Israel-Hamas War Is Beginning To Spiral Out Of Control

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I think we can all see, the Israel-Hamas war is beginning to spiral out of control. But here’s the scary part… It hasn’t really started. So far, we have 1,400 Israelis dead from the initial Hamas assault. That was their big hit, and it was horrific. Israel said, that the initial Hamas attack was conducted…

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Thank you again for keeping me up to date! I had read some of that in headlines, but must admit, I’ve been depending on you to keep me updated. Many blessings to you and yours!!

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"Don’t get sucked into the propaganda.

Just take a step back, pray, and watch it all unfold."

Very well said Buddy!!

Thank you!

It is the old saying, you can’t see the trees for the forest.

Staying away from the narrative and watching, it is amazing how the grooming is being done. Every angle they can think of, and the masses have turned into Ultraluxe Hoovers.

All the news outlets have the interviews of the people running from the 1st Hamas attack, every step is talked about, all the split decisions that they had to make. They ran for 4 hours, had to hide in a good Samaritans car trunk to be snuck out to another country and then home. They even knew of the ones who hid, where they hid and how tragic it turned out for them and thank God that they choose not to hide there and keep running. Yea right!

Pets need to be groomed this well. :dog2: Sit Ubu sit.

Then go fishing. :fish: :fish: :fish:

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I have been keeping up on whats going on… i have got caught up in it but find myself excessively consumed with this. Thats when i realized i need to cut out the utube videos, and get into my fathers word more! So i have. I know there is always an agenda, and lies from all sides. I really dont trust or believe my government right now. I find it highly suspicious how hamas was able to cross Israel borders and stay as long as they did, raping killing and pillaging. Its seems a little to set up to me. I also think what Israel is doing in Palestine is atrocious. I think their objective is to wipe ouy Palestine and take their land. But what do i know. I also noted what you mentioned about israels police force able to kill those pesky rioters. Ive heard israel was on the verge of a civil war before this happened. I know we have enough to worry about in the United States right now. Hang tough all. Its about to get rocky. Much love

When I look what is happening I see “wheat and tares”. I know the history of the Levant pretty well. Cant stand it when people use the term “Palestinian People”. I remember watching the speech where an Egyptian named Arafat coined that phrase. Palestine is a hoax. Never been a Nation, Country of Kingdom of Palestine. I see tares on both sides and the wheat caught in the middle.

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It seems Jerusalem wanted these terrorists in. They left the border wide open. It was suspicious from the start. Same with our Nation. Wide open borders for terrorists. The agenda for 1 world government. What Jerusalem is doing is sickening and we are just as guilty. Bloodshed. All lies, deception and darkness aligned with evil. Read Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Tells you exactly how and why and what will happen. Eho do you think the Great Mystery Babylon is? Which Nation?

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