Conservatism For The Win!

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It’s no secret, our nation, and the world for that matter are circling the drain. You don’t want to know how I wanted to frame that sentence, but my wife just didn’t approve. Yet, every so often we get a flash of something, dare I say, positive. Hey, you have to keep your eyes on…

My sister was just telling me a veteran who was 100 years old said this was not what he fought for. This is not America. How sad it must be for all vets at this time. Inever thought our Nation would o down like this. Pastor Arnold Murray said God would never
let whats happening happen. But it is. How much longer? T
Any thoughts :confused:


Well it is true, the defecation is hitting the rotating oscillator. :wink:

Good poll and good short story! :us:

The key to that question is Pastor Murray said it would never happen, God’s word doesn’t say that. It’s all in the interpretation.

I’ve considered that many times Tamera. as much as I am dumbfounded by what is becoming acceptable in our culture today, I have to wonder how shocking it is to people in their 80’s and 90’s and how perplexed, confused and disappointed, sad and or angry they must be.