test to see how much of the Word you know. Going to be many people told when Christ returns depart from me for I never knew you! Can’t have it both ways you either follow Christ and not man.


There are lots of charlatans out there, no doubt. However, we cannot blame Donald Trump for other’s deceptive ways.

I grew up in NY in the 1970’s and saw the things he did for the city. The man does have a charitable heart and I believe he loves this country. However, I do not put him up on a pedestal and I realize none of us are perfect. Especially with his “Operation Warp Speed.”


I personally have been attached by the Christian cultist. Just to let everyone know, Trump cannot be the Christ, I was well informed he is God’s modern-day Jehu. :joy: Guess they didn’t read how that family turned out.

To me, this mirrors what is going to happen when the antichrist gets here. Same glorifying of an individual.

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You know Donna, I have heard that he does have a very charitable heart and helped employees out in time of need but just never had any conformation that it trusted. I do believe he does love the country and wants to help in several ways. If he could just get his mouth under control and get his ego in check. It kind of seems like he tries to treat the whole world like a rough neck New York construction site.

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geeze…then we have the other half claiming he is either a kenite or the devil himself!

then a very small amount that knows he’s just a man…a normal sinful man.

so, lets look at the author. I think it’s the one who wrote the “the 5 gods of the bible”. Well, there you go. quote from his own site: “As a young boy, he dreamed and had visions about the five Gods”…sounds similar to Margaret McDonald dreams. Or how bout this one from reddit: Author Helgard Müller said that he believes there are two Christs, with Jesus being the son of God who was betrayed by Judas, and Trump being the son of man who was “betrayed by Mike Pence.” Another interesting run of the mill book buyer commentator, opens with: “This book is antisemitic.” NOW that is a piece to really think about. Not sure why someone thought that…but I doubt I will read it to find out. one more and one more book reviewer says: “I disliked this because it is an evil book that promotes hatred and the persecution of Jewish people & irrationally tries to glorify donald trump as a sort of messiah or the right hand of Jesus. This is the kind of sick rhetoric that was forced on to the German people so they could be brainwashed into exterminating the Jews or anyone who spoke out against this evil that was the NAZI ideology.” Yep one has to wonder the real intent

I find it interesting that Mr. Trump’s paternal grandmother’s name was, before she married, Elizabeth Christ. You can read about her on Wikipedia. Also, I remember seeing a video clip where Mr. Trump looks to the sky (or heavens) and says “I am the chosen one.” This comment was in reference to China and trade.

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Thank You Very Much, Donna!!

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Cozar… no brother you have not sent but are only following the example of your leader who mentions people all the time especially so called pastors like Paula White when she called out LOL most of what you say about her is true but she was not Trump’s number one spiritual advisor you forget about the Baptist guy from Texas I think his name is Pastor Jeffries!! Maybe Brandon can put him down too!! I appreciated him on Lou Dobbs when Lou Dobbs was on Fox before he got canceled he’s been on RAV Network a couple of times at my request skip to the Lou My Darling that’s what my wife says

Yes Donna I agree this is one of his biggest mistakes to puff up the already billionaire companies like moderna and Pfizer tried to blot out good old Johnson & Johnson I guess there wasn’t room for three in the Trinity of the Wuhan pandemic cult of attrition!! Forcing all that don’t believe into abolition!!

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Sister Debbie the bee!! You are spot on concerning the charismatics the one who exposed them the most was John MacArthur when he wrote the book entitled the same!! Pat Boone and his daughter Debbie make it made it more palatable and the preacher from the church on the way LOL I’ve been to all of them

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Mr. Buck, sorry if I put a fly in your buttermilk.
Just for your clarification on who my " leader" is.

John 10:27-28
King James Version

27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:

28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

Have very blessed day. :smiley:

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I marvel at Christians today thinking he was sent by God to save SIN loving USA. You can’t save a nation while standing with the vile vaccines that is and will kill millions. I don’t care what good he has done he is as deceptive as they come and in bed with the NWO depopulation agenda. How many times are we told in the Word to trust in Father and not man? Trump is a actor plain and simple doing his part to bring down the people of our country. How many people do you think will be alive in 2024? Many will be dead from his vaccine. Is he warning people? NOPE!

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