You’re country’s messed up, when you agree with a

You know your country is messed up when you find yourself agreeing with a Russian arms dealer.

“In America right now, there is reverse racism. To be a normal white person who wants a family, who wants children, who wants to love, is very difficult.”

pretty sick if you ask me, she is a he! always will be. yea i agree our country is pretty messed up. leave a marine in russia and bring home a transgender or what ever he pretends to be. and now he is all over the news, raking in probably tons of money. yea, freedom has a nice ring to it.i should of said that freedom has a nice ring to it if you are LGBTQ transgender, or what ever else you want to be EXCEPT CHRISTIAN~

Yeah kinda of like when the president invites a drag queen to the white house.

hey just another day in AmeriKa.

Like the bible says you get the government you deserve.

Buckle up gang we ain’t seen nuttin yet folks. :upside_down_face:

Yea it should be called the DISRESPECT FOR MARRIAGE ACT!

Romans 1;24-32. 2 Timothy 3;1 - 7 Revelation chapter 18
yes I do think it is obvious that scripture is referring to America.

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And don’t think for a second that Putin and at least half of Americans don’t fully understand that Joe Biden is a bumbling stumbling turd tumbler, and that’s being generous. We know exactly why he traded a high profile world criminal for an American hating lesbian ‘black’ basketball player who admitted to and was convicted of a crime over a ‘white’ Marine officer who has still not been proven to have committed any crime and has already been locked up 4 yrs now.

oh yes, and not forget when Obama lit the white house up with rainbow colors, that was a classic.
Obama’s way of saying ‘vote democrat’ we got your back! While giving the finger to conservative Christian America.

He is right. Id like to buy a few guns from him :sunglasses: