Did Russia Just Threaten To Nuke The West?

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Did you hear about it? It’s all over the news… Russia threatened to nuke the West. Here’s one headline: Russia threatens to nuke the US, UK, Germany, and Ukraine if Russia loses occupied territories… Now, we’ve been hearing about these reports for two years. However, they always fall flat. They’re always propaganda. I mean come…

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Yes it seems that our neocons will do anything to start World War III, their blood lust will never be satisfied for destroying Russia

Lately I’m more inclined to believe Russian leaders than our own.

Brandon said: “We have more than enough trouble in our nation, without causing trouble in someone else’s.”

This is basically what Putin said about the US in his interview with Tucker Carlson. Putin is more informed about our problems than many of our own countrymen.

For those who didn’t see the interview, it’s worth watching just to get Putin’s perspective. He gave a very good history lesson which I believe was quite actuate— correct me if I’m mistaken.

The interview is a little over two hours long.

Tucker Carlson’s interview with Putin


I haven’t watched it, but I do believe it might be worth it to watch. And I agree with you…Putin seems to state more facts than our own propaganized media.

another staged event in my opinion. yea like tucker would be allowed to go to Russia to talk to putin, without some powerful people behind it, come on folks they are all in the game together. Tucker Carlson, another puppet for the powerful people. Gee Wiz!!!

I pretty much think the same and didn’t watch the interview. BUT…it’s sometimes interesting to see what they are up to. And to think I used to never miss his show on Fox.

You should listen to the interview before giving your opinion. Tucker Carlson is anything but a puppet; he is hated by the establishment media! Don’t forget, he was fired by Fox News for not towing the line. He has since created his own pod cast and has a larger following than ever.

OUCH!. i guess i am just tired of it all. don’t watch too many of those videos any more. he is hated by the establishment? and who exactly is the establishment? if he was really hated, i doubt if he would have a job at all. he is being used, no other way to put it,. this is really my opinion, just like you have your opinion. no harm done here.

I don’t watch any of them either. I used to watch Bongino, “always brings the receipts”…

So now I have watched 1000 receipts, videos’ etc., and nothing changes. We all know the system is a cesspool, you can show all the smoking guns you want, and it will stay the same.

I’m there with you on that. If he wasn’t part of the establishment they would have shut him down. BUT…it’s election year! And apparently Lou Dobbs is hosting his own show now too - just in time.

We can disagree and still be friends in the Lord Gwen. I promise I’ll always respect your opinion.

I kind of hate to go down this rabbit hole, but I’ll try to answer your questions.

“He is hated by the establishment? and who exactly is the establishment?”

When I say the establishment media hates Tucker Carlson I’m mainly referring to left-leaning news outlets such as CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, New York Times, Washington Post, and countless others. I would also include the much of Big-Tech, such as; Google, Meta (Facebook), Apple News, Microsoft (MSN, MSNBC), etc. There are also plenty of right-leaning outlets that are afraid to mention Tucker Carlson’s name for fear of bringing the “government establishment” down on themselves. By government establishment I’m referring to the current administration and the spinless twits, that’s a bit to nasty, I’ll just call them what they are, RINOs. The current administration, the RINOs, and the media mentioned above are all Globalists; Tucker Carlson is a Christian and an anti-globalist, hence, they hate him.

“If he was really hated, I doubt if he would have a job at all. he is being used.”

Are you aware that there are people in the above-mentioned media that wanted to prevent Tucker from returning to the US, and others that wanted him tried for treason. Treason, for doing the job that journalist are supposed to be doing. That’s hatred.

The beauty of it is Gwen, Tucker doesn’t have to worry about being used, or being fired; he is his own boss, and he earns him millions from his podcast.

I think I have strayed from the original topic, so I’ll end it there.

i think Tucker may one of those carpentry activity persons, fraying away. Not sure what others might think “carpenters” in Zech are all about.

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I like your analogy, Linda. If I were to categorize Tucker I would also put him in with the carpenters; he is certainly doing his best to fray away at the four horns, and the horns are not liking him because of it.

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I would think the carpenters are something bigger than Tucker or anyone else for that matter. If the horns are the powers of the gentiles, they have been working for a long time, building in the Old Testament as spoken in Daniel.

If fray means to shudder with fear, terror, tremble, it doesn’t appear anything today makes the modern-day horns afraid, even when exposed.

If we move from the time of Zechariah to now, the gentiles would be those who don’t belong to Christ.
When fast forwarding to Revelation, nothing on earth really frays the powers that be till then. We see the kingdom of the gentiles building today. They trample down the court. (Rev 11:2)

I thought maybe the carpenters were of the angelic type brought by the Lord to punish the end time horns, (Revelation 7 and 9)
I always felt the evil angels hate us, being His creation and loving us. They know in the end we will be the judge of them. We were made lower than them but then judge them.

We know the 10 iron kings hate the whore which would be made up of the gentile horns and they make her desolate. After the 4 are loosed comes the locust army.

Just some thoughts??

I agree with you 100% I don’t understand how so many people can not understand why Russia will never allow Ukraine to become a NATO alliance with The west. He will never allow a strong U.S. military presence literally in Russia’s back yard, only 400 miles from Moscow. No more than the U.S. would allow a Russian military presence in Ontario Canada.
I did watch the TC / Putin interview. Putin later said the he was disappointed that Tucker did not ask more 'Piercing ’ questions. I’m not a big Putin fan, but I can easily understand his reasoning and motives concerning Ukraine.

i agree with my pastor’s labels of econ/religion(beliefs)/education(whether via media or formal)/political (meaning “governing body”). For the governing body, I understand that as actual versus “politics or political” as most use those terms and define as the activity of “politics” (for the most part), when in fact, a difference of opinion is actually “religion” horn… So, I consider human groups (human "social orgs/structure), and you will find, that even in the smallest grouping, all 4 elements/horns/powers are inherent in “groups/groupings” and are required and exist–if the group is to live/survive. Once that is understood, I think that makes carpenters/carpentry activity more obvious, to me. But i’m am open to other understandings. my pastor also suggested: the carpenters “procure” the elect. I think that hits it correctly.

i think they actually do show fear…their attacks and actions against information and certain beliefs is pretty hard to overlook.

Yea, in a way the small groups do hinder. I was looking at the big picture of how fearful (terror) the horns become due to the carpenters. It is like they are almost spell struck by the definition.

The small groups that you mentioned, I agree, can put a roadblock in their way but if they would really be effective, I would think they would curve the end which we know they really don’t. Maybe they do later on?

The politics being more of religion/carpenters, (meaning) could be, but it would have to come from the remnant since the majority of the church bodies will be apostate which we see many are now. Not sure how even they could make a big difference with the system being what it is, and the churches are no help either. It seems like a supernatural help would have to be with the remnant for them to really be effective.?

I think there could be some truth to it all being wrapped into one at the very end. I see this more during the trib than before. I think the 2 witnesses are going to be a real thorn for them while here, hence the killing, and I think we will follow their lead.

You are right, they try to shut anything down that gets rolling. It is like the David (us) and Goliath (them) situation. I see the witnesses as the sling shot.

If I am understanding you correctly, you tend to think the 4 horns are actually the apostate church using the other powers, education, economy, etc.? And the carpenters would then be the elect who fray the church?