WWIII Is Knocking At The Door

Full article at: https://worldeventsandthebible.com/wwiii-knocking-at-the-door

Mad men rule our world, then again, that’s always been the case. It’s always about money and power, and how much more someone can gain. Unfortunately, in order for someone to gain, someone else must lose. In the end, citizens of the nations are always the ones who lose. Many of us lost freedoms, and…

Great article thank-you. In my opinion I think all the leaders, who answer to Israel, even Putin has put on the little hat and gone to the wall. I think they all are in on depopulation even of their own people. Putin even has pushed for the COVID jab that is killing people if you see what I mean. Now this pipeline which I find really interesting that no one was guarding this thing that is worth billions? See what I mean? Why wasn’t Russia guarding it? So many people will suffer this winter it truly is heartbreaking. I pray people here are preppers for what is coming. Father bless all of you.

Hey Deborah, to answer your question. The pipeline is under the ocean, and it’s 570 miles long.

I didn’t realize it was so long! Do we guard our pipelines or could this happen to the USA too?

We have pipelines all over our nation, it would probably surprise most.

Here are other Energy Infrastructure and Resource Maps. All our pipelines are on our soil. I know the Alaska pipeline has various forms of security, but again, it’s on our soil.

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You know…I would really like to know where this money is actually going. I have always thought Ukraine was used for money laundering. Heck,…,even the astronomical budget’s that the US passes all the time. It’s all a big money laundering scheme…along with paying people off…

And thank you Brandon for posting this very detailed article. Watchmen just need to keep watching and having conversations with our God Almighty. For His will will be done!

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