Anyone Doing any Gardening?

I was wondering if anyone is doing any gardening out there?

If so I would love to hear what is working fer you all.

We have only been doing this since last spring of 22.

Some pics of when were very blessed. :smiley:
I have many more pics but want to see if anyone is interested in the topic first.

Big load of fresh Turnips

French Breakfast Radishes (a very mild variety)

Easter Egg Radishes

Baby Beets

Basket with Carrots, radishes, baby romaine, black seeded Simpson lettuce.

Tomatoes ready to go, Super Sweet, Sun gold cherry tomatoes, and Cherokee Purple.

thanks for looking.

I heard an old farmer say this once.
“By His Hands we are fed. Give us Lord our daily bread.” :pray:


The top pic is my one tomato plant. I lost most of my things in the freeze we had in December.

The bottom pic is from last year. We harvested about 1000 tomatoes.


Those look awesome Snowman!
What varieties are those babies?

Starter plants or from seeds?

I thought I saw a cucumber hiding back there.
How do you keep pickle worms from ruining them?

I tried cukes twice and got one harvest then this “locust army” of pickle worms attacked.
I banished them to outer darkness. :rofl:


Last years were Burbee seeds. The orange ones were the sweetest.

This year, I lost the orange ones, but the red ones are Chadwick Cherry.

I bought a black light for the horned worms. At night they glow a florescent green. Pick them off and splat.

Your crops look really good. Do you put them right into the sand or use a pot mix.

Mine is a hydroponic set up.

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Interesting on the black light for the horn worms.

We are spraying our tomatoes with BT every ten days to hopefully prevent them.

Those pickle worms got in our yellow squash and cukes the two times we planted them.

We plant everything in containers and have them up on tables to save our backs. :grimacing:

The tomatoes are in buckets on the ground.

Just part of our High Tech setup. :smile:

The soil mix we have been using is

Sta -Green potting mix 1/3
Peat moss 1/3
Black Cow manure 1/3

We add bone and blood meal depending on what we are planting.
Use Epsom salt in mix for bell peppers and tomatoes.

Interesting on the hydro tomatoes, they look awesome.


Love Turnips! Nice, you are doing great Cozar!

Does this count for a garden?!!? LOL

It’s Bok Choy and green onions. Sometimes I don’t always use my veggies and they start to welt in the fridge. The kids decided to nurse them back to life. Its been nursed for two weeks. I think I will keep the Bok Choy as a “house plant” in the RV. Yes… its in a salsa container… :laughing:


You look like you can have your very own Farmers Market right there in your back yard! We’ll be right over


Looking good!!

I’ve heard of doing green onions that way, never tried it myself.

We get the tiny onion bulbs at the local feed store and plant them just covering the tops.
Have green onions for salads etc in about 6 wks.

The Bok Choy in the salsa container, is that soil or chocolate pudding?
Just messing with ya. :blush:


Oh boy…don’t get me going on this topic! Here in the north we are just getting ready to start our seeds. We don’t typically plant outside until the end of May. BUT, I tried something new last year. I start my plants hydroponically, using the kratky method. And I actually keep my lettuces going year round in the house using kratky. When I started, I used all kinds of containers, but this year I decided to stick mainly with mason jars.

Of course, I’m not much of a picture taker, so I don’t have any to share at the moment. Last spring I had picked up some cherry type tomatoes from the farm I go to and decided to use some of their seeds bc they tasted so darn good. They worked perfectly!

My issue here is we live in the woods and full sun is hard to come by. We used to have a small garden years ago, but the sun kept disappearing more and more so we gave up. Last year was our first year getting back to it. So I decided to do all my plants in big grow bags where I could move them when needed. We put up some fencing to keep the critters at bay as well.

We do all organic and use natural methods to keep pests away. Once I get started again, I will post some pics!


Kay, that sounds interesting, looking forward to seeing your progress.

It’s been unusually hot here and our salad greens and spinach are bolting already.

This coming fall we are designating an area “the salad bar” and will have it facing east for morning sun.
We will cover it with a shade cloth so the sun won’t be too much for them.

We had them in a spot where it got to be too much for them in the afternoon.
Very hot spring here already.

Last year, our first at this, our salad greens did well until the end of April.


That is my problem here too. Usually have 3 lettuces’, basil, kale, peppers, arugula, etc. from October thru April. Then is gets too hot for a good yield. The freeze did me in this year now it is too hot to start the cool weather produce.

I do have a soil mix tower with my herbs which helps.

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This is what happened just this week with the Little Gem Romaine

We harvested the rest of the Black Seeded Simpson today.
These two look like they will make it if we keep them in the shade and only let them get some early sun.
The wife said it’s salad every night for the next week.
That is fine with me, I make wraps with the leaves. Yummy!!


Everything looks good. I grew black seeded Simpson too.

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Well…we have 5-8 inches of snow coming Thursday night…LOL

I don’t even bother with any lettuces or greens outside. Darn little varmints steal it. I’ll never forget the year I have 2 rows of greens taken down in one night. It was fenced, but they dug underneath. Too much of a pain to dig the fence down bc of all the tree roots. A few days ago we counted 26 deer and today our backyard was loaded with wild turkeys. Trust me, if things ever got bad we wouldn’t have a shortage of food!

I’m just so glad that more people are gardening again!

Turkeys, deer, critters, heck I would trade neighbors with you in a heartbeat. :grin:

Wow guys!!! I LOVE seeing peoples gardens!!! :heart_eyes: We are in northern michigan so…. Its winter until May. I am craving the dirt and planting and working in the garden, the sun!!! I’ve tried convincing my husband to move :smiling_face: haha.

I have started my own seeds inside before with great success and I have also bought plants from our local Amish nursery. We have from late May until September/October, so not a long growing season. Usually we plant:
Brussel Sprouts
Herbs-Basil, Dill, Stevia, etc


If it was pudding I would have eaten it by now! :smile: It’s sand from outside the front door. Haha

Your garden looks fantastic Cozar. Whenever we get a place and do a garden I know who I’m talking too. @sNOwflakes might have the scope on maters too.

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Lucky you to live up in northern Michigan!! Are you in the UP or the other side? it is so beautiful up there!!! I know…short growing season, but the minimal people factor is a plus to me! LOL Have you ever tried blueberries up there?

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Here is my garden…and its still coming down.


Soooo, Spring Onions??