You Won’t Believe How Much Food America Wastes!

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As Christians, we’re supposed to be good stewards of the earth. We’re supposed to take care of the land and the animals that live here, (Genesis 1:26). Unfortunately, I cannot say we’re doing a good job of that. Specifically, I’m talking about how much food we waste. Hey, it takes a lot of farming and…

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Well good news from my end. The reason I wasn’t on this site until late yesterday was because I was rendering my tallow for the whole cow we just purchased. :slight_smile:

One factor that we cannot overlook is how we have all been “conditioned” to buy all of our food. The push for convenience is astounding when you think of how we have “progressed” through the generations. I was having a conversation with our beef delivery guy and couldn’t believe that there are so many that don’t even know how to cook a roast. It’s sad…truly sad. People just do not know how to fend for themselves anymore. :frowning: And what better way to control people than by regulating their food and heck, their water as well! And then you have people complaining about the cost of food…excuse me, mainstream food has gotten so cheap and has been for years. Cheap in dollars and extremely cheap in quality.

Okay…I’ll get off my soapbox. I just pray that people start taking charge of what to spend their money on…getting their hair done or buying quality food. Hence, you buy quality food and fork over a bit more money, you won’t be throwing it out!


That’s like a sin in my house as well, it’s just me and my husband so I cook small meals, and with the price of food right now….not one piece of cilantro goes to waste! Lol and I’m refusing to eat synthetic meat so when it does come in the grocery I may have to eat more beans and rice. I’m sure our ancestors ate that and they we just fine right? :joy::joy::joy:

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Well, personally I WOULD throw out the cilantro! :rofl: Yes, I’m one of those that can’t stand cilantro. Although, I love coriander, which is the seed of cilantro. :grinning:

We hate wasting food as well. We do plan and try not to. Most of the time we do not, but inevitably sometimes we do. When this happens I recycle it. The fruits and veggies go into my compost container, the bread goes to the crows, and all other go the my little raccoon friends. We live in a country setting so the raccoons don’t bother anyone and I only see them on my trail cam.
But yeah thanks for this post. A reminder to remain disciplined


I think it is horrible that people waste so much. One of these days, I am going to get around to writing a recipe book about how we can make nutritious meals from items we would tend to throw away. Waste not, want not.


What about the millions of gallons of milk that gets dumped because the feds subsidies wont be paid if production is too high. Same with hundreds of thousands of acres of crops for the same reason. There are ways to save and not waste our food supply, if the government stays out of it. It breaks my heart when millions are starving or dont have enough food to feed their families. NOBODY should go hungry in this country or anywhere else for that matter. You really hit a nerve with this one, Brandon. Its absolutely shameful.

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