2024 Is Going To Be A Dumpster Fire

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I know, I know… It’s not exactly the most positive headline for the first article of 2024, right? But seriously, come on… 2024 is going to be a [fill in the blank] show, (Scrabble time!). It’s going to be a circus show filled with nuts and freaks, and the clowns are leading the charge! Bafoonary…


I’m definitely in. My first thoughts for this new year was, and is, what on earth will they unleash on us now? The coming election will be a bloodbath to keep and gain control and I don’t want any part of it. I’m just going to do, as you said spend more time with my husband and family. Enjoy the time I have with them before the big whatever comes our way. Whether its aliens, a meteor, or ww3.


Count me in. I wish you all a Wonderful, Jesus filled year…



Absolutely IN! For the last year or so I have been reading the bible WITHOUT anyone else’s interpretation. Just me and God. It has made a world of difference for me - and I’m not just saying that. It truly has affected every aspect of my life.

We haven’t watched regular TV or any “hollywood” movies for even longer. We enjoy watching various youtubers and rumblers - fishing, fixing cars, welding, herbal remedies, homesteading, quilting, etc. So much good content out there made by good people. Just don’t get trapped into the ones that OVERLY do things…ones that say you NEED to have this or that to do the job or just make everything more difficult. As with everything in life- use common sense.

And I know 2024 is really gonna be full blown insanity. And if we do go to the polls…we will be writing in Jesus.

OH - and I’m looking forward to more verse by verse studies. I loved reading the bible chapters first by myself and then reading Brandon’s interpretation.

God bless everyone!!


Count me in !! We need God more then ever. Day by day things get more crazy. I am SO far from perfect and know I let God down at times but it makes me sick how so many of his children dont even care about Him. I cant wait for the day when Father doesnt hurt because of his children.


I’m in! It’s the only way to get through this year without losing our sanities, I feel.


I assume by “the corpse” you mean Joe Biden. Look, I don’t like what he has done while he’s been in office but do you really think speaking about him in that derogatory way is necessary?

I am in for sure.
Looking forward to more insight from your work.


Welcome Dennis! Hope to see you around the community here - I think you will love it!


How about serpent, viper, thief, hypocrite?


Even our Heavenly Father has names for those in authority like Biden.

Some may call him a corpse, but He calls them “dogs”.

Isaiah 56:10

Isaiah 56:11


:100: in!!

Life is going by fast and I want God to be proud of my days here. I want to hear Well Done, not Get Lost!

Let the dumpster burn, I’ll make extra popcorn.


Load up on Bible study, guns ammo, and toilet paper. :pray:


Ha!! Yes…can’t forget that one.

BUT - seriously…everyone should be working on a home apothecary for their health, regardless of what 2024 brings us.

he’s a not running the show based upon his own free will derived choices. But, he sure has some anti-christs in key positions (visible) that seem to doing enough damage that one might think they hate true Israel. for so long, some folks have slung around phrases like “they are all puppets”…this is inaccurate. So of course, they blind themselves to actually seeing observable differences when they exist.

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I’m definitely in! Father is in control. He’s the commander, and I’m a member of His army. I’m ready to stand for Him. No compromises. Nothing but truth!


Count me in too Brandon and brothers and sisters! As iron sharpens iron I am ready to do this! Looking forward to the verse by verse studies as well! :snowflake::dove::revolving_hearts: