Did all the bloodline of Abraham and Sarah leave at the time of Joseph

Sure seems that way to me. It is a nagging sort of thing. I have a few questions if anyone wants to chine in. Did all the bloodline of Abraham and Sarah leave at the time of Joseph. Did some stay in the Land of Canaan. Moses brought the 12 tribes back to Canaan. Joshua took them across the river. They were told to kill everyone. Does this mean all went to Egypt. The point I am trying to make is this. Was there a line from Abraham though not known to those that came back.

Another son Abraham fathered, before Isaac, was Ishmael, the father of the 12 Arab tribes.

After Sarah died, he wed Keturah, she gave him 6 sons. Gen 25:1-4.

Joseph was sold and ended up in Egypt and the rest of his brothers and father went there due to the famine in the land. Years later, Moses came on the scene and delivered them.

The Arabs and the future Israelites are distant half-brothers. Two of the other tribes, Ammon and Moab would be distant cousins to the Israelites, fathered by Lot, Abraham’s nephew.

Many of the tribes could claim to be of Abraham’s seed, as the so-called Jews did in John 8:37, but that doesn’t qualify them to be of true Israel.

In reality, the world is basically one big family feud.

I should have been more clear. I am wondering the bloodline of these so called Palestinians. There has been a population in the land since time began. Abraham and Sarah were close with the Phoenicians and married between the two. Paleo Hebrew is Phoenician (same-same). Lots we dont Know. Could at least some of these so called Palestinians be descended from Abraham and Sarah. I believe Hamas is of Satan (tares). I wonder about the people. I have concerns about some in Israel as well. It looks to me that tares as well as wheat cover the Levant.

There was definitely intermarrying outside of the tribes, especially those not of Israel. We see this all through the Old Testament.

Could some of Abraham’s descendants have married into them? I would say yes. There were many Canaanite tribes through Ham, plus others.
If any of the Israelites intermarried with anyone of them, technically they would be of Abraham. The percentage of bloodline today would be minimal.

My view is, if you are in Christ, you are wheat, if not, you are a tare. (Matt 13) Bloodline for salvation isn’t relevant anymore. It really wasn’t back in the day either, other than the pure line to Christ.
Many converted and joined the Exodus along the way. Calib’s father was of the 10 heathen tribes to be destroyed. Calib was born in Egypt and his mother was of Judah. So, his heathen father would have had to trust in the Lord. God wouldn’t create a tare, you become one.

Some say the Palestinians are actually Philistines, which would be from Noah’s son Ham, the Canaanites, as well as the Phoenicians.
I believe there are both wheat and tares on both sides as you say. Probably not many on the wheat side since most migrate away from the persecution. As I understand, the Christians in Israel, are also treated badly.

Just some thoughts.

Around 70 AD the Jews rebelled against Rome over being occupied. It ended at Masada. This is when Rome renamed the Kingdom of Judah to Palestine. Latin for Philistine. They were one in a number of European pirates/raiders at the end of the Bronze Age. I should take this a little farther. Egyptian history call them the Peleset. Remember the vowels are added. Sea People not being able to conquer Egypt they went north a couple decades later.

I read on this in Wikipedia, interesting.

It bothers me because I dont think all the so call Palestinians are the bad guys. I dont think all those in Israel are the good guys. Does anyone have thoughts about those that claim to be Jews but are the Synagogue of Satan.

The bottom line for me is there are good and bad people in every nation. I feel that we as a people have no clean bloodlines anymore. It is possible I guess, but I think it would more like a bloodline of evil people than of God fearing people.

My husband and I have been discussing WW2 lately. I’m now leaning towards the idea that the ones that claim to be Jews (the ones that are from the Synagogue of Satan) were actually the ones that pulled the strings in that whole war. The fake Jews were trying to get rid of the TRUE Jewish people. And Hitler, along with all the other nations, were just puppets. Of course, that’s my opinion. I just think those that are of the Synagogue of Satan are the ones pulling ALL the strings in our world.

I think you just answered your own question, in a way. I too think some in the Gaza are good and some in Israel are bad. Same as any nation.

To figure out the Synagogue of Satan, first you need to decipher what the term Jew means in that scripture. That term as you probably know, has been mutilated by the masses.

If a so called Palestinian, say Philistine, decided to convert to the Torah (Judaism) he would now be considered a Jew by that definition. Could be an Asian, African American, or a Caucasian.

So, obviously the ones who called themselves Jews (In Revelation) were bad people, period. It is a choice. Same as any religion or cult.
From the other Gospels we know they were the seed of Abraham but were they of Israel?
Were they of Israel and choose to go against what their fathers taught leaving Egypt? Many do today as well.

Brandon has some excellent studies on all these subjects. I have been studying who they are for months now.

We will wait and see. If we could fix things it would already have been done. We need Jesus back here. The events happening may be what brings him back.

Hey Jerry!

Biblically speaking, Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 don’t concern genealogy if that was the thought, it’s never mentioned. Jesus was making a religious statement.

Check this out.

Romans 2:28-29
28 For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh:

29 But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.

That’s what Jesus was talking about in Revelation.

I have a whole study on this topic you can find here:

I hope that helps.