You’ll rent and you’ll be happy!

Built-to-rent housing can provide the opportunity to move into a brand-new house — often with professional property management and other amenities attached — without the need to raise a huge down payment or a long-term commitment to stay in place.

Build to rent… The new buzzword. 2030 is just around the corner!

Imagine if we didn’t have millions of illegals invited into our nation year after year…

Wouldn’t there be more housing available?

I know, it’s a fuzzy math problem.


That’s a good gig, the developers get tax payer funded loans to build and when the units are rented, the developers rent only to people receiving tax payer funded housing subsidies. Meaning the rent is government guaranteed. The only losers are the tax payers who by the way are not eligible for any type of government subsidies.
In fact, your tax burden will be increased accordingly as the need arises. Have a nice day!