Zelenskyy aide on corruption: 'People are stealing like there's no tomorrow'

You see this?

So the Western media is once again reporting on Ukrainian corruption.

I rang the alarm on this one just as the war began. I pointed out how, for years, Western media said Ukraine was corrupt, but once the war started, that all went away. Suddenly, they weren’t corrupt, suddenly, Ukraine was a good nation and we needed and wanted them.

My, my, how the story changes.


“Zelensky feels betrayed by his Western allies”

So there you have it, Zelensky has taken a backseat to Israel. Even the new Speaker of the House said so. So our support for Ukraine will begin to fade, you’ll hear more about Ukrainian corruption, and that’ll be the reason for the back away.

It’ll be another failed endeavor, like Afghanistan, the war on terror, the war on drugs, and so many other things. Folks, you have to learn that we’re constantly fed propaganda so a few men profit, and obtain and hold onto their power.

We, the common folks, are simply the pawns in the game.

My friends, the lies will continue as the days march on, we have to be vigilant to see through them. You can do it by keeping God at the forefront of all of your thoughts. :pray:t3: