Yellen says World Bank must 'lead' in global energy transition

Yellen says World Bank must ‘lead’ in global energy transition”…

These people are lunatics. There is no evidence that mankind has caused any “climate change”. Instead, earth’s history CLEARLY shows earth has been changing since the beginning.


Reminds me of Acts 19:25-27 when Paul preached the truth taking away from their profits from making idols they sold for money.

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I agree! but maybe it is the cows? hahahaha

Yellen looks like an escapee from a high security mental hospital.

I have lived in Florida all my life.

First it was acid rain was going to fry us all to death.
They told us the earth would be scorched.
Then they told us sea levels rising Florida would be gone under water.
Next we would have another ice age.
Now if it is over 86 degrees they tell us it is too dangerous to go outside.

The only thing Florida is drowning in is illegals and brain dead liberal idiots.
The woke liberal idiots are more dangerous than the illegals.


Which part of Florida are you suffering in?